“A Mis-Placed Punch To The Face Still Hurts.” or “I’m Getting Closer Than You Are.” or “He Never Fails and Neither Do We…Say What”

“Now thanks be to God which always causeth us to triumph…” (2 Corinthian 2:14)

In our quoted text above Paul is speaking to the proclamation of the Gospel. If one is faithful to the message, even if non one responds positively the proclaimer is still triumphant. In other words whether a person believes the Gospel we preach or not our faithfulness causes us to be victorious in our attempt. Paul teaches that some will respond to the Gospel through belief. Paul teaches that some won’t. Those that do are likened unto a sweet smell ascending up tp God and Paul calls this a sweet savout of life unto life. Paul also teaches that those who do not respons are a savour or death unto death. In other words, one who faithfully proclaims the good news of Christ’s resurrection and the promises it holds is a “soul winner” However, it is equally true that we are a ” soul-condemner, if you will, if they respond not. Either way, we are triumphant.

This principle extends to the rest of our Christ-ian life. We are called, more than conquorers, by Paul in Romans (8) eight.

When I was a young person, I enjoyed throwing stars, these were weapons used by the Ninja of old, feudal Japan. I was pretty good. However, even if a person were to through this weapon and it did not stick into the victim, the mere contact would still be painful but not as effect. When i trained in Jiu Jitsu, my strikes, throws or submission holds may not have been very pretty at times or landed where I had aimed them but they hurt none the less. Our Christ-ian life is the same, though we may not be visibly successful by worldy standards we are triumphant none the less, because or faithfulness, or intents and motives were pure and to God’s glory.

I’m not saying that we are successful when we sin, God forbid. When we sin we miss the mark and we fail. In these times we confess our sins to God and see that He fails not in His promise of forgiveness. Once forgiven we must get back up and seek for victory else where. The Scriptures promise our repeated falls but they speak also to our repeated risings as well, as our Lord did from the grave.

Abraham failed God, Moses failed God, David failed God, Peter failed God, but they all succeeded in rising up again and going on for God. It even seemed to many that Christ failed God when He was crucified, buried, and written off. However…however, in this seeming failure did He gain victory over sin and death. In this seeming failure He won victory for you and me. So, too, is it true, that through our apparent failures we may be victorious. All praise and honour goes unto Him.

I remember a story Brother Sandlin (Remember Sandlin’s wife in prayer and financial support) told years ago. There was a young boy shooting his pellets at the moon, a man asked the boy, “Boy, …what…  are… you…. doing? ” The young boys said, without looking at the man, “shootin’ the moon.” The man replied, “Boy, you will never hit the moon with that pellet gun.” To which the wiser of the two said, “Yeah, but I’m getting closer than you are, Mister.”

My readers, you may not always hit the mark or meet your goals, but you’re getting closer…

Godspeed, Moon Shooters.


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