“Does God Watch The Kardashians?” or “What Did She just Say?” or “SMH” or ” At Least I’m Not As Bad As Hitler or Kim!”

“Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look upon iniquity.”                                                                                                                                               (Habakkuk 1:13)


An unbeliever might read this verse in his search to find a contradiction they always think they find. He might hear this passage quoted and go into a diatribe that betrays his foolishness.

To be fair this passage is one of the many paradoxical teaching in God’s Word, however, a paradox is different from a contradiction. A contradiction is two (2) statements that do not line up together, like “That is the same only different.” A paradox is a statement that seems to have contradicting terms but upon further study and consideration they line up perfectly. A paradox statement in Scripture is, “When I am weak then am I strong.” The meaning of this paradox is when a Christian finds himself weak he will find himself strong as he leans upon God’s strength.

The quoted text under the title(s) is a paradox. The teaching or meaning behind it speaks to the fact that God hates sin and does not behold or dwell upon it. God does not find pleasure in sin. Habakkuk 1:13 is a paradox because other Scripture states clearly that God see the wicked and the good everyday and that He is angry with the wicked everyday. Other Scripture states that God is kind to the wicked also. in the last sentence we see examples of paradoxical statements, as well.

An example of Habakkuk 1:13 is reality shows like the Kardasian circus. A few times a year I walk past a television where it is being advertises or someone is watching it. Each time this happens I wonder, “How can someone watch this, I shake my head [SMH], pass judgment and walk away quickly. I may see it, hear it but I will not sit and behold it.

One of these few times of hearing these sisters, one said to the others, “I think these [gun shot survivors] would like to meet you guys [paraphrased]. She did not say, “I think you would be benefitted by meeting these survivors.” Do you see the big difference in meanings? Do you see the high regard the one sister holds herself and her family in? Here is a contradiction, when a family goes to a food shelter they are going to see how blessed they are and how thankful they should be as well as to be a blessing to the less fortunate.

As the conversation between the K. sisters continued, one of the other sisters replied about the possible backlash from pro gun advocates and/or anti gun advocates. Do you see, they aren’t interested in being a blessing but they are concerned about the effects upon themselves! SMH, again.

Our text from above is focusing on the purity of God and not so much upon sin and iniquity. The Scriptures speak very often upon the ineffable holiness of God and the text above is only one (1) of them. God judges all sin from a place of holiness and righteousness. In the White throne judgment, God will judge the sinner from this place as well. The sinner will be judged from God’s books that revealed His holy standards as well as His great patience and longsuffering. The sinner will be reminded of God’s longsuffering, the many, many witnesses the sinner received from God’s people, the sinner’s idle words, and their despisement they held God in and their marriage to sin and their pleasure, therein.

The text should not only remind all mankind of God’s holiness but the believer as well. The Christ-ian should be reminded of such passages as, “Be ye holy, for I am holy.” We should be reminded of the words and warnings of our Lord Jesus, such as, “Take heed to what you see” and “Take heed to what ye hear.” The wise man of Proverbs counsels his son, “If sinners entice thee, consent thou not.” Paul, after giving a litany of the unrighteous, continues with, “and such were some of you…” but they are not anymore.

Much of John’s intent in 1 John is to command his readers to, “walk in the light as He (Christ) is in the light.”

In the Old Testament most  of the prophets wrote about the Holiness of God and what that meant, which was God’s wrath being unleashed and the utter annihilation of many nations. To the nations spoken of in Isaiah forty (40) God likened them to being ‘less than nothing” in His sight!!! To Edom, God said, He would destroy their nation and as often as they would rebuild it and rebuild it, He would continue to pull it down. In the first (5) books of Moses and the Book of Joshua we see nation after nation after nation after… leveled and wipe out. These nations stood in Israel’s path to the land that was promised to them by God. These nations not only stood in the way but they offended God’s holiness.


So why is it that shows like the Kardashians are so vile to some people, myself included? I would suggest that this family offends the righteousness and holiness that resides in the believer, in the Person of God’s Holy Spirit, as well as the Word that lives in us. I have been told by some that they watch it because they are so repulsed with the content. This is questionable. Some may question my viewing choices in response, however my viewing choices are scripted and draw a line between good and evil. The reality shows are advertised as non-scripted. Whether they are non-scripted or not they are preported to be and many of the viewer thereof believe them to be. Another reason some may view reality shows is to justify their own lives and to say , “At least I’m not like…” This does not and never does justify one’s behaviour. One should never compare themselves to another sinner but to the sinless and holy Christ of God. Sinners use to compare themselves with Hitler, “Well at least I’m not like Hitler.” In other words, “I haven’t killed and tortured millions of Jews!” Hell will be carpeted with people who have compared themselves to other sinners. However, in Scripture, Christ and His holiness is the Standard of judgment and comparison. So the question is not, “Are you better than Hitler and reality show celebrities?” but, “Are you as holy as the Lord Jesus Christ?”

Many will rightly answer, “No one is as holy as Christ!” and they would be right… and wrong. Those that find in Christ a Master and Saviour are as righteous and holy as Christ!!! Certainly in their own person they are not, but in the Person of Christ they are. When a sinner realizes their corrupt nature. When they recognize their hopeless condition before God and His Word and cry out for His help and forgiveness. It is just what they receive. Christ takes up residency in their inward parts and identifies them as His Own. His righteousness is made theirs through the legal act of justification and is seen and experience outwardly in sanctification, I.E. good works and holy living. This is what happens when one is saved by God’s grace through the divine gifts of repentance and faith.

When one is saved one falls in love with Christ, God’s Word, and God’s people. This is instantaneous and other attributes of Christ will follow and be discovered over time.


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