An Old Christ-ian

There went with us also certain of the disciples of Caesarea, and brought with them one Mnason of Cyprus, an old disciple, with whom we should lodge. (Acts 21:16)

“…[P]ray for them which despitefully use you.  (Latter part of Matthew 5:44)


We have been a wrestling observer since our teenage years. We enjoy the history of Pro wrestling, the business side of pro wrestler, and the spectacle that is pro wrestling. We truly enjoy the old days of wrestling…old school. The definition of old school is very much dependent upon one’s age. When we speak 0f old school wrestling we are speaking of OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING. We speak of men like Martin “Farmer” Burns, Ed “Strangler” Lewis, Lou Thesz, Ad Santel, Frank and Karl Gotch, and Geo. Tragos.

There are not many old school wrestlers like that anymore. Some may use a gimmick of old school or throw back but there are not many old school in spirit or at their core. Some may object and drop names, like K. Angle, B. Lesnar,  S/W. Regal and a few others. These truly are legitimate examples of true grapplers,  shooters, stretchers, shooters, and hookers. But they do not seem to have the old school spirit. By old school spirit we mean the first hold is a handshake. The old school wrestlers would make much of wrestling holds and hooks. Old school honoured the science of human chess. The holds/hooks/wrestling was on display more so than the wrestler.

There is one exception however. There is still one man that links old school chain wrestling to the form we settle for today.

Mr. Bob Backlund is from Old School, Wrestler-ania, USA. Mr. Backlund is currently contracted to WWE as a life coach. His “thing” is kind of a Farmer Burns type mentor/coach/ trainer. Recently I saw a very large wrestler speaking ill of 77 year old Mr. Backlund and his protege when out of the back comes 77 year old Backlund and attempts to use a cross face chicken wing on the man 2-3 times his size. The larger began screaming in pain and flailing. However, before Backlund could lock the hook in Titus O.Neil, who in real life is a celebrity father of the year award winner and seemingly upstanding man, O’Neil escapes and BODY SLAMS Backlund! Darren Young, Backlund’s protege then comes to the aid of 77 year old Backlund who took the big bump.

One may ask why we have given play x play action on a pro wrestling match. If the reader was focused said reader would have taken note to the multiple times we called attention to the elder wrestler’s age. We were making the argument that an elder, experienced wrestler could still be formidable in the October of his life. We could use Lou Thesz as an example as well. He wrestled his last official match at the age of 79 (Seventy-nine, years old, methinks). It was a good lengthed match against an experienced Japanese wrestler much, much younger than himself. We could reach back to WWII time and demonstrate the ease in which Strangler Lewis, a then over-weight  almost blind  and ( 70 +) seventy plus year old man would train young GI’s in hand to hand combat. He would dispatch 18 (eighteen) year old soldiers in (3) three minutes or less!

Our argument then is this, The aged should be as much lauded upon and seen too as a new born child. We agree that the youth are the future leaders but it is the experienced aged that will provide the map.

This is especially true with the Christ-ian faith. The apostles teach the great importance of the aged and we have God’s Word that He will uphold and keep the aged believer. This writer is (45) forty-five years old and we have learned “of the LORD” a great many, many truths and principles. If He has taught us at this age so much what has He taught the more aged?

One who would despise such a wealth of Christ-ian experience is ignorant, prideful, probably man taught and man trained and sees this fountain of wisdom as “old fashioned.” Beloved, these are some of the very believers that are being despitefully used by the church today that are praying the blessings the church enjoys today.

When we survey the Christ-ian landscape we find a number of different types of Aged believers. Let us preface our thoughts first. No believer fits in exclusively to any one type. There are, of course much cross over. That would be similar to saying one is always only happy or one is always only angry, etc.

We will bullet point the types and then in subsequent postings we will (DV) expand upon the types and their traits.

  • The “Aged Knower”
  • The “Aged Mystic”
  • The “Old Legalistic”
  • The “Aged Recluse”
  • The “Old and Angry”
  • The “Aged Glower”

Again Reader, No one has exclusive rights to any of the types above. There is cross-overs as we all have our dispositions that can changer at times or for a period. However, it does seem that most do fit, generally speaking into a type.

We look forward (DV) to writing on this subject.

Numbers 6:24-26,







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