“No More Mr. Nice Pastor” or “Unleashing the Prophet We Have Been Called To Be” or “An Encouragement to God’s Man”

“….he shall know there is a prophet in Israel.” (2 Kings 5:8)

What was a prophet? What is a prophet? In the old Testament a prophet was a man that God spoke through. A prophet was a mouthpiece for God. A prophet spoke to men in the stead of God and with God’s authority backing him. A prophet was a man that had a relationship to and with God that was exclusive. The bond between God and His prophet is a special bond…it is a intimate, peculiar kind of love. The love and bond between God and his prophet was a love and bond that was preeminent over all others bonds and loves. There existed a sacred union between God and His prophet. A prophet did not only believe in/on God but a prophet knew…knew God intimately. A prophet was a man that was called specifically, personally, and peculiarly by God, Himself…a man of God’s own choosing. A prophet was a man that was given divine utterances from God.

Are there still prophets today? Yes and no. There could be and should be and hopefully will be, keeping in mind what was said in the above. What is, not was, but is a prophet? Today’s prophet is the same as the Old Testament prophets. The Old Testament prophets spoke about what was to come in the future, and he did so with God’s authority. Today the preacher, teacher, missionary, and evangelist are also speaking about what is to come; the only difference is today’s prophets have a more sure word of prophecy in the Scriptures. Today’s prophets have the same preeminent love and bond with God. Today’s prophet loves God above family and friends. Today’s prophet is like the old prophets…WE belong to God first and foremost, and we exist to serve His all-perfect and all-wise will.

Today’s preachers, teachers, missionaries, and evangelists are the same as yesterday’s prophets. Why does this matter? Is this a thing of pride?…I AM A PROPHET of  GOD. God forbid. There is only humility, thankfulness, and gratefulness in the prophet’s purified heart. So, why would this matter? Why should I, as a preacher, view myself as a prophet of God?

There is a God-given; God-gifted; God-implanted; God-infused boldness that resides within the prophets of God, or rather there is a spiritual and moral authority released by God’s Spirit from within the prophets of God. There is a great sense of urgency within the heart and mind of a prophet. There is a directness and a jealousy within the prophet.

An example, X is a manager of a business…fast food, retail..it matters not. X is a manager over a great number of persons employed by this business. If X does not realize that he has managerial authority over employees the business is doomed. X’s position as manager is negated and is only a title. Now, on the other hand, if X realized his managerial authority and used it properly and not as a dictator, the business and the employees would thrive.

Likewise, if today’s ministers would realize their prophetic lineage, spiritual and moral authority that is again given by God per His purposes and pleasure, said ministers would realize the boldness and urgency that a prophet of God must have.

When God sent Samuel to Jesse, the elders of the town “trembled at [Samuel’s] coming” and they asked him,  “Comest thou peacefully?” (probably referencing Samuel’s smiting of Agar) and Samuel said, “[I come] Peaceably…” Did you get that? I will (DV) put it into prospective. Today’s preacher/prophet should…must have an aire of authority so that if he calls a church member and says, “We need to talk”, said church member should tremble because he has done wrong, he knows he has done wrong ,and he knows the preacher/prophet knows he did wrong…..and now the preacher/prophet is coming to help correct the wrong with meekness and grace; remembering he, too is….. “Simul justus et Peccator”…a sinner and a saint at the same time.

The prophet, however, must not fear the face of man, said God to Jeremiah…The preacher/pastor/prophet is not to fear calling a spade a spade or questioning a sinner’s salvation which is based upon the inspection of his fruit that is or is not from the Spirit. A good tree does not put out bad fruit said the Christ. Here is a helpful syllogism – 1. A man is putting forth bad fruit regularly 2. however, a Christ-ian does not put out bad fruit regularly; 3. therefore the man that puts out bad fruit regularly is not Christian nor Christ-like. I’m not talking about sin..we all sin. I am speaking to the premeditated, habitual, lying in wait kind of sin.

Job said God, with His understanding, smites the proud. So too the preacher/pastor/prophet, through the understanding and/or acceptance of “it is what it is”, will smite (reprove) the proud. In that smiting (reproving) he is protecting and defending God’s flock.

The people should know that there is a prophet in………. and…………. and ………..



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