Pitfalls of the Preacher and the Church Attender

“If thou put the brethren in remembrance…” (1 Timothy 4:6)

“…I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance…” (2 Peter 1:12)


As with all Christ-ians there are multiple pitfalls for the minister of God. These pitfall can be found in many areas. There are the pitfalls of sin and of service. When service becomes to all and the end all to a believer said believer has fall into a pitfall. When doctrine has become all of one’s life at the expense of worship or worship at the expense of doctrine a pitfall has been stumbled into. If one of God’s holy attributes have become the main focus while all other holy attributes are ignored a pitfall has…you get the idea.

A serious pitfall for the preacher is to believe that messages must all be fresh and always contain new “material.” There is a fine line to be walked in this area. The message, which is supposed to be from God, need not be “new manna” however at the same time there must be “new manna” as well as the tried and truth truths.

I have  known preachers, no matter the material always ends up back on “soul winning” and service. This good man, after having a guest preacher speak on the importance of worship for (5) straight services, ranted on service for the next several weeks! It was infuriating to say the least. One might as if both ministers were not guilty of the same. One spoke on worship only and the other on service only. We would answer with a resounding, “NO.” You see when a church receives message after message on “serve…serve…serve.” week after week, month after month it becomes essential to balance things out. For example if a church is fed a steady diet of unsound arminians it becomes very needful to counter that with a steady and sound diet of Calvinism.

As a pr/teacher for over (20) twenty years we have heard, “Well, I know that already.”  We have also heard, “Are we still studying that book ?” It is rare if ever they have been able to relate to us what it was exactly we studied the week from that book.” The truth is that if a person attends church services for many years they will hear must of what they have already heard. That is not to say that they will never hear anything new as the Word of God is a living Word from a God that reveals new truths to the faithful student and follower of Scripture.

You can see from our text above that both apostles know and teach others that bringing the Christ-ian into remembrance of sound doctrine exhortations from the Word of God. How many would roll their inner eyes and say, ” I know all about this” if when they are asked to turn to the Ten Commandments in  Exodus 20? When at the same time they would have a very hard time reciting the 10 Commandments?  It would be comical in not so sad.

To the faithful minister we would council thusly, Teach and or preach what God has given you and do not be concerned with other things. We would add this, make sure that which you preach or teach IS from God.

To the church member, humble thyself in the presence of the Living Word of the Living God and be thankful that you are accounted amongst God’s very own. There are multitudes upon multitudes that shall never be given the hope that offered unto you.

In other words Beloved, “Open they heart, open they mind, and close they mouth.”



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