“A Drastic Change” or “Uncle Jerry’s Parable Of The Turtle And The Snake” or “The Devil Made Me Do It; A Defense”

“Then entered Satan into Judas…” (Luke 22:3)

“And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.”  (2 Timothy 2:25)


In the book of Jeremiah we are told that a person does not change his/her character or nature. The analogy of the leopard not changing his stipes is used as well as the Ethiopian not being able to change the color of the skin. Our nature , our personality, our hardwiring, if you will, is unchangeable. Of course we may learn to curb our personality and inclinations but the nature and personality is still there.

But there are persons who change drastically for the worse. How does this happen. Barring any head trauma, or mental illness and knowing from Scripture that personalities and a persons nature do not change…what is left?

I remember and will never forget my Uncle Jerry telling me that I have the disposition of a rattlesnake. I remember him telling me of the turtle and the snake. The snake asks the turtle to give him a ride over the water. The turtle says, “No way! You’ll bite me.” The snake retorted with, “Why would I bite you? If I bit you we would both sink and drowned.” The turtle thought and said, “that’s true, hop on.” Midway a cross the water the snake bites the turtle. The turtle asks, “why?” The snake simply said, “It’s my nature.” And so it is with us.

Let me state, however, that while we can never change who and what and how we are; God certainly can. I no longer have the disposition of a rattle snake; God changed me but I could never have changed myself. Make sense? But what about the person who is drastically different? This person has no mental illness, nor has this person had any head trauma. What is left?

As Mr. Sherlock Holmes has said, “Once you eliminate other possibilities, whatever is left, no matter how improbable it is, it must be the truth.” So what is one left with? Demon Possession if a person is withpout Christ’s salvation and demonic oppression if the person is washed and saved by the Blood of Christ Jesus. Judas was not of Christ, he therefore, was possessed. King David, however, being one of God’s own, he could not be possessed; he was oppressed and 1 Chronicles 26:1 records the event.

Demon possession is a real thing. Because once everything else is eliminated that is all that is left. God uses these devils as He wills. God sent a lying spirit to Ahab, and He sent a vexing spirit to King Saul. It is true that the devils are under God’s control and mastering. Even (s)atan is under God’s thumb. The devil and the devils are, simply put, God’s trained and obedient lap dogs. In fact, with the end times upon us, we would point out that it is God that raises up the idle shepherd, otherwise known as the anti Christ.

What does one do if they are confronted with this very real spiritual attack? What does one do when they have a physical malady? They seek out a physician. If a person is confronted with a demonic possession, they must seek out a Christ-ian, who is strong in faith. Forget the catholic rites and all the silliness that man invents to exorcise demonic entities. All Christ-ians have the ability to cast out and cast off demonic entities. As Christ said, “As thy faith is, so be it unto you.” I have had my bed sheet pulled off. Was I scared? No. I thought, how silly and trifling are these thing? I used the Faith of Christ to say, “Be gone silly demon, for, in the Mighty Name of Christ Jesus, YOUR Lord and Master I rebuke thee.” Christ is the Lord of all, including sinners and demons. Also, as Luther says, sometime one needs to shout at the devil.

Some may say I am exceedingly arrogant in my lack of fear concerning the devil and his puny minions. I am not; I do, however, trust my Lord and the great power that is in His Wonderful and soul stirring Name. If I had the choice between a weapon and the powerful Name of Christ…I would be silly to choose the weapon of man’s concoction. I take the Name of Christ, for it was the instrument of choice for Michael, the Arch Angel, when he rebuked the devil.

You may call me silly and naive, but I will call myself a believer in what my Lord, Master, and Saviour tells me. Some may say, I’m not living in the real world. I’m not for I am a citizen of God’s Kingdom. When I was still training in  jiu jitsu, I would sing a hymn when I got into a predicament. That would throw off my opponent’s concentration and I would submit him.

There is Power, Power, Wonder working power in the Blood of Christ Jesus and there is also power in the great and mighty Name of Christ, as well. Remember when the centurions fell backward at the confession of His Name. It is written, “Ye shall call [H]is [N]ame Jesus, for [H]e shall save [H]is people from their sin.” That does not mean only, the salvation of our spirit and soul but of our body, as well. It is written, “The wicked flee when no man pursueth.” The wicked will flee when the Name of Christ Jesus is thrown at them like a Ninja throwing star or a batarang.

Let me be clear. There must be a strong believing, trusting, and confident faith behind those words. That stong and confident faith has delivered a man from a den of lions or rather delivered  a den of lions from a faith-filled man…perspective. That strong faith delivered (3) three faith-filled and defiant men from the flames of a great fire. That strong faith delivered faithful Stephen from his murderers and into the Presence of Christ, Who stood to welcome Him…He stood to welcome him…What a Saviour!

My readers, If God before you, who can be against you? It is the devils that believe and tremble from fear. We, however believer and tremble from love, longing and great anticipation to see Him Whom we have loved without seeing. We need not fear the devil or his puny minions, they should fear the Christ-centered and Christ-filled people of faith; for we are His Body.

My point is, think spiritually, think heavenly…there is reason and there are answers for the hard to be explained.



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