“Mark 5” or “The Surprising Actions Of Demons” or “Did You Know Demons Believe And Worship Christ As Lord?”

“But when [the demon possessed] saw Jesus afar off, heran and worshipped [H]im.                                                                                                                                                            (Mark 5:6)

“Thou believest that there is (1) one God; Thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.”  (James 2:19)


Do not miss the irony, reader. The devils believe in Christ, they worship Christ, and they tremble. Mankind as a whole, the very object of God’s kindness and mercy, does none of those things.

We present to you a doctrine that might surprise you. The devils or demons (demons from this point) believe fully in the Divine Godhead and when in the Presence of Any Person of the Godhead, the demons worship and pray. As you read the Gospels [Side Note: You are reading the gospels, aren’t you? How can you claim to love Him if you do not read about Him? Are you praying to Him? Reading and praying should go together] you will find time and again demons submitting, quickly, to the sovereign authority of God in Christ.

Another example of the demon being obedient to it’s Lord: Whenever our Lord would heal, help, or discharge an unclean spirit, He would command them to say nothing.  But the healed, helped, or exorcised disobeyed and told everyone.  The demons on the other hand, when they were told to keep Christ’s identity quiet, the demons obeyed!  What does that say for mankind? Mankind rebels against their Creator and Master in all ways and at all times.

This doctrine, you may have noted, does not equate with Hollywierd at all.  There is no vomit,there is no turning of the head (360) three hundred and sixty degrees, there is no cursing at Christ. Do not get me wrong, the demon is Christ’s enemy and ours. However, even as an enemy, the demon will do God’s bidding. It is similar to you and I being a saint and a sinner at the same time.

Because of the truths above, the saint, who is indwelt by the Holy Spirit of Christ, and walks in, wars in and lives in the Spirit is an exorcist by nature, that is to say, it is by the partaking of the divine nature of God, that s/he is an exorcist. (2 Peter 1)

You need more proof….When sending His disciples (2×2) two by two, Christ gave them power to heal and to exorcise demons (Mt. 10). How did He do this….this giving of power? In the person of our Lord Jesus, there was the Spirit and the faith; both without measure. I would conclude that He gave His disciples a measure of the Spirit and a measure of the faith.

We, as Christ-ian saints, have also been given the same faith….Lord Jesus’ faith and the Holy Spirit….thus…..the Christ-ian saint has power and authority over the demonic. We must always remember and acknowledge that this streaming and living power is from the Holy Spirit of Christ and we are simply His chosen vessel to perform His Works. To God goes all…all…all…the GLORY. If we for a minute start to believe it is us that is at work…we become like those that are exorcised, dismissed, dispatched, cast off, and cast out. We would be like (s)atan, imagining that it’s all about me.

The characture church….errr, The (c)atholic Theatre…..errrr (c)hurch is thought to have a monopoly on exorcisms. This is not true. The (c)atholic exorcist uses man made trappings. I’ve read the Rites and it’s all made up. I call it the (c)atholic/demonic conspiracy. These priests have zero authority over any demon, lest they be saved and use prayer, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit’s Presence is known. Man cannot make a demon submit by the words or works of sinful man. That is to be ridiculed! If a (c)atholic priest were to exorcise a demon, it is due to the demon’s boredom or annoyance rather than the priest’s “authority.”

The true exorcist, the only exorcist is a Christ-ian saint, who walks with God and is filled with the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus.

You may have noticed that we have written much on demonic entities. There is a reason. We were in a second hand bookstore and we overheard a woman ask for a book on spiritual warfare. The owner of said bookstore did not have that particular book, but as he was searching for the book he said, ” I have had a lot of people asking for spiritual warfare books, lately.” We, quickly, leave the store and wait for the woman to exit. She and her husband soon left the store and we approached them. We asked them, “Did I hear him, correctly?….many persons are looking for spiritual warfare books?  Lily replied, “He said that.” We, digging in deeper, asked Lily and her husband, Wallace (Methinks), “Why do you think people are looking for spiritual warfare books?”……. Me being me, answered for her, “because Christ is coming soon and the demons will grow more and more active as that time draws closer.” Lily and Wallace agreed.

There was a demon that the disciples could not exorcise. Thus, Lord Jesus expelled the demon. He said to the crowd, “O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him to [M]e.” Later on, the disciples asked why they could not expell the entity. Our Lord said, “Because of your unbelief….” He also said, “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” This would mean that some from the demonic fold are stronger than the others…”this kind.” My understanding is “this kind” will take time to expell. Prayer and fasting; the fasting is due to the praying…no time to eat…..when the body is weak the Spirit is strong.

Therefore, there are different kinds of demons with varying degrees of strength. There are also, Christ-ian saints with varying amounts of faith, all measured and dispenced by God on an as needed basis, and all saints are indwelt by the whole Holy Spirit of Christ.

Recognize the power and authority God has entrusted to you and acknowledge it and give thanks. Since we have that power, there should be nothing out of range for us; as God is for us.












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