Misconceptions of Christendom or Incorrect Ideas One May Harbour

God willing and or allowing we hope to begin, continue, and complete a series on ideas many Christ-ians and non believers hold concerning the spiritual and many there are. Some of these misconceptions or ideas can be default settings within one’s mind.

One extreme example that may be given is the golden calf of the Israelite’s. They were fearful as Moses had been absent for many days. They therefore, defaulted to idolatry. Another could be the people of Ephesus defaulting to their “Diana” chant when they were threatened with Another God…or rather the Only Living God that does not and will not share His Glory with a pagan image.

Some of the misconceptions and wrong ideas we will discuss will (DV) include but necessarily in this order and there may be times we will write upon other subjects, also. Here is a list of topics:

  • This passage or verse of Scripture says this or means this to me.
  • Life has been so good lately, when’s it gonna all fall apart?
  • You have just come out of a trial, you will soon be entering a trial, or you are in the midst of a trial right now.
  • If I do this God must do that.
  • God is wringing His Hands as He waits to punish me.
  • “Judge not lest ye be judged.”
  • We are all of God’s children; God loves everyone; “God is Love.”
  • There are many ways to God.
  • All we can do now is pray.
  • I can improve God’s opinion of me or make Him love me more if I serve…serve…serve.
  • Once saved is always saved.

Are you, beloved, represented in the above list? I would wager you are as We default to some of these as well. Some of the above are doctrinal and others are more personally held ideas. Some of them may even be subconscious and one may even deny holding such an idea. And they are being honest as far as they know. They must be shown their wrong thinking. Sometimes it will be painful but once faced and dealt with the pain alleviates and one is encouraged by their new groth spent.



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