“King For A Day” or “It’s Not That Easy” or “What Do You Want, Dog!?”

“…[L]et your requests be made known to God.”  (Philippians 4:6)


“If I were king for the day I would…..”  Have you ever said that or thought that? I have. If I were king for the day. I would make certain that “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” would guest star on “Supernatural.” I would make sure that “Pop Vinyl” would make an “Olivia Benson” action figure for one of my daughters. I woud make sure that Jeremy Brett was known and made the official and definitive “Sherlock Holmes.” I would make sure that everyone had “Netflix” for a week at no cost. That is the important stuff. Now on to the less important changes….

People would be paid a logical salary for what they did, for example a janitor, custodian, or maintenance man would be paid way more than a professional athlete. Good teachers would be honoured and paid rightly, Nurses would be officially known as the back bone of the medical field. The medical industry would be reformed and would charge a more sensible fee. Colleges would charge a more “not for profit” tuition. Congress would be replaced by smart business leaders so that things could get done. There would be a “Secretary of History” appointed to the president’s cabinet so s/he could advise the president on what has worked and not worked in the past. The words, right, moral, good. and ethical would have an official definition that came from God and not sinners with power. These definitions would be used when legislating new laws and past laws.

By the way, when I called the last paragraph less important I was being tongue in cheek.

We have all, I think, thought about changes we would make if we had the power to do so. But It is not that easy to make changes because a single change would change unknown other variables. These variables are called unintended consequences. So to be king for a day could have consequences that effect persons and people way into the future. For example, in the book of Esther, we learn of the wicked anti-Christ figure, Haman. He is called an Agagite. He must have been a descedant of King Agag that Saul was to kill long, long ago. King Saul failed in this task and somehow King Agag must have procreated before Samuel killed him. By King Saul’s actions many of the jewish race, many, many years later were targeted and almost killed by wicked Haman, the descendant of King Agag. You see, one decision by a person long ago still effected many persons years later. The decision of the Supreme Court over (40) forty years ago has killed millions and millions and millions of innocent ensouled babies until this very day.

It’s not that easy to be endowed or entrusted with the lives of many persons. The pressure must be absoluteley staggering. A small example. I have a dog, his name is Dr. Watson. He drives me to distraction. When I am eating he sits and stares at me. This, I cannot handle. Others laugh at me and tell me to ignore him, but I can’t. Other times he simple sits at my feet and just stares and I say, “What do you want from me, Dog?”

It frustrates me to no end. I want to give him what he wants, but I don’t always know. Sometimes I get a little annoyed because I think or rather I know he knows that his stares move me and he refuses to just talk and tell me. Normally, he either wants to go outside to relieve himself or to just check things out. Scotties are hunters and guardians by nature. Soetimes he is letting me know that his water dish is empty and a dogs water should never be empty, or atleast that is my policy. “Do unto others…” said our Lord and that includes dogs. Others times he doesn’t want to go out and his water bowl is full. So I just don’t know what he wants so I try to ignore him. Then, when he finally tires of that, he jumps onto the couch or the bed and just sits next to me. That’s when I realize he didn’t want a thing…he wanted a person….me.

Does this not exactly parallel our relationship to God, minus the frustration and ignorance to our wants and needs? It does. We are like dogs that are constantly in need of something or for those of us that have truly experienced His felt Presence, we just want Him and we sit and stare. We sit and stare in prayer, meditation, Bible reading, worship, and letting our requests be known to Him? We sit and stare at the sky awiting His return with great power and great glory. However, unlike me, He does not ever get frustrated or wonder what I want for He knows my thoughts a far off, my uprisings, my downsittings, and all my needs and wants… He knows me. He is never irritated or at a loss and He is always willing to give me His undivided attention. Imagine that, while there are countless numbers of persons crying out to Him at the same time, His attention to me seems undivided. Though He hears all the cries, all the prayers, all the praises of His people, He is not distracted with who said what. What a God we have.

With a God like we have, I do not need to be king for the day, for He is an all-wise, all-knowing, all-powerful, all good, and ever Present King of great glory and great power and “He has the whole world in His Hand.”


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