For Those Who are still A Kid Inside

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man I put away childish things…”

C.S. Lewis, commenting on this passage said and I paraphrase, when one is a child the one thing that is desired most of all is to be an adult. Lewis then said he “put away” wanting to be an adult when he became an adult. He wanted to keep that child-like spirit from growing old and dying. Because of that mindset we are gifted with his “Chronicles of Narnia” series and his science fiction trilogy. The child-like spirit is required in a Christ-ian to live a life of faith…for Christ teaches we must have the faith of a little child. We must be born of His Spirit and grow up all over again. This is one reason Christ-ians are so loyal and loving toward their Heavenly Father…He raised us from new born babes and taught us what we needed to know.

In keeping with this theme we would like to write about the original Super-powered Super Hero. We will first present His attributes or His supernatural powers and let you deduce of Whom we write.

The Original, true, and only Living Super Hero has the ability to call men to His service without their resistance;  He can change one fluid into another, which means He can change a rock into bread, though He chooses not to. In fact, if man does not praise Him the very rocks would sing His praise!

This Super Hero walks on water and can pass through walls; and can perceive the very private thoughts of men. This Hero has the power to forgive sin and to save a person… soul, spirit, and body!!! This Hero with (3) three cords has the authority to run prominent business men from His Presence…in fact, by His spoken Word, He can send large, armoured soldiers flying backward!!! and intimidate them so that His beloved friends can remain free.

Our Hero is able to defeat demons by His will and spoken Word, withstand the fiery darts of (s)atan, and cause storms and life-threatening waves to heel like a trained pet…after just waking up from a deep sleep!!! This Hero has apprehended and submitted His former enemies by His Compassion and Sacrificial Love.

The God-Man has the power to heal all manner of wounds and chase away all fears. God-Man has so much power that it is over-flowing and is bestowed upon His chosen sidekicks. He supplies His sidekicks with a super suit of imputed righteousness, a helmet of Salvation, boots that allow us to live in faithful and loyal service to our Hero, He provides us with a double edged sword, a shield of persevering faith and…a utility belt of truth!!!

He gives us the supernatural powers to love others, forgive others, put others first, bless those that hate us and pray for them that curse us…these truly are supernatural powers that have their source in the divine nature our Hero has put within us through the “radio-active” infusion of His Own Holy Spirit…”Holy Righteousness, Blessed God-Man!!!”

Our Hero has the ability to walk next to us, in disguise, at times. He is able to put His thoughts in the minds of His Holy, sainted sidekicks to help others. He is able to encourage and embolden  His over-comers and those who are more than conquerors. Our Hero…The God-Man has the power to keep all promises and to hear all cries for help and salvation.

In closing…God-Man rides a white charger, has x-ray vision, can send forth fire from His eyes, and can fly to Heaven!!! My Hero has also defeated death and mocks the grave….He has moved a great large stone with His will and He speaks to His sidekicks through secret coded messages in a Book that others cannot receive or discern.

The God-Man even told His sidekicks not to reveal His true identity after His true Nature and Identity were revealed by His Father in Heaven through His many heroic works and transfiguration into the Returning and Reigning Man. This incredible Alpha-Omega Man can hear all the prayers and cries of all His people and discern them separately without distraction!!! I live with (4) women and when they all talk at once i cannot discern who said what!!!  What Manner of Man is this God-Man?

This Ever Living Eternal-Man has always existed and always will; it is said of Him that no man can stop Him nor stay His Hand or His Over-whelming, pride and sin defeating Super Will. Some suggest that He is Supremely Sovereign without exception or qualification.

What manner of Man is this?

A message to all Bat Men, Supermen, Wonder Women, Iron men and persons considered heroes… Bow to God-Man… The True, The Original, the Most Copied and Plagiarized Man that lives. Real Heroes…humbly, thankfully, and gladly bow their knee to the God-Man.

Go Forth, ye members of the “Righteous League of God’s Kingdom” and remember, you can change from your meek and humble secret identiy into New Creature, Spirit-filled men and women of God by ducking into your prayer closet.

Have you deduced this God-Man’s secret identity?



2 thoughts on “For Those Who are still A Kid Inside

    1. Amen. If one would really understood the power of His Name, faith wd grow, fears wd decline, and hope wd encourage. There is much power in His Name. One might look upon the Name of Christ as one’s whole armour of God; Paul, even said, “But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.” This is pictured when Jacob put on Esau’s hair and smell. Godspeed.


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