“Do Black Lives Really Matter, Do Blue Lives Really Matter?” or “What’s The Point?” or “The Paradox Of Yes and No”

“Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth…but lay up for yourselves treasures in [H]eaven…for where your treasure is, there will be your heart also. (Matthew 6)

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep [H]is commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”  (Ecclesiastes 12:13)


Do the actions of each and every human matter? Yes and No. For the sinner, who dies in his or her sins, not really. For the saint, actions do matter and they effect Eternity. So,… do lives, which ever color they be, really matter in the “long run” or do they matter in the “big picture?” Again, Yes/No. The actions and unintended consequences do effect us here and now.

An example from Holy Writ, “If God be for us, who can be against us?” The answer,? humanly speaking, there are many, many persons,  peoples, things, laws, concepts, perceptions, ideas and up-coming plans that are against us. What is Paul talking about? Christ said, that we would be hated and judged unfairly and in accordance with this world’s standards, This world, John tells us, “lies in wickedness.” Paul said that this world is presently evil.

Is Paul wrong when he implies that no one can stand against us? 0/No. Paul is speaking of the invisible and unknown (to unbelievers) world…he speaks of the Kingdom of God that is within us. He is speaking to what is really happening and what will effect Eternity.

Paul also teaches us that we, being Christ-ian, are tasked with the judgement of all things. He states that, though we judge all things, we are not judged by man. We are to judge what is good/bad; right/wrong; true/false. We are to judge all things, but we are not allowed to be judgemental.

But, persons do judge us, do they not? Is Paul wrong? 0/No. Though people may judge you according to their “self appointed and hypocritical standards of judgement,” their judgement means nothing, less than nothing. It is God, Who has justified us, so, who can then judge us or condemn us? [Side note: if a person does judge us and the judgement is right, we should take account of ourselves and our behaviour and remedy our actions, words, or behaviour.  We Name The Lord Jesus, therefore, we must cast off all our iniquities.]

I learned, in a “Dale Carnegie class” that one should ask one’s self. “What’s the worst that can happen?” If one think in those terms stress levels would fall. Most persons think, “if I do that, then this will happen.” The stress levels rise and one compromises their faith by being worried and fearful…fearful means, Full of fear. Being full of fear is not acceptable. Statistics say that out of all the things we fear, less than (3%) three percent actually comes to fruition.

I remember one time when I left a voice mail on a client’s phone. This client was thinking about doing some enhancements to their landscape and it would have brought in a hefty ($25,000.00) twenty-five thousand dollar contract. In the voice mail I said something like, “I hope this proposal fits with your budget and my ideas meet with your approval.” I hung up the cell phone and said to my friend, Greg,  “and if you don’t sign the contract…I’m coming for you and your whole family.” We giggled and then the client’s voice mail, beeped. In other words, the clients will hear my off the cuff and silly remark! I thought the call had been disconnected, but it wasn’t.

I cannot explain to you the derision I was in. The voice mail recorded my words on Saturday. All through Saturday, all through Sunday, I was stricken with the worst stress headache I have ever felt, this headache even caused me to vomit. I was in a fearful and dark place, which, like I said, is not acceptable. I couldn’t even go to work on the Monday after the silly and stupid threat I had made off the cuff. I could say that that weekend was probably the worst weekend of my life. Do you want to know what happened?…………… Nothing, nothing at all. I confessed my transgression to my boss, and he laughed at me. See, what’s the worst that can happen. And even if the worst does happen, you will survive. You will survive, because you have to. In the “long run” or in the “big picture,” or even on the grand scale, all will be forgotten or at least settled, eventually…all things will come “to pass” and “behold, He will make all things new.”

My point is not fatalism. All lives do matter. My point is ….we should look to Eternity, and not kill ourselves with the worries of this part of our everlasting lives. Things, actions, circumstances, events, situations do matter here and now, I know that, but we would do ourselves a service and we would glorify God if we looked a little less at this passing world and looked more towards to real world of Eternity.


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