Are You As Dumb As They Think?

“Prove all things” (1 Thessalonians 5)

The they we refer to are politicians. In the era before television and the (24) twenty-four hour news cycle politicians could contradict themselves and get away with it. However, it isn’t so easy today or is it?

It should be surprising that today’s politicians will contradict themselves, tell bold faced lies as well comment on something that any one with eyes can see is not right. We said should surprise us but when one understands the depravity of human nature and the need for power and control nothing is surprising.

The latest example is the fallout after the (2nd) second debate between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. Mrs. Clinton and the media are pushing the narrative that she was stalked by Trump. If one watched the debate or saw any news coverage afterward it sure seems like he did. Clinton said something like this…when it was Donald’s turn I returned to my podium and gave him his space (paraphrased). However, so did Trump!

The way the cameras were set up it looked as though he was right behind her and hovering.  This was not the case. Trump like Clinton stood at his podium. We would posit the following…Clinton and the producers of this debate planned for this as it was Clinton that roamed to Trumps side and stood in front of him! She is a master at deception and why wouldn’t she be for she learned it from her father who was a liar and a murderer from the beginning and the lusts of her father she will do.

There are (3) guilty parties involved in this matter. Hilary Clinton, the media, and those who readily except the lies she puts forth, I.E. Those that fail to use their mind, their eyes, and their ears.

Let me be very, very clear at this point. We do not support Mr. Donald Trump and all the wicked things that spew forth from his heart. We do however, support many of his ideas. The question then is can they be separated for from a man’s heart the man speaketh. One thing that would make it easier to vote for trump is Mike Pence who is “a Christian, a Conservative, and a republican and in that order.” God may have moved to put Pence on the ticket to make it easier to vote for Trump. We like to think that for all intents and purposes Pence would be President of the United States.

When one compares the (2) two candidates we see one confesses and apologizing for things said and done in the past while they other will tell you that you saw something when you clearly didn’t and vice versa.

Whether one chooses to vote or to sit this election out let us be thankful that the choice is ours. Let us be Thankful and let us Acknowledge God that He saw fit and allowed us to be born in this great nation. Having said that let us share a teaching from Scripture regarding the nation that is in the midst of departing from God. The departing nation will  get the leader that it has rightly earned. This truth is seen time and time again throughout the Bible. Another truth is the wicked king will cause the people to sin even more.

Another Biblical truth is that God will hear when His people cry out in despair, confession, and repentance. Brothers and sisters the time to cry out to God arrived long a go but has not past…yet. Let us seek God while He may be found.

This country has barely survived Obama and he may be voted in again in the person of Hilary Clinton. One with open eyes can see what (2) two terms under an anti Christ has done but can it stand a (3rd) third. Another possibility one should consider. In 2017 Obama may very well become the Secretary General of the U.N. which will become King of the World under his control.

Another Scriptural truth is found in Roman thirteen. All power is subject to God’s Sovereign Authority. There is no power except that power which God’s ordains. This truth is of comfort to those that love and are loved by the Almighty but it should be a source of dread to those who oppose God and His righteous will. A sign or an indication that God is displeased with a nation and it’s people is the leadership as we have already stated and also per Romans chapter one is the homosexual agenda gaining power as well as the events described in 2 Peter chapter three. One could also look into Isaiah ch. two and three. While some might say that Isaiah 2-3 describe God’s dealings with a past nation and not with America per se  it does show some of God’s methods and it would be applicable to America today.

Back to the 2016 election cycle. We have said in one Facebook post that we plan to “stand” out but in another we allured to voting be one’s duty. To be honest we are not sure what we will do. We are a registered Republican and we are without a doubt anti-(d)emocrat. However, to be sure we are 100% Monarchy and that is to say we support King Jesus. The Lord Jesus Christ is my Leader and my faith is in Him. The Words of Christ are forever trustworthy. Christ will not mislead you, ever!

We will share with our readers one standard by which we judge a person we are newly introduced to. We like to know where a person stands in relation to Jesus Christ. The answer given is a start to understanding someone. One must watch for fruit that either supports their answer of disproves the answer. For example, We were driving on a busy road  and noticed a number of vehicles driving around another vehicle that had pulled over. We noticed the man inside the stopped car was vomiting large…very, very large amounts of blood both inside and outside of his car. We quickly pulled over to provide assistance and the first thing we asked him was, “Do you know the Lord Jesus?”  He said he did with fervor. This man’s candid answer told me much about him and the likelihood of his bloods condition.

The same is true of the 2016 presidential candidates.  It is safe to say  that based on the actions and words of these politicians that they do not know Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Hilary Clinton has proven to be a deceiver as was said above and Donald Trump said it all when he admitted to having never sought God’s forgiveness.

We now pose a question of great import to you my reader. Do you know Christ Jesus to be the Son of God who lived a pure and perfect life Who died a death in the place of sinners? Who was buried and rose again on the third day?  Do you, my beloved reader, know Christ as your Lord and Saviour?  Has there ever been a time when you submitted yourself to Him as your Lord and sought Him to be your Saviour?

It is clear in the Word of God that God commands men (a women) everywhere to repent. The Word states elsewhere that all will suffer God’s unending wrath if they obey not the Gospel.  We say again dear reader, submit to the Lord Jesus Christ and find Him to be your Saviour for “there is none other [N]ame under Heaven given among men whereby we must be saved. ” (Acts 4:12)

One question must needs be asked in order to understand the above Gospel. Christ is called Lord and Saviour throughout the Word. Preachers call upon sinners to “Be saved.” But from what are sinners to be saved from? Most assume and many pr/teach that it is from Hell one is saved from. To be true salvation from Hell is a benefit of Gospel Salvation but it is not the primary thing one is saved from.

When Gabriel visited Mary he told her very plainly that her Son should be “called Jesus for He shall save HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SIN(s).”  The Lord and Saviour saves His people from their sin. The people of Christ are saved from their sin…its penalty, its power, its pleasure and someday its presence!!! In other words Christ’s people are saved from sin, self, and (s)atan.

Christ-ians are saved from the above because they have been justified in the court of Righteous and Just God and this was accomplished through the death of The Lord Jesus. They were and are sanctified through the resurrection of Christ and progressively sanctified through their continued subjection to Christ and submission to His pleasure. This is not a works salvation but merely a means to the sanctified life.

Again, where do you stand in relation to the Lord Jesus Christ?


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