POLITICS (is) AS (a) USUAL (blood sport)

“So the king commanded Benaiah the son of Jehoiada; which went out and fell upon [Shimei], that he died.” (1 Kings 2:46)

Some history and context on the above passage. As David became king of all Israel, a man related to the prior and God rejected King Saul came out to slander and to curse God’s King. The men of David were inclined to kill this rebel but King David commanded them to hold back. David did not want his rule to begin with a slaying.

Many years later as David is an old man and ready to depart this world he counsels Solomon, his son and successor to keep an eye on Shimei and to do what he knows to do as Shimei may attempt a coup, being a kin of Saul, former king. The Word of God records Shimei being dispatched upon the order of King Solomon.

Politics, as many say, has become a blood sport. Politics has lost all appearance of civility. To be sure the political game has always been ugly but the politicians attempted to put their best foot forward. They tried to present themselves as civil and composed. The game seems to have changed.

I would posit that the game became this ugly when we began calling politicians by their first names and neglecting them their title. [I’m guilty of this] We would compare it to very old school catch as catch can wrestling. At the beginning of a wrestling contest the competitors would advance toward the center of the ring, listen to the officials rules and then extend their hand to one another and shake. If this act of respect was refused the match up should be expected to be ugly and even bloody. I have been in this situation and can confirm. In my previous life as a sinner I have left a man with only half his nose attached to his face. In my time on the Jiu jitsu mat I have had to cause a man some long lasting discomfort in his neck region, another with a dislocated shoulder, and another was left with a tremendous amount of pain in his big toe. One may think a man of God shouldn’t do such things and that is their right to think so. However, if I told you what was being done to me at the time I responded so harshly one may understand. We have come to view the political system through this physical and violent lens.

Methinks that one of the candidates would have the other killed if they could get away with it.

Back to my argument. We believe that politics became this ugly and violent when the American people and politicians began calling Mrs. Clinton, “Hilary” and this was started many years ago; it is not new to this cycle. The American people became comfortable calling our leaders either by their first name or their last name and ignoring their title. When Mr. George W. Bush was president people would say his name, Bush with malicious invective. Another way a president is disparaged is by calling him, “This president” again with malicious invective.

This can be supported by Scripture. If one were to study the Gospels one would find only the enemies of Christ calling Him by His first Name. Allies of the Christ would address Him as Lord or Master. Christ would readily accept these titles, too. The Lord Jesus said, “Ye call [M]e Lord and Master and in so doing; ye do well. Right there He tells us of His desire to be called Lord and Master!!!

If in the New Testament one finds Him being called “Jesus” it is because the author is drawing our attention to the humanity of the God Man. Back to the Gospels, one may rightly point out that when we are reading the narrative aspects of the Gospels Christ is often called, “Jesus”. We would remind this close observer that in the narratives of the Gospels it is the Holy Spirit that calls Him “Jesus.”

It would seem to me that the first thing to go, in what will become something uncivil, is addressing others with their title, whether it be Mr., Mrs., Sir, Miss, Mam, Mr. President, Mrs. Secretary, etc. etc. etc.  We would be remiss if we did not counsel you, reader, to address Christ as Lord Jesus for He, Himself, calls for it. In addressing Him with His rightful title roles are kept proper…He is Lord and I am servant. In addressing Him with His rightful title you are simply following etiquette. Also, in 1 Cor. 12:3 we are told that a lost person cannot call Him Lord. To call Him Lord and mean it is a gift…an allowance of the Holy Ghost for lost people have n0 right to even address Him in prayer.

In closing, one is not required to respect the person in office but one is required to respect the office, itself and to pray for the person in office.


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