“Another One On Demons” or “I Would Like To Demon-strate” or “Christ Is Lord Of And Over All.”

“And when [H]e was come out of the ship, immediately there met [H]im out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit.”  (Mark 5:2)


In this recorded event[Not a story, the subconscience classifies story as fiction, methinks, anyway.] we see the unclean spirit coming out of the tombs. This is what is necessary for an unclean spirit or demon to take up residency in a person.  The person must be dead inside. There is a vacuum that is left when the spirit is dead. All humans have, or have had a dead spirit. The former are those, who are lost and without Christ. The latter are those, who have been quickened, who have been regenerated, who have been made alive a new. The latter have been born again, the latter have been justified by the life, death and resurrection of Christ. The latter are now in the process of being re-made into the Image of God, which is to say, we are becoming more and more like the Lord Jesus as we grow in God’s Grace.

The Christ-ian soul is not open to occupency. The Christ-ian is already inhabited by the (3rd) Third Person of the divine Trinity. [1st, 2nd, 3rd does not mean rank or order. It is how we, with our finite minds, understand the Trinity].The Holy Spirit is indwelling the Christ-ian and He will do so forever. He is the sovereign Spirit of the Omnipotent Godhead. He allows no squatting or loitering. The Christian could wear a tag that says, “Beware of the Holy Spirit.”

There is no way, There is no how, there is no chance, there is no negotiating; The Holy Spirit will not allow any spirit into His Holy Domain. The Holy Spirit is sensitive…remember Ananias and Saphira?….remember Uzzah?…remember there is a sin unto death. The Holy Spirit stays forever, He produces His Fruit within the Christ-ian and He teaches the Christian the Way.

The unclean, unholy, spirit or demon is another thing altogether. We will use the word demon from this point. The demon takes, it does not give anything to the possessed vessel. It takes over the personality, the characteristics, the identity of the chosen vessel.

The demon may stay for a while and then leave for a while. If it realizes that it is un-noticed, it may bring in more demonic entities to take up residency. Question: To whom are these demons drawn to? Demons are either drawn by or sent by someone. Ahab had a lying spirit sent to him; The Sender?…God. King Saul was vexed by a vexing demon; God sent that upon him, too.[Side note: The Godhead is Lord and LORD over Everything, even the devil and his ilk]. (d)emons seem to be drawn to families that are in bad shape; a family with little love; a family in despair where there is no care. Demons, like J. Witnesses, focus in on the bad, the love-lessness, and the despair.. [Side note: J. Witness = demon]

Possession is not like it is shown in Hollywierd. At least mostly. The subtle serpent has trained his minions well. Demons are not shock and awe. Demons are quiet, they are subtle, they are sneaky, they whisper rather than shout. Demons are so, so, so quiet and subtle….until they’re CAUGHT. When they are caught…it’s SHOWTIME! The demon army, if nothing else, is quiet, sneaky, subtle and PROUD…PRIDE-FILLED. Pride is such a monster that it even possesses demons, who possess persons and people…WoWS!!!

It appears to me or rather, me thinks, or Thinks me that there are tell tale signs of possession. From our text the chosen vessel was very strong. Strong to the point that chains and fetters were broken. This vessel would also cut himself via itself. These signs, however, are after the demon has been detected. What about before? As we have said on prior posts, personality change is a sign, barring medical and mental issues or challenges. Now that I say that, the mentally challenged could be targets for demon possession. I have also noted that demons do not like water or cold when they are without a vessel. I’m not talking about the silly catholic blessed water, I’m speaking of God-given water…any kind of water.

I have read that the demon wants warmth. If that is true, any body will do, would it not?What then is stopping the demons from overtaking all lost persons and peoples? It is God, Who is good and kind. God does not allow it to happen, lest it meets with His all wise and all good purpose and will….think Samson and Delilah…God allowed that to happen to bring about a purpose, which was the destruction of many Philistines….or in today’s terminology, Palestinians.

Thinks me, we will see an uptick in demon possessions. As the Lord’s Return Draweth Nigh, (s)atan will have his quiet, subtle, and filthy army ready to cause trouble…for it is last call.

Here is the difference between the Holy Spirit and a unholy spirit. The Spirit inhabits and indwells forever. The Spirit also seals us shut…think…Noah’s Ark. The Holy Spirit sanctifies, produces fruit, guides, warns and teaches the Way. The Spirit comes into a vessel and He brings all manner of gifts. He brings light, He brings love, He brings everlasting Life with Him.

The un-holy spirits come to take. They seek the warmth, they destroy, they steal from the vessel, they kill, they overwhelm and they bring everlasting death without any of the “taken for granted” mercies of God.

To sum it all up….The Spirit of God is HOLY and He is GOOD and He is Wanted.  The un-holy spirit is prideful, un-holy, and is not wanted, but comes anyway.


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