“Are You Kidding Me: A Rebuke” or “SMH…Shake My Head” or “Why Call Ye [M]e, Lord, Lord…?”

“Why call ye [M]e, Lord, Lord and do not the things qhich I say?”  (Luke 6:46)


The prophet’s, the preacher’s, the pastor’s jobs are many. My jobs are the same as the Word of God, Itself.  My job is to teach, reprove, correct, and to instruct, encourage, etc. Some jobs are more enjoyable than others. To encourage, to teach and to instruct are more enjoyable than to reprove, and to correct. However, I have been called to do them all. When one studies the life and ministy of Christ and His apostles, as well as the prophets one will fing much reproving and correcting. If one is to shy away from these responsibilities one must shy away from the call, itself.

Some of the dangers of reproving are, angering the reproved, losing some of the flock if not all, as well as being viewed superior to the flock. Again, these dangers must be hazarded.  The Lord Jesus, in our quoted verse above is reproving reather strongly and risking much. However, one can also run off many by simply being true to Scripture. when our lord stated that all must eat His [F]lesh and drink His [b]lood, many…very many left. So many departed that He turned and enquired of His remaining disciples, Will ye depart also?” Therefore a Man of God is always at risk of losing many. The risk is so great that he must not give it concern.

In the text above our Lord asks the question, “Why do ye call [M]e, Lord, Lord and do not the things I ask?”  What a painful question to receive. He is essentially calling for those present and all of us down through the ages, to give an account for your actions as they do not  match up. Dear Reader, Do your actions and word match up? Let me ask you this, do you even call Him Lord or is He simply, Jesus to you?

This is an important question. Do you give Him His title of Lord? Did you give President Obama or do you give President Trump their title?  If you do, it is a sign of resepct and if you do not it is a sign of disrespect.  Do you give Queen Elizebeth her title?  If so it is a sign of respect and if not, it is a sign of disrespect.  How about when you first meet someone do you address them as Mr. or Mrs.? Do you require you children to address them as Mr. or Mrs.? Do they address their teachers with a title? Why, then do you not address the Lord Jesus Christ with His?  It is a sign of respect or disrespect if not. Did you know that it is a gift by the holy Spirit that we are allowed to refer to Christ as Lord Jesus (i Cor. 12:3). Some of my readers may recall me writing on this topic before. Some might even ask themselves, Why does he keep writing on this?  No matter how often I write upon this important subject, I do not ever see it being taken seriously. People keep calling Him, just Jesus. If you study this subject in Scripture, you will find His enemies calling Him, Jesus without His title. You will find His worshippers calling Him, Lord Jesus.

Therefore, the answer to our Lord’s question in Luke 6:46, “Why call ye [M]e, Lord, Lord…?” is this, “Because Thou art my Lord, Lord.”  Christ’s follow up is more difficult to answer, “and do not the things which I say?” The meaning is simple, is it not?  He is asking us all, Why do you not obey Me, when you refer to Me as your Lord?”

I will now ask you a question of rebuke, as well. Why do you claim to love Him with all your mind, heart, and soul yet you do not devote time to study Him and to seek Him in Scripture and diligent prayer? Recently when preaching on this, I asked someone the size of their loved ones shirt. They responded with the accurate size. The point was to demonstrate that we know things about those we love. Peter teaches that husbands should dwell wih their wives according to knowledge. Beloved, we should know things about our Lord and we should dwell with Him according to knowledge.

The (2) two points to our article are these; One should or rather must address Christ as Lord if they are to address Him with respect. The Spirit of God allows us this ability and if we do not refer to Him as Lord, it is because we do not see Him as Lord or the Spirit of God has not given us this ability. Both are to be feared. Our (2nd) second question is this, “How can you claim to love Him and do not diligently seek Him?”


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