The Cure for the Christian Cold

“From henceforth let no man trouble me…” (Galatians 6:17a)

The above text is what we all say or at least want to say when we are suffering from the effects of the common cold. We want to be left alone and allowed to endure the cold as we see fit.

This is true of the Christian cold as well. What do we mean by the Christian cold? We simply mean growing cold toward God and our brothers and sisters in Christ. All believers have felt this coldness now and then but probably more so in their earlier Christian life. Hopefully as we grow in Christ we learn how to immunize ourselves from this kind of cold.

However, as it is with the common cold the Christian cold can set in for a longer period of time than is usual.

Unlike the common cold one can do more than treat the symptoms of the Christian cold.

One way of treating the Christian cold is to ask ourselves some probing and possibly some painful questions.

  • Ask yourself if there is something between you and God that needs addressing. Ask God to reveal anything you may be overlooking. Does God consider something to be sin that you do not?
  • Can you point to any Christ-like qualities in yourself? Can you point to any Christ-LESS qualities in your self? Put them on the scale and weigh them.
  • Is there anything inside of you or outside of you that you are embracing rather than rejecting and repenting of?

Another remedy

  • Instead of thinking about or talking about God in the nebulous focus in on specific attributes. Attributes like loving kindness, compassion,  and for lack of a better term, Focus in on God’s “softer side.”
  • Focus in on Christ and fall in love with Him all over again.

Remedy #3.

  • Pray…pray…pray………Pray all day if necessary, forsake your meals (lest you be diabetic) and other activities. Set a side a day or a weekend and give yourself over to prayer.  Pray until your heart is warmed. Pray until you have “prayed through.” Pray with words and without words. If you run out of words then remain silent in the spirit of prayer and wait for the Spirit to bring you words or people or things to pray for. If your mind starts to wander repeat a short verse over and over to call yourself back to prayer or simply repeat God, help me to pray…God, help me to pray…God, help me to pray. This is not repetitive prayer as much as it is a method of training your mind to remain in the spirit of prayer and to fend off other invading thoughts. You can do as Paul taught us… sings Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs during your time of prayer. let others know that you are engaging God in this manner so that they may pray with you and for you as well as not bothering you. You might try different positions like laying prostrate upon your face or on your knees, or walking up and down…stand on your head if it helps. The point is give yourself over to a time of prayer and do whatever it takes to pray through and to hear from God.


Get well soon.


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