“The Family” or ” Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water?” or “Hating One’s Family With Great Affection and Love”

“You must love [m]e and hate your…[family]. Said by THe Lord Jesus.

Recently we wrote on the functional family and contrasted it with the Dis-functional family. We sought to make the argument that the family functional and the family dis functional are based in the thought processes of the parents and what the children learn from the parent’s examples. If interested one can read this writer’s article mentioned above one can find it in the post entitled, “Objectivity vs. Subjectivity.”

In the present article we write (DV) upon the nucleus family as well as the extended family.

This past Friday and the Saturday previous we spent time with my family. We enjoyed this time with both our immediate, nucleus family as well as our much loved extended family. This past Friday we attend the wedding of my nephew who has served his country in the time of war and continues to do so while wearing the blue. So proud of him we are. We, in the spirit of objectivity, studied our family and their actions and listened to their words.

As we watched and listened to my family a sense of thanksgiving and a humble pride grew in my heart. I experienced happiness, fun and most importantly joy. I thanked and praised God for planting me in this garden, called family.

Related to this word family is the word familiar. This should tell us and teach us that a family should be familiar with each member of this blood-bonded group of persons that compromises and compliments one’s family. By being familiar with one another one is aware of, cognitive of, and brought up to speed with, and are on the same page as each other. This familiarity allows one, provokes one, encourages one to help, pray for, be proud of, inspire one another and to aspire one another.

This institution of family is a fine example, a finite microcosm of the like-minded unity of the divine Trinity. Because of this finite likeness (s)atan seeks to destroy the family unit by sowing weeds into the garden. Often times these weeds take the form of religion and politics as well as money problems, self-centered thinking, etc.

It is a great folly to base one’s love and acceptance of a family member, nucleus and extended based upon one’s view points or opinions upon the weeds mentioned above. “You don’t love God or go to the church of my liking then I do not love you.” “You don’t support the politician or political part I do, then I reject you.” To love one based upon the degree that one agree with you is the opposite of Christ’s teachings.

Most have heard the saying, “Blood is thicker than water.” There are two thoughts to its origin. One origin say’s that Blood represents blood-kin and the water represents the waters of baptism. The point being a person will always side with one’s birth family over one’s church family. The second thought of origin is blood = Blood Covenant and water = water birth. The point of this is the Church family outranks the birth family in the priorities of the Blood Bought of Christ.

It seems to me that the only time the above should come into play is when one family comes against the other. The best way to avoid this choice is to be true to Christ above all others and all else. Christ teaches that the Christ-ian must love Him and hate one’s family. This word has been compromised by many a misguided Bible teacher. It has been taught by many fearful preachers that Christ simply meant a comparison. They will say that if one’s love for Christ is compared to one’s love for others one would call one’s love for others hate. This is false teaching. Christ meant what He said and still say’s today as He is the Living Lord of Glory. Christ also teaches that one should love one’s family so how do we line these teaching up?

When Christ teaches to love Him and hate one’s family He is teaching His preeminence in one’s life. He is also directing His servants to love Him by living for Him in spite of all opposition even if that opposition comes from well meaning family member. One must oppose/hate one’s family if they oppose Christ’s will His servant. This can be seen when John and James turn from their father to follow Christ and Peter and Matthew leaving their family and professions to follow Him. It can also be seen when Job’s wife told him to curse God and die but He remained faithful.

This devotion to Christ does not have to mean the lengthy alienation from one’s family (However, sometimes it does as in the Jewish faith and Muslim cult). It is the cult that seeks to separate one from family and friends. Faith in Christ should cause one to be a peacemaker in one’s family. We will admit that Christ can/will and does divide families but let us be sure that it is the unbelieving that cast us off and not the other way around. It is not one’s love for Christ that divides but another’s hatred for Christ and opposition to Christ that divides. This is known to be true by both believers and unbelievers alike.

I am so thankful to God for the love I feel for all of my family and for their love to me and mine. It is a source of great “comfort and joy.”

I am THe (to be pronounced THEE) richest and wealthiest man on this earth. I enjoy God’s unconditional love, grace and the riches of His never ending mercies. I enjoy, the many times tested, love of my wife and children, my mother and my father, my brothers and sisters (the plurality of brother and sister includes in-laws, however, the specification of ‘in-law’ means nothing to me), my nephews and nieces, my aunts and uncles, my cousins and my friends. I am loved by my mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters by faith in Christ. My life is so enriched by each and every member of my beloved family. I am so proud of my brothers and sisters and the persons their children have become and are yet to become. It is to my utmost joy to see my nephews, nieces and cousins raising their own children today.

If one is or has lost “faith” or hope in a family member or friend be certain that love remains intact for…”the greatest of these (faith, hope, and love) is love.”

Imagine if you will, A world shattering event takes place. To whom would you turn? Would you be able to put together a group of family and friends that could complement or fit together? In my family there are strategic thinkers, there are those with medical training, their are those with carpentry skills and are skilled with air conditioning and heating, There are some with military training and there are some with skills in self defense and skills in offense. There are those who can work with plumbing and electricity, and there are those who are able to grow crops. etc. In this world and during these times one must be familiar with family and friends. Personally speaking, I have my group in mind and a place in mind if ever needed. Our group includes family, friends, pastors w/ needed skills and experience, and former co-workers and their family.



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