“Ask No Questions And I Will Tell You No Lies” or “Sometimes We Bring It Upon Ourselves” or “Ask For It?”

“…asking no questions for conscience sake…” (1 Corinthians 10:25)

“But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes.”                                                                                                                                               (2 Timothy 2:23)


When I was a young man my favorite pro wrestler was Jake “The Snake” Roberts. I remember in one of his promos he said, “Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies.” That quote stuck with me. It was not original with him but it was he from whom I heard it. Methinks it may be original to the band “Lynard Skynard” but I digress.

Are all lies bad? Nope. I have heard it said that an unjust question does not require a just answer. If you were keeping a family of Jews hidden within  your home, during the Holocaust, and you were asked straight out by an S.S. Nazi if you were harbouring a Jew would it be acceptable to lies? Methinks yes. I know…I know… some would disagree but that is acceptable.

When Pharaoh ordered the male children to be killed, The Hebrew midwives lied and God blessed them for it. Rahab, while hiding the (2) spies, lied to her own people about their location. She was a harlot that betrayed her country…and she is registered in the Hall of faith in Hebrews chapter (11) eleven. God sees things differently than do people.

My policy on lying is this, I cannot lie to save myself from injury or harm but I can lie to cover someone else if it is required…I’m talking life issues not little things. I know… I know…this may offend some and I may lose credibility in the eyes of some, but know this, if ever you are innocent but in trouble, anyway, I’ll lie for you. If you knew a person was innocent of a charge and you could alibi them, would you? I mean you knew them and you knew they were innocent, would you alibi them? I would. The Scripture states in the Psalms that one should be honest even to their own hurt but what about another’s hurt? One cannot be a respecter of person in judgement, this I know and again, I’m talking about life and death issues.

What if you were in a car with someone and this vehicle was involved in an accident while you were present and the driver asks you to switch places with them? If they get another ticket they will lose their license. Would you lie and say you were driving? I would not. It may be good for all if this driver were to lose their license.

On to another subject. Questions. It is wise not to ask questions that will cause trouble if answered. I know that some questions must be asked even though the question will certainly cause problems. I’m not talking about those. My wife often asks me how much did you spend on that. I always answer, “($250, 000) two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I do this because I know that she may be irritated about the cost of something purchased.

I remember once hearing of a couple that would confess to each other if they look upon another with unrighteous thoughts. They did this to be totally honest with each other. That’s ridiculous. One must confess it to God, but why wake a sleeping dragon? Why poke the bear?  Why spit in the wind? Why pull on my cape…err, rather Batman’s cape? This is silliness and un-needed and unwarranted by Scripture. Paul even said, “Have thy faith to thyself.” Do not share that which you are not required to share.

If conscience is bothering you, then maybe you need to handle something, but do not confess something that will undoubtably hurt another, just to get it off your chest. Part of the punishment maybe living with the burden. If God wants something out in the open, He will shine a light on it. When David committed his sin with Bathsheba, God brought it to Nathan’s attention so that Nathan could bring God’s rebuke, and judgment. However, I do not see it written that God made it public past that point. Davis knew, Bathsheba knew, Nathan knew and that was it. David did not confess this to the people. It was handled in the home. Sometimes you and God must deal with somethings and it goes no farther. It was dealt with and the reporting of it would hurt others un-necessarily.

If one continues in the habitual practice of offronting God, He may act publically, ala Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Baker, Bob Gray, Scapp, etc. These men obviously were not judging themselves, so God brought it into light. Paul states that if one judges one’s self one would not be judged by God.

Am I saying it is okay to lie, sin secretly and cover it up to cover thyself? No, I’m not. No, not at all. When we, as Christ-ians name the Name of Christ, we are to depart from iniquity, so as to not bring shame upon Christ, the church and the ministry. As Chrit-ians we are to live holy lives, for our God is holy and Holy is His Name. As Christ-ians, we are to be composed and to be a testimony of God’s saving Grace that is through the life, death   and resurrection of His only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. I am saying that while all of the past sentence is true, we are still sinners, with the old nature and we will sin. When we sin, let us be thankful that we have Christ as our Advocate with the Father. Whenever we say that we are all sinners still, I like to quote Luther, “Simul justus et peccato,” which is Latin for, “We are saints and sinners at the same time.” We are saints that still sin and we recognize it as sin and not as normal, acceptable and usual.

I’m saying that sometimes it is better to carry the burden of sin than to share it with others and cause un-needed pain.

Let me say this. I do not have a guilty conscience or a great big hidden secret sin. No, not at all. my sins are all normal sized and they are all covered by my Master’s grace and love. My sins are sins common to man.


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