“Mark (4:39) Four Thirty-nine” or “Peace, Be Still” or “The Answers Are There, Seek And Ye Shall Find”

“…Peace, Be Still…”  (Mark 4:39)

“Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.”  (2 Peter 1:2)


One of the most elusive of the graces is peace. Peace is something that the lost want but can never own. Peace is something the believer wants but finds elusive. The Christian finds it elusive because of the price, if price be it called. Before we go on, let us define peace for there are (2) two types. The first is peace between God and man. This peace will never be realized except the Blood of Christ’s Cross establishes it. Therefore there is peace between the Christ-ian and God through the Blood of Christ. This peace is a state. The (2nd)  type of peace is that which is experienced and felt or for most, not experienced or felt.

As we stated above, the Blood of Christ has established peace as a state of being. This state exists between the Christ-ian and his God and nothing can change this as far as God is concerned. However, peace as a feeling of rest can be known in a limited number of ways. In 2 Peter 1:2, we find one of these ways. Peter writes, that peace can be experienced through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. Peter is easily understood, the answer is here. If you, beloved, want to know and feel peace in this life you must gain it through the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD (Father and Holy Spirit) AND OF JESUS OUR LORD. It is simple…there is no mystery.  If you want peace…and peace multiplied you must learn of God and of Jesus your Lord.

The Christ-ian must learn and gain knowledge of God and of Christ your Lord. We are not speaking of head knowledge, alone. Head knowledge is essential, but we speak to an intimate knowledge of God…knowing Him as in, “I know Whom I have believed..” This intimate personal knowledge comes through the head knowledge and prayer. But I ask you, beloved, how many of you seek to learn of Him? This question touches our last article, Why say ye love Him and do not seek to know Him better?  This is a fundemental question. How many of you have fallen in love before? What was a fruit of this feeling? You sought to learn of this person. What was their phone number, address, favorite color, favorite movie, song, television program, what political party are they affiliated with, what religion are they, what color are their eyes, etc. These are the basic questions one longs to know. The same must be true of God and Jesus our Lord.

What do yyou think God’s favorite color(s) are? Blue and green would be my guess. What shirt size? Probably small by today’s standards. What color are His eyes? I would think brown. His political party is Monarchy, as He is King. What is His favorite book of the Bible? The Psalms as He quotes from Psalms most often. His favorite follower? Me!!!  We should all think that about ourselves.  Peter also mentions multiplied grace. The means of aquiring this multipled grace is the same. Grace, in this passgae, means imputed power.  So if you, believer, desire to experience multiplied spiritual power/strength and peace learn of God and Jesus (y)our Lord. Hidden in this verse is a forgotten truth. It is a truth we spoke on in our last article. “and Jesus our Lord.”  To know God rightly and truly is to know His Son as, “Lord Jesus.” Lest you know Him and address Him as Lord, you will not know of the grace and peace of God, let alone multiplied.

In Mark 4, We read of Christ and the disciples hazarding a great storm. A storm so great that it caused the experience fishermen to fret their very lives. They had no peace. They woke the Lord Jesus, Who was fast asleep in the hinder part of the ship, with “Master, carest [T]hou not that we perish?” Notice, “Lord” is missing? Since Lord is missing so is the peace.  The Lord Jesus arose, and rebuked them and then He rebukes the great storm with, “Peace, Be still.” Notice, our Lord cares more for His own than He does the circumstances. The circumstances are for the believer’s benefit and not the believer for the cimcumstance’s. Immediatley the storm was calmed.

It is thought by most that “Peace, Be still” is our Lord’s charge to the storm. It may be, however, we would like to look at it from a different angle. We believe we have Scriptural warrant, as well.  Christ said, Peace, Be still.” We believe, “Peace…” was the charge to the storm and “Be still…” was the charge to the disciples. What was the disciples reaction to this show and or manifestation of divine power?  “What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey [H]im?  This exercise of divine authority causes the disciples to look upon Him in a very different way. If you would turn to Psalm (46:10) Forty-six and verse ten, you will find the same wording and the same understanding or explanation. “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”  To be sure the disciples would be familiar with this Psalm.  So it is possible, if not probable that this is what they heard in their minds, ” [Storm,...Peace, Be still,  [[M]y] disciples, and know that [I AM] God, I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.


Therefore, I will put you to the test.  You will grade yourself, oh, and so will God.  Why do you call Him Lord and you do not obey or seek to obey Him?  Why or how can you claim to love Him and you seek Him not in the Word or prayer?  Are you willing to pay the price, the blessed and loving price…if price it can be called, to enjoy multiplied grace and peace? If so seek to know God more and more and recognize Christ Jesus as your Lord. Seek to learn of the divine Trinity, the Sovereign Godhead. Seek to understand Calvary. Seek to know Christ’s Words, Christ’s ways, and Christ’s works. Seek to know Christ as your “Way,” your “Truth,” and your “Life.” Know Him as your “Way of Life,” and your “Way of discerning the Truth.” Know Him as your “Life to be lived in the Way of Truth.” Seek to look at all things through His Eyes. Think about things as He would think. Speak as He speaks. Do as He does. Walk as He walks.

In our last article we spoke of the preacher’s responsibilities as preaching, teaching, rebuking, correcting, instructing, and reproving The last article was one of rebuke or more of reproving than rebuking. This article is one of preaching and instructing. One could also call it prescriptive as in prescribing spiritual medicine. The Lord has given me peace, peace, much peace. This peace is of God’s grace. The peace came through learning of Him and obeying Him, and both of these were of grace as well. I can not tell you of what great benefit peace is. I can’t tell you of what a gift peace is. I can not tell you what it is to know peace. What I can tell you is what it is like not to know peace. When I knew not peace, I feared and I worried almost all of the time and I do not use hyperbole. I suffered in my mind and in my digestive system. My jiu-jitsu suffered greatly, as I was too focused on the feeling of losing and not the sense of winning. My job suffered; I couldn’t do a good job because I worried too much about not doing a good job.

However, the one day of the week, wherein I did not fear and worry was Sunday. This is because I was focused on the Godhead. It took a long time for the truth to dawn on me. The truth finally did,…. what if I focused on the Godhead all the time? This is different from “Practicing the Presence of God.” Though I spoke to God without ceasing and thought upon Him without ceasing, I wasn’t listening too much. God forgive me, please. In prayer one must listen twice as much as speaking…..”two ears and one mouth” idea. We should kneel before God or lay prostrate before God and say, “Here am I, Lord.” and wait upon Him. Periodically you may praise Him, petition Him and pray (ask) Him something. The point of this exercise is to “Be still”…so that, you might know God as God. You are making yourself available to you Lord. While we are always available, it is wise to establish a time set apart ..a holy time…to make thyself available. In human terms, it is the difference between your boss asking or telling you to do something and you presenting yourself to the boss, and asking if you could do something for him as you go about your workday.  Do you see the difference?  The same is true of presenting thyself to your Lord.

God speaks to us in His Word, He really, really does. He speaks to our mind/heart/conscience/instinct through prayer for He has access to us all and to all that is us.

Godspeed, God’s people.


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