The Restraining Hand of the Almighty

“…Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed.”                                                                                                                                                        (Job 38:11)

In the above text from Job we see the LORD taking poor Job to school. On one hand we call him poor Job because he appears to be the subject of God’s annoyance. However, on the other hand Job belongs to a very small collection of men that can say, “but now mine eye seeth [T]hee.”

God is instructing Job as to how He created and upholds the earth and all things in it, on it, and around it and that is by the “[W]ord of {H]is power (John 1; Colossians 1; and Hebrews 1). All things alive and nonliving are subject to the will of God and there is no exception. All things spiritual are subject to God’s will and there is, again, no exception.

The angels of Heaven are subject to God as are (s)atan, the fallen angels and demons. In Job 1 we see that (s)atan is subject to God’s pleasure. We see another lying spirit (possibly [s]atan) in 2 Kings. God desires to cause trouble for Ahab and a lying spirit offers his services and God approves. We know that King Saul was also vexed by an evil spirit sent from God.

Paul, in Ephesians 6, tells us that we wrestle against spiritual foes.

Throughout the Gospels we see our Lord casting out demonic forces from their victims again and again. If one studies the life of John Wesley one will learn of his many bouts with the demonically possessed. John Calvin and many others, including Luther can attest to bouts with the demonic.

We are slow to opine and are even less dogmatic on the topic of current day demonic possessions. However, we will state that some of the horrendous murders we are seeing today in and out of our country seem to be more than simply human anger and hate. When a man, said to be a loving son kills his mother and cuts out her heart and laughs until police arrive does not seem to be a mere human exploit although, on the other hand, human depravity knows no bounds.

So what is it that keeps [s]atan and wicked forces from attacking us at this second? As we have already learned the demonic forces are always ready to fall upon us and destroy us. In the case of King Saul, man is not able to withstand their subtle attacks much less violent. King Ahab was a plaything to his lying spirit. In the New Testament there were some self styled exorcists that were violently attacked and stripped naked.  So what is it that keeps these ancient, powerful, demons that know your every weakness at bay?

The only thing that keeps you safe at every moment is the restraining Hand of Almighty God. We saw above and in the Gospels that it is with great ease that God uses and or dismisses the demonic. We stand no chance otherwise as we can not even see our enemy for it is invisible. God however, sees all. The dark is light to Him. All things stand naked before Him…your motives, your intentions, your thoughts, your desires, your sin…you, dear reader stand as naked before God. The Christ-ians knows this and praised his All seeing, All knowing, All powerful God. The sinner hears this and should be terrified..horrified but the deadness of his spirit cannot see the Kingdom of God and the King Who is very angry and will have all knees bowed…saints and sinners alike.

What is your standing before God?  Are you saint or sinner; friend or enemy; saved or lost; hopeful or hopeless? Reader, call upon the Name of the Lord and be saved from your sins and all their consequences…do so now.

As God restrains our/your wicked enemy by His Hand of Power and Mercy so to does He retrain the elements in what we call outer space.  Reader, look at the planets in space. They are so very, very unfriendly to life, let alone human life. They are however, the creation of our God Who is always friendly to his people and those that will believe and to those who will not believe. Look at those planets and then turn and behold this planet which…”in the beginning God created.” This earth is friendly to all life forms and especially humans. Why is this? How is this?

Why is this? because “our God is in the [H]eavens: [H]e hath done whatsoever [H]e hath pleased and Whatsoever the LORD pleased, that did [H]e in [H]eaven , and in earth, in the seas, and all deep places.” (Psalms 115:3; 135:6)

How is this? [He upholds]all things by the [W]ord of [H]is power. This means that at this moment God is upholding all things while He restrains the elements of space from making this world uninhabitable (Hebrews 1:3).

We ask, as did the disciples, “What manner of [M]an is this?”

I have spent much of my life seeking an answer to that question and I have been blessed to have done so. I plan to continue this seeking for the rest of my life into Eternity and then throughout Eternity.


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