“The Walking [Spiritually] Dead” or “Are You A Cast Member Of The Non-Fiction Walking Dead”

“…[Y]ou…were dead in trespasses and sins…” (Ephesians  2:1)


On Sunday evenings there is a very popular television program called, “The Walking Dead.” On this program there are groups of persons that unite in the cause of surviving hordes of flesh eating zombies. Some of these camps of individuals are attempting to remain true to morals and ethics the best they can; other camps have forsaken all morals and ethics and began to live according to the Darwinian evolution’s code of “Only the strong survive.”

It is thought by some of the viewing audience that the title of this show refers to the zombie hordes. However, it has been said by the “Walking Dead” production team and one of the cast members that the title refers to the human cast. The air-breathing persons that fight for survival or a mere existence are not really living but are the truly dead.

Methinks it was the church father St. Augustine that said the death process begins at birth. In the Book of Job, Job said that he was conceived in sin. His point being that is that sin is passed down through the blood, therefore the child is spiritually dead at the time of conception. An argument could be made that since every part of a person is corrupted with sin including his loins and her eggs.

In the beginning of mankind God said to Adam, “In the day you eat thereof ye shall surely die.” In spite of this divine warning Adam “took and ate.” In that day Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, and Seth became the progenitors of the walking and spiritually dead human race. Because of Adam’s rejection of God and became subject to his wife’s will many Spiritual and Biblical principles came into play such as the need to love Christ and hate one’s family and the need for the wife to willingly to submit herself to her husband to name a few. Illness and death as well as (s)atan being promoted to the god of this world became realities.


Other Biblical mandates came such as the unbelievers in God’s Son became “condemned already.” In other words those who refuse to return to the pre-sin days of Eden and live lives under the reign of God merely exist under the condemnation of an incensed Holy God.  Christ’s invites mankind to return to Eden with the words, “Repent and believe”; “Come unto [M]e” but “[they] would not.”

The Scriptural text we chose and paced at the top is a quote from Paul. Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit taught that all unregenerate mankind are “dead in trespasses and sins.” This is a reiteration of Christ’s, “condemned already” promise. The rest of Paul’s teaching in Ephesians 2:1 reads thusly, “And you hath [H]e quickened who, were dead in trespasses and sins…” the thought continues in verse (4) four – (5) five, “But God, [W]ho is rich in mercy, for [H]is great love wherewith [H] e loved us, even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace are ye saved…” To be clear and sound in my interpretation of Scripture we must point out that this Pauline teaching is intended only for those already saved and not for those still “dead in trespasses and sins.”

The Bible therefore, places all persons into two camps. All humans belong in Adam and are members of the old creation or they are “in Christ” and belong to the new creation, 2 Corinthians 5:17. The old creation merely exist under God’s condemnation and are spiritually dead in trespasses and sins. The new creation lives abundant lives full of grace and joy. The old creation existence is temporal and will exist outside of God Presence in Hell forever. The new creation will live forever in the blessed Presence of God.

We are reminded of a tri-fold tract from years ago. This tract depicts a woman on the front. One’s attention is drawn to the woman’s beauty whose hair and makeup are perfect. She is adorned in expensive jewelry. She has it all together and is to be envied. When the tract is opened the woman is in great disarray, her hair is disheveled, the makeup is running and her jewelry is gone. There is a massive flame engulfing her, yet it does not consume her. The lesson of this Gospel tract is to demonstrate that the Christ-less may appear to be living a life of satisfaction and fulfillment but it is a mirage. The existence of the walking and spiritual dead is a self deception and self delusion.

How does one know to which camp one belongs? The answer is simple. Do you, beloved reader, love Christ? Do you love His Word? Do you walk in His ways and in accordance to His teachings? Do you love the men and women that comprise Christ’s blood bought church? Or are you of the camp that loves self and leans onto your own wisdom and understanding? How do you feel about Christ-ians? Those in the first camp are the living and those in the second camp are spiritually dead that merely exist a temporal existence under the condemnation of Holy God.

In closing, beloved, two which camp do you belong? Are you living a truly abundant life with Christ as your leader or are you the walking dead without hope in this existence and hopeless concerning the next? If you choose to ignore this warning or if you choose to it off you have made the choice to mock God and He will not be mocked…”for as a man soweth so shall he reap.”


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