Sound Exposition: Essential and Revealing

“And [H]e shall send [H]is angels with a great sound of a trumpet…”

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the [W]ord of {T]ruth…”


Before we go to far let us define what we mean by sound exposition. The sound exposition of any

thing refers to the proper explaining of anything written or stated. In our case we refer to the proper explaining of Scripture or the wholesome unpacking of the inspired authors intent and meaning of what he has written and recorded for the believers of his day and for those that “would believe through their words.”

In our title it is written that sound exposition is a revealing. Unsound exposition reveals the expositors character, Understanding of text, dedication to Holy Writ, the Holy Spirit, the inspired writers, and to those he is teaching as well as a laziness. The sound exposition reveals the opposite to be true.One must be careful not to label a preacher or writer as unsound after hearing or reading him only once or even twice especially if there has been time after hearing him the first and second times. If however you find him expounding Writ on a regular basis it is best to avoid him.

We have chosen the two verses above as our text verse because the first has been used recently in an unsound manner and the second is usually misused on a very regular basis.We have seen the first one being used to teach that Donald Trump is the anti christ and that it was Christ Himself to reveal it in this passage. We are far from believing that Trump is or is not the prophesied enemy of Christ and the church and we are equally from disbelieving it. Logic dictates that when one is unsure on a topic one should remain neutral and so we are. We are certain on this point however, Christ did not use this text to reveal the identity of the anti Christ. Even if Trump is exposed to be the anti Christ this verse was still not used to reveal his doomed person.

In our second text we use 2 Timothy 2:15 as it is often used incorrectly it has been used incorrectly far more time than correctly. It is used to teach believers that by studying Scripture they would show themselves to God as being worthy of his approbation. While we are far from disapproving of anyone teaching other to study the Scripture we are far from approving of improperly misusing the Bible to do so. First of all believers need to know that if they are in Christ God already approves of them personally as He sees them in Christ.If one avoids and skips on reading and studying their Bible God may be displeased of this action but still approves of their person. The passage if rightly taught and understood simply teaches that one should diligently seek to please God with all they do and do not do. This verse could be set along side of “Be sure to make your calling and election sure.” As this verse also teaches that one should make their calling and election obvious and sure footed by their good works and their attempt to deny themselves by taking up their cross and following Christ. As 2 Timothy 2:15 continues Paul states that by doing so we will rightly divide the Word of Truth. This means that we will by diligently seeking to do what is right we show our proper understanding of Holy Scripture.

The first verse has been used by legalistic preachers and other preachers alike to instill in their hearers and students to be faithful to study their Bibles. Again while we are very far from disagreeing with their intend we are far from approving of their method of misusing and misapplying the inspired writers intent and meaning. If one is to look closely at this picture what you would see is the unsound expositor misapplying Scripture to teach others the importance and necessity of studying and rightly understanding the meaning and intent of Holy Writ. It would be comical if it weren’t so sad.  This unsound exposition is dangerous because it teaches that the love between Christ and Christ-ian is based on good works and not the love and faith to begin with.

May God bless your diligence in seeking a deeper relationship with Christ.


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