Sin is the Enemy of the Christ-ian in More Ways than One

“The wages of sin is death”     (Romans 6:23)

To many Christ-ians this is a very familiar verse. In fact this may be on of the first verses a sinner learns from Scripture. When a sinner comes in to contact with the word of God this may be the first truth s/he learns as the it is one of the first truths they need to understand. Before a sinner can come to repentance and faith in the Lord and Saviour they must know they are separate from Him and why. This is where many preachers go wrong. We have heard many good messages from preachers on a variety of topics and then after they finish they will offer salvation to sinners. This may sound right and good however there was no mention of sin and man’s separation from God. Many a sinner may raise their hand and say “a prayer” to be saved yet they know not what they are seeking to be saved from! Law and man’s lost condition based upon their life long opposition to God’s law must be understood. In other words a man must be lost before he can be saved. Lost man must know that sin is his great enemy before he can know the Lord Jesus to be his great Saviour. Before a person can know God as his heavenly Father he must know Him as his Judge. Before a man can say, “The LORD is my Shepherd I shall not want.” He must learn to say, “God is my Judge and I shall forever want”

Above we learn of of sin as man’s great enemy and how it separates from God. That is not to say that it is the only way that sin is the enemy. Sin serves as a great enemy between man and God in the Christ-ian life as well.

We have heard many preachers in our life some good and many not. We have heard many preachers preach on sin to a mostly saved congregation. We do not say that a man of God should never speak on the topic of sin to a congregation of saints but we do say that it should not be the main area of preaching as there must be a balance. In other words the Christ-ian congregation should hear more about the greatness of the Saviour than the greatness of sin.

There is a time for a believer to consider their sin. A believer should consider sin when it is committed and when they are being tempted. However once sin is committed and repented of the Christ-ian should begin to think upon the greatness of the Saviour and His readiness to forgive and remember the sin no more!!! When a Christ-ian is being tempted he should cease to dwell on the temptation and meditate upon the power of the Saviour to deliver the godly from temptation. The Christ-ian should dwell upon his safety from G God’s judgment and wrath. The Christ-ian should dwell upon the great truth of God as Father who will forgive His child’s disobedience instead God the Judge Who will punish the sinner’s lifelong rebellion.

Sin serves as the Christ-ians’s great enemy when it is his main focus and keeps him from focusing upon God as his great Deliverer from sin. Once a believer confesses a sin he should be like God and remember it no more. God and God’s readiness to forgive sin and to remember it no more should capture the believer’s meditation.

When a believer’s thoughts are captive to the Lordship of Christ and His office of Saviour his thoughts will not be as readily captive to sin and sin’s draw. If  a person dwells upon the loveliness of his or her spouse S/he will not be so easily drawn to think upon another. If a child of God meditates upon all that s/he has in God s/he will not covet what they do not have. When a believer is so overwhelmed with the greatness of their Lord they will not be so easily impressed with other persons and other person’s passing celebrity.

In closing let us restate the above. In the life of the believer sin and the dwelling upon sin can lead one away from God. However, one could also use sin as a means to lead them to a deeper appreciation of God’s mercy and readiness to forgive them all their sin. Sin will keep an unbeliever at odds with God and the continuous focusing on sin can keep a believer from enjoying his forgiving God and Father. The believer’s sin should lead him to God and not away from God.

One of my desires in ministry is to teach others how to see God everywhere and the above is one more way.

May God bless you as you dwell upon Him and His greatness.


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