The Fruit of the Fundamentalist

“… The fruit of the Spirit is love…” Galatians 5:22

The fruit of the fundamentalist is high and mighty judgment and self luv.

The very first fruit mentioned as being the fruit of the Spirit is love. This would mean, therefore, that when the Holy Spirit enters the sinner the very first manifestation of a change is in what the newborn saint loves. 1 john teaches us what this newborn saint will newly love. This new love will be set upon: 1. The Lord Jesus Christ/God  2. God’s Word, His ways, His works, His law  3. The church, I.E. the brethren or the body of Christ. As this love ripens, the saint will grow to love both his neighbor and his enemy.

The Lord speaks of another kind of love, which we will call “luv” from this point. It is the world’s love. He says in John 15 “…the world will [luv] its own.” The world luvs that which is of itself; a kind of spiritual Narcissism. The world loves not God nor does it love the things of God. It is a spirit of anti Christ-ian-ism as it exalts itself above all that is called God. This luv for itself necessitates it’s despisement of God. Neither can the world serve (2) two masters either. It will luv the one and hate the other. The world luvs its own and hates God’s own.

In my experience and in accordance to my acute observations, the fundamental-isitic-ism  of the Independent Church (Independent from God, me thinks) is more in line with the world’s luv than the love of God. Members of this member-centered church luvs its own. This church despises those of other flavours or denominations. I can prove it. If you ask these church members if you could attend their church with them as their visitors they would luv you. See? They will luv their own.

One cannot speak of the world without specifying what the Spirit of God calls it. The Holy Spirit calls this world the “present, evil world.” The Holy Spirit also discloses that (s)atan is the little god of this present, evil world.

Therefore, the luv wherewith the fundamentalists luv is more of (s)atan than of God. They luv their own and despise those of other denominations. How could a person sit in a church of God and not grow to love their neighbor and their enemy? They could not. Therefore the fundamental-istic types are sitting in a church of god…the church of the god of this present, evil world.

I am saddened and not a little angered by this.The Gospel teaches love and not luv. Christ said the world would recognize us as being His by our love one for another. He left us with a new commandment which is to love each other as He has loved us. This is the love of God that manifests and assures us of the Presence of God’s Holy Spirit, of the divine nature, and of the fruit of the Spirit.


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