“God Doesn’t Change; Relationships Do” or “One Little Word” or “Never Be Surprised Again”

“Blessed be the kingdom of our father David, that N]ame of the Lord: Hosanna in the highest”  (Mark 11:10)

“And they cried out again, Crucify [H]im.”  (Mark 15:13)


In our quoted texts above, the persons that said that must be different persons, right? Wrong…wrong, and wrong. Both were cried out by the same persons. Our Lord was welcomes into Jerusalem with Mark 11:10 and just a few days later He was sentenced to death with Mark 15:13. Both these judgments were rendered by the same persons!!! They Welcomed Him as God’s Christ and then they sentenced Him to death as a criminal…the same persons.

I am probably considered by some to be a doom and gloomer. I would consider myself an experienced liv-er. I am one who has seen things…probably the same things many have seen, however, I observe, study and analyze what others merely see. An example: When persons come to me with the good news of their promotion, raise, or acknowledgment by a supervisor or someone of rank; I tell them the same thing…always. We tell them, “That’s great news, but remember…always remember, those that cried for Christ’s crucifixtion were blessing Him just days before.” This is a fact. This is a lesson. We could name Saul and David as a friendship that turned very sour because of some words spoken by a crowd.

Readers, God does not change; He is ever the Same. He is the Same yesterday, today, and forever. Our God is immutable, there is no shadow of turning with Him or in Him. There is no variableness with God. But with man, there is. While no man can change his personality or nature, he can hide it and he can curb it but that is not change. Man can “change” or reveal himself in many ways. For example: A pastor can be much loved. This much loved pastor can say (1) one wrong word and he is loved no more. Did anyone change? No. No one changed, they merely revealed or betrayed themselves. This revealing or betrayal of self must not be forgotten or treated as a slip up. This person who has revealed himself can be forgiven but it must not be forgotten or overlooked.

Another example of the above. The last time our or rather the U.S. Gov’t was shut down Harry Reed had such an experience. The press asked him if he would, at least, allow funds to be released for the children’s cancer hospital. His reply,? “Why would I do that.” You see the sociopath betrayed himself on live television. What came of it? Nothing. In our society we have this over-zealous need to give a person the benefit of the doubt.  We do not believe what persons say.

I recently learned of a woman, who married a man, even after being told by him that he killed a woman. She thought to herself, he doesn’t really mean that. This woman and her family had to live with this man for years. They had to endure all manner of abuse. Finally after getting out of the “relationship” it was discovered that this man had killed many women.  Humanly speaking, if this woman would have believed what he had said so many years before, many women may still be alive.

Me, personally am not a good friend if you are looking for someone to hang-out with and talk on the phone or even text for any length of time. That is not me. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work; there is something in me that pulls away. It is no statement upon the person I pull away from at all. I have always been a loner type. Now, if you want a friend that will be there for you in a bind…that’s me.  If you want a friend that you can touch base with weekly…monthly….even yearly, that’s me. If you need someone who will drop everything and be there, that’s me. So to any readers that have ever wondered why I have backed off or have been distant, this is why. It was never you…it was always my wiring. I think once someone has learned to walk with God in an unceasing kind of way and to devote one’s attention to all things God or as much as is possible, he needs be a loner type. I hope what I am saying is coming a cross well. Anyway, knowing this no one will be surprised. Forgive the number of I’s, please.

The point, we suppose is friendship and relationships are very fragile. Friendships should be cared for and treated carefully. We know there are great frienships that are strong and can survive anything. We know of David and Jonathan; Adam and Eve, Paul and Barnabas, Paul and Timotheus, Elijah and Elisha, our Lord and His disciples, Ruth and Naomi.  Of course there exist strong, binding friendships that have been bound by life. To be sure these types of friendships are rare.

This is why television shows and movies that focus on durable, abiding friendships do so well. They do so well because that is what so many persons are missing. This is written on a Wednesday night. A show called criminal minds in on. This show focuses on a group of profilers that hunt down serial killers. This programs is highly successful. If there were to be a poll taken which asked the viewers, “Why do you watch?” And there were multiplechoice answers, like  (o) I learn about profiling.  (0) I enjoy seeing justice.  (0) I like thrillers.  (0) I love the comradery between the group.  I think the (4th) fourth choice would have the highest amount of votes. The comedy genre does well but it is the “buddy” comedy that really draws.

Another point is, we cannot assume that the warmth and unity of heart and mind will last. It may and it may not.

One is always safe with our Lord. He will never leave us or forsake us.  He loves His own until the end. He will be with us always, even until the end of the world. He is ever willing to walk with those that want to walk with Him. He said that He would draw nigh to them that draw nigh to Him. God is our Father; God is our elder Brother; and God is our ever-Present Companion and Guide, Who will teach us all things, that will help us remember, Who will fill our mouths full of praises for the One, Who is worthy of those praises.

The arm of man shall fail thee;the Arm of God shall not…ever.


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