Why is the Doctrine of Election so Problematic for so Many?

“For as the Father raiseth up the dead, and quickeneth them; e the Son quickeneth whom [H]e will.”  (John 5:21)


The Holy Ghost inspired Scriptures are very clear on the doctrine of election or predestination. The Bible does not make election a mysterious or difficult doctrine at all.

In Paul’s epistle to the church at Ephesus he declares, “[H]e hath chosen us in [H]im before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before [H]im in love. Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to [H]imself, according to the good pleasure of [H]is will.”  Many of today’s preachers try to hide from this doctrine or they purposefully wrest it to make it easier to digest. This is not true of Paul for he opens his epistle with the doctrine. Paul teaches election in Romans 8-11; 2 Thessalonians ch.2; Peter teaches election in his first epistle and he opens with it also. Take a look at Peter’s teaching in his 2nd epistle Ch.2 V.12.

The Lord Jesus teaches election as well, read John 6 and John 10 and then “think on these things” God, in the Old Testament, chose Israel over all the other nations to be His own. David understood this dynamic, see Psalm 65.

So in light of all the Scriptural support why do so many have such a problem with this doctrine? I will list some possibilities.

  • So many do not read nor study their Bibles thus they do not know God in a deep intimate way so when they hear of election they deem it unfair and unjust and “their” god (lower case g is on purpose) would not act in this fashion.
  • So many equate the doctrine of election with one John Calvin and they, being uniformed, do not like Calvin so they cast off election as his idea.
  • So many simply do not understand the doctrine. This lack of understanding may be due to their preacher avoiding the doctrine or misrepresenting the doctrine or it may be that they themselves avoid the doctrine or have been taught to ignore the doctrine.
  • So many equate it with lost family members and friends having no hope. This goes to their misunderstanding. There is always hope as we do not know who is amongst the number of the elect. This doctrine does not void the sharing of our faith nor does it cancel out anyone’s responsibility to repent and believe.
  • So many avoid this doctrine because it makes them feel anger towards the God they love. If this is you, talk to Him about it. Be honest about your feelings because He knows your heart anyway. Speak with Him with boldness AND deep reverence. Ask Him to help you understand this truth.
  • So many have been taught differently for so long a time. We would counsel you to take out or purchase a concordance ( I prefer Young’s Analytical). Prayerfully look up the words Election, Elect, Chosen, Predestinate(ed). Do not simply read these verses but prayerfully read these verses and passages. Prayerfully study them and meditate upon them. Once you are clear on the doctrine try to argue against it. This method is sound and should be helpful to the open hearted seeking God’s truth.
  • So many detractors are simply lost and they would rather side with sinner’s “free will” than God’s free choice.
  • So many think that this doctrine promotes pride in the chosen when, in fact, it promotes a lifelong spirit of humility and thankfulness to the Elector.
  • So many despise election because they believe it removes them and their “soul winning” from the equation of Salvation. Election, when rightly understood, will ignite a desire to share one’s faith as we know from election that there are people who will respond to God’s call.

We are sure that there are other reasons so many kick against election but the above is a representation of reasons so many do so.

Without the proper understanding of election one cannot understand other doctrines like adoption, or the term “In Christ”, or verses like John 1:12 or Galatians 4:6. So many miss out on a deeper more intimate relationship with God by their denial of this doctrine. So many misunderstand many Biblical teachings because of their denial of this doctrine. However, so much can be gained by so many that will come to embrace the great doctrine of election. They will come to view God as Sovereign for He is sovereign. He is sovereign over all things and a proper grasp of election will help so many understand life better when they know that Sovereign God chose them, called them, justified them, is sanctifying them and has already glorified them though that day has yet to arrive.

Hallelujah!!! God be praised.


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