The Aged Christ-ian Part (2) two

“… an old disciple, with whom we should lodge.”  (Acts 21:16)


In our last post we wrote about the importance of the aged Christ-ians in our midst or in other words and a little more harshly stated, The importance of the aged Christ-ians that dwell in the midst of a prideful, pretentious and largely ignorant generation of Christ-ians.

We used the example of old grapplers that were/are able to take on grapplers in their youth and prime. We also listed different types of aged Christ-ians we have observed. We prefaced our writing by stating that no one belongs exclusively to any one type as we all have dispositions that can change at times, and for a time. However, people do seem to generally fit a type that defines them, good or bad. Also there are some who are not aged in years but are aged in the Spirit as there are aged Christ-ians who are still babies in the Spirit. Aged does not always = wise just as youth does not always = inexperienced.

The types we listed were:

  • The “Aged Knower”
  • The “Aged Mystic”
  • The “Old Legalist”
  • The “Aged Recluse”
  • The “Old and Angry”
  • The “Aged Glower”

We begin with the “Aged Knower” This believer is an example of those believers who have seemed to graduate from believer to knower, metaphorically speaking. This type has a great measure of faith gifted to him. He has proven himself in the “little things” and God has entrusted him with “greater things.” This person knows God in a deep and intimate way. This is the type of Christ-ian that gives others a real sense of godliness. This believer has been tempted, exercised, tried and has come forth as gold. He is truly God kept. The LORD is his shepherd and he does not want. This knower has “forgotten more than many will probably ever learn.”

The Believer who is spiritually sensitive is aware of this knower’s presence. When one departs from this old disciples presence and a presence it is, he is aware that he has just had an experience with one of God’s choicest.

This Christ-ian stands confidently in a crisis when others cannot. This person’s vocabulary is mostly made up of, “Yes, Lord”, “Thank You, Lord”, “Thou Knowest all things, Lord”, “Here Am I, Lord”, “Great is the Lord my God” and many other statements of ripened, exercised, and experienced faith AND faithfulness….(your writer just felt the goose bumps…May God, be greatly praised.)

This Aged Knower is closer to his predestined end of Christ-likeness than some in today’s pulpits. This example of Christianity is not sinless but he does learn to sin less. This knower is fully aware of his emptiness and gross depravity outside of Christ. He is also fully aware of God’s pleasure in his “creaturely newness.” He is aware that he is better than others of the old creation still, in Adam for this knower is and has eternally been and will be everlastingly  “in Christ.” Christ is his confidence, he has learned to be in God’s Presence continually as David, “I am continually with [T]hee.” He knows that to “endure until the end” one must perpetually “[C]all upon the [N]ame of the Lord and thou shalt [persevere and endure].”

We are sad to report that we have not met many others like this. And yes, we are cognizant that by using the word others we put ourself into the “Knowers.” This may seem, to some as boastful, arrogant and self-proclaiming (see our post, “Humbleness confused with Arrogance”). However, it is not. i very readily and happily confess with great joy, whether in season or out of season, that all that I am is of God’s Grace ALONE. i am a person defined by the faith of Christ. The life i now live, i live by the faith of Christ. If taken away from me i would be n0thing. One is ripening when one KNOWS himself/herself to be N0thing outside of Christ Jesus, Who loved me and gave [H]imself for me.

With Christ at one’s side, with Christ in front, with Christ at one’s back, and on top how can one not be confident, comforted, steadfast, anchored, restful and peaceful? This type of aged believer KNOWS “Whom [he] hath believed.”


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