“Why I Hate Al Sharpton And His Ilk…God ” or “Call Me Al… Not” or “An Open Condemnation of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson” or “What does Farrakhan’s Mouth And Rectum Have In Common?”

“Judge not lest, ye be judged.” (Matthew 7)

“Judge not lest, ye be judged” (Quoted and misapplied by the Biblically illiterate.)

‘[Sharpton] have I hated.” (A paraphrasing of Malachi 1:13 and Romans 9)


Some might take exception to the title(s) and the liberty I have taken in quoting Malachi 1 and Roman 9. Those that do take exception to these liberties do not cause me a moments concern. They are the types of Biblically illiterates I quoted in the (2nd) second text above. Those completely ignorant to and without Biblical understanding love to quote Matthew 7. When they hear someone saying something they dislike , “Judge not” spews from their asp like tongues. To understand Matthew 7 is to know what Christ means. “Judge not lest, thou be judged [also]”  speaks to one’s standard of judgment. In other words, when we say, that God judges the likes of Al Sharpton we speak to Sharpton raping of sound doctrine. We further apply  this manner of judgment upon ourself if we twist and wrest sound doctrine. If one were to say,” God should strike …down for his/her crime.” One is placing that same measure of judgment upon themself if they commit the same crime.

In the third (3rd) text I loosely quote Malachi 1. In Malachi 1 God states, “Esau, have I hated.” When God say’s He hates someone we should not imagine God being controlled by an emotion. When a human states his/her hatred for another he/she is stating a felt emotion. When God sates His hatred He is stating His sovereign opposition for an entity. This opposition is based in God’s holiness and, justified anger.

Someone may still take exception to my liberty in Malachi. Again that doesn’t concern me. However, if someone is genuinely confused, let me explain. In Psalm 5:3, It is written that God hates all workers of iniquity and God utters these same words to the condemned at the great white throne judgment, “Depart from [M]e, ye workers of iniquity. Therefore, one is safe in interchanging Sharpton with Esau. Sharpton is a worker of iniquity and one of the worst kind because what he perpetrates and perpetuates is in the Name of God. Sharpton is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sharpton seeks to scatter the sheep. He speaks for his father, the devil, and the lusts of his father Al will do. He will lie and murder peace.

The sons of (s)atan, Al and Jesse seek where they might cause division and spread hate between the races. They seek to raise up violence against legal authority that represents divine Authority. Like all children of wrath and disobedience these serpents are under the constant watch of Holy God. He is angry with this wicked ilk everyday. They should not consider God’s forbearance as approval, but they should consider it as extra time. Extra time to fill up their, already, overflowing cups of sin and wrath.

The teachings of hate these wicked men spew everywhere they slither is the opposite of sound doctrine found in Scripture. The Apostle Paul wrote that there is no difference between those in Christ. There is no male or female in Christ. There is no Jew or gentile in Christ, and there is no skin color in Christ. There is, however, a unity and oneness in Christ!!! The answer to all of the racial prejudices and hatred is not talking about racial differences. The answer is the Gospel and the oneness that the Gospel demands. The longer one is saved and walks with Christ the less one notices differences. Christ said, “I must needs go through Samaria.” Samaria was a town where the Samaritans dwelt. This people was the product of Jews mixing with other cultures and nations. The Jews despised the Samaritans, yet Christ sought them out. Likewise one does not see a brother or sister who has a different skin color, accent, or nationality. No! a Christ-ian sees one for whom Christ died and rose again. One sees another child of God. One sees a beloved brother and/or sister in Christ. One sees another who is like-minded and who’s heart is knitted to his/her!!! Christ and His Gospel is the answer.

We have preached a number of times in a “black” church. There was no consideration on the congregants part as to our “whiteness” and we know there was none on our part. We preached the Word of God, they were animated as the Word was proclaimed and we spent hours afterward enjoying great food and uplifting fellowship. We have preached in “white”churches and cannot say the same, other than we preached sound doctrine. We are sorry to say that we have introduced ourself to self confessed “black” believers and their was little warmth and at other times there is great warmth. We have come a cross many ‘white” believers and found excitement. The point is that it is not the color of the individual but the individuals themselves.

Why does the likes of Al Sharpton and J. Jackson spread such hatred? The reason is their theology and their ancestry. Their theology is not based in the sound teaching of Scripture but in the wicked theology of “liberation.” Before you say, “But, Brian, don’t you preach on  Christian liberation?” The liberation they speak on is based in racism and reparations. They see the meaning of the book of Exodus as the white man holding down the black man and God raising up the black man to break the chains of bondage and to be liberated. Egypt is White oppression. The children of Israel are the oppressed black man, and Moses is Al Sharpton, who will lead the black man out of their disenfranchisement. This is the un-Biblical allegory at it’s absolute worst. This is on par with (s)atan’s “Hath God said?”

Al Sharpton and J. Jackson have more in common with Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan than with a sound Biblical expositor. All (3) three men and their ilk are men of hate. Farrakhan, in my opinion, was judged by God in the form of mouth cancer, err rather of the rectum…same thing in his case. I do not say that cancer is a personal judgment upon all that suffer from it.  For there are many godly saints that have, do now, and will in the future suffer from it. However, when a man as wicked as Farrakhan is smote with such a disease it is hard not to wonder. God, in the past, has used hemorrhoids as a form of judgment.

I cannot be dogmatic on the above, Re: God’s judgment upon Louis Farrakhan …understand that and repeat it before commenting.

We will dogmatic on this next point. Lest the men written above repent and truly believe upon Christ’s atonement and lives to undo the harm they have committed they will all be judged by God and without any mercy.

The above is true not only of liberation theologians but of supposed Christ-ian preachers and other proclaimers of unsound doctrine. The like of prosperity preachers and motivational “preachers” will also answer to God and if We/I fall from sound Biblical preaching and teaching so shall I. I will judge what is right/wrong; true/false; good or bad because I will place myself in that judgment, as will God.

 Liberation theology is preached by those still in bondage to sin for they are liberated from Righteousness.


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