“Who Made Me…Me?” or “What? How’d I Get Here?” or “Mirror, Mirror Part (2) Two”

” Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the [W]ord of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.”  (Hebrews 13:7)


It is God, Who made you and me. We have not evolved over millions and millions of years to become what we are today. I do not think anyone really believes that anyway. There should be no monkeys in existence, as they have all evolved. Why haven’t we seen any evolution in our time or in any historical time? Why haven’t we developed wings or why haven’t our digestive systems become more streamlined? To sit and evacuate one’s bowels is a time of weakness and vulnerability, in which the “surviving” strong would have taken advantage of…think Jurrasic Park port a potty scene. Why have we not developed an an eye on the back of our head? …Huh?….Huh?

It is God that Created humanity for Himself. It is God that has given us all that is needed to live and function, bodily. It is God that cares for us and it is by His Word that the entire universe is upheld.

When I ask the question, “Who made me…me? I am speaking of pre and post-quickening or before and after I have been saved. When once a person is saved they begin a new life. Lord Jesus calls it being born again; some translations call it, born from above, either will suffice. After we are born again what goes into making us who we are? The answer, of course, is God. God is always the answer, is He not? However, I’m talking about the persons, the happenings, the books, the everything that God uses to make you and me …you and me.

There have been many, many persons, other than MY Mother and MY Father, that have forged me. When I say persons, I mean individuals (good and bad), authors, family, friends, etc. Sometime it may be something someone has said that really resonates and sticks with you and becomes part of your make-up.

I think of MY Aunt Romelle, who took me to Sunday School and Church and introduced me to Christ-ianity. I was with her when God got hold of me and apprehended me with a heart hook. She drove me to the pastor, Brother Tapp and he spoke with me of Christ. I was so overwhelmed in my mind and heart…I don’t know if God saved me in the pastors office, or the next night in the church…or maybe it was in the door way of Aunt Romelle’s room. I like to think it was in the door way. If we were to liken our walk with God as a garden, MY Aunt Romelle thrust the shovel first. I will be eternally and everlastingly thankful to MY Aunt Romelle for sowing the seed of faith. I embolden the word MY because if you knew her, you would want her as your aunt too….I’m sorry to say, that is not happening. She is MY Aunt Romelle.

I think of MY Uncle Jerry, who would, every Sunday, come and pick me up and take me to the flea market. Looking back, those were very special times to me and are special to me. I learned much from MY Uncle Jerry. You’ll remember, what I call, “Uncle Jerry’s (MY Uncle Jerry) Parable of the Turtle and the Snake.” These were times before I was born again or saved. However, saved I was from doing wrong and falling into the trappings of teen-agery. I was saved from the “follower” mentality by My Uncle Jerry. He said, “You want to be a trend setter, not a follower.” I was saved from all of that by MY Uncle Jerry. MY Uncle Jerry would let me watch wrestling pay per views at his house. As I did not have cable then. MY Uncle Jerry would say, “I’d put my thumb in his eye…RIGHT THERE!” and now, there is a wrestler, who says “Thumb to the eye” will get you out of any wrestling hold. God used MY Uncle Jerry to show me boldness and speaking straight with other persons. Many lessons learned from MY Uncle Jerry. And NO! You may not have him either.

In terms of authors, or my many dead friends, though they are not dead, but they liveth with Him, Above. The Christ-ian never dies…we are eternal beings.

I think of, in order, Athenasius, Augustine, Luther, Calvin, J. Edwards, J.C. Ryle, Spurgeon, Arthur W. Pink,  Martyn Lloyd Jones, C.S. Lewis, and Joel Osteen…..kidding, I’m only kidding.

Athenasius was the one, who God used to settle the deity of Christ issue, way back when. He was exiled numerous times. He was told, “The whole world is against you!!!”, His reply,? ……..”then…… I am against the whole world!!!” God used this man to settle the deity issue. (I’m sorry to say, the J. Witnesses haven’t got the memo, yet.)

Augustine taught me much of what I preach today. Augustine was a real friend to me in a time of need. I thank God for His many servants that speak from the grave (bodily). His “Confessions” were invaluable to me. His, “City of God” answers many questions as does his, “On Teaching.” God has kept his writings around for a reason. St. Augustine is the man you can give to a catholic and they will here the Gospel. In fact, it was Augustine that bridged the Gospel to us.

Luther…this man, as Luke puts it, “turned the world upside down.” It was this man, Luther that God used to break me from all legalism that I was entrenched in.  Reverently speaking, when I get to heaven or when Heaven descends, Luther is due for a great big hug from this Batman.

Calvin taught me much. From Calvin I took a boldness yet a composed presence. Calvin taught me the importance of the Lord’s Supper.

Jonathan Edwards taught me that it was “cool” to be bookish and reserved. He taught me what God will do with a man. Jonathan Edwards taught me to stand up straight and be accounted.

J.C. Ryle showed me that one does not need to be BIG TIME to make a difference. Ryle ministered at the same time and the same area as Spurgeon. He may have been in the shadow of Spurgeon, but his writings are still here and they are powerful.

Spurgeon taught me perseverance. He was ill, yet, he preached.

Arthur W. Pink and Martyn Lloyd Jones showed me that I could be a preacher without man’s schooling. They both taught me independence from man’s teachings or indoctrination. That is to say formal Bible Edum’acation.

C.S. Lewis showed me that I could remain a kid inside and I love him for that. He, too will receive a BIG BatMan Hug.

Brother Stone taught me how to study the Bible…Stone is a Teacher of teachers. He taught me to look for all the little things others miss, like, the difference between net and nets.

Brother Ruben taught me how to be gracious and not so rigid. He has taught me much and is still teaching me much.

Brother Sandlin was the spark that led me to Luther that “turned my world upside down.” He and brother Ruben are both men that have persevered and are still persevering, for their Lord is Worthy.

I could go on and on…I could speak about Stover, Muxlow, Widmer, Baker, Baker Sr., OH! and Pastor Kipp…He has shown me that there are others out there who are “Theology Intense.”

The point is, God uses other persons to make us who we are….post regeneration.

The Wise man said, “Iron sharpeneth iron.”

And before anyone thinks it……”Well! it sounds like he learned everything from authors and not Scripture.”  Everything I learned from them, they learned from Scripture. My theology is based solidly upon Scripture and nothing else…but Lord Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness. These men and one woman, that we have spoken of, taught us conduct, how to behave ourself, if you will. We thank and praise our God for all these persons.


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