“There Are No Private Interpretations” but “There Are Private Opinions” and “They Are Valid”

“Have thy faith and have it to thyself.”


We are not necessarily speaking of the gray areas of the Christ-ian life though there be many.  In Romans (14) fourteen, Paul speaks about the freedom of the believer in making choices for themselves.  He makes the argument that one man may look upon each day as the same and another man may view somedays as being special.  Paul says neither are right and neither are wrong.  He also says that some may look upon certain meats as sinful while another person may judge them all the say. Again, neither are right and neither are wrong.   If we bring these “gray areas” into contemporary times we would view movie, music, sports, and attire in the same light.  But again, we are not writing on the “gray areas.”

We are writing (DV) on differing points of view, not necessarily in the Christ-ian realm. I enjoy scary movies. My wife does not. She is very likely to have nightmares. She is one who enjoys romantic movies and movie where some one dies at the end. This I cannot understand just as she cannot understand scary movies. My Mom, on the other hand, does not like movies or television, with the exception of SVU and the Chicago crime shows.

I enjoy Batman and there are others that like Superman. These are both acceptable. I am a life long observer of Pro-Wrestle but my good fiend, Pastor Ron Ruben can’t stand to watch it at all. You see  He and I have many of the same likes in life. We both love the Lord Jesus, we both love the Church, we both love the Scriptures, but we do not agree on the Sport of Kings and that is okay.

Sometimes one’s view on things may change. For years I was a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I would watch this sport with an eye to the scientific aspect. I would try to learn more of the art by watching.  Now a days I keep an eye of the referees as I may (DV) seek to become a referee (DV). I would consider refereeing due to my health constraints. Humanly speaking, to partake would not be viable some say. However, there have been many men that have been told not to take part but God has said otherwise. God will have the last Word. But for the time being my focus is in the process of changing.

There is another reason that a person’s view points will change. When a person becomes a Christ-ian their views will most certainly change.  We have been witness to this many times and we never grow tired of it. Prior to becoming a Christ-ian many hold the following views…evolution, pro-choice, liberal in their politics, anti-Christ-ianity, Anti Christ, pro-anti Christ-ian music, pro-swearing. After a person comes to know Christ all of these views change…Praise the Lord.

Another reason or cause for a person to change their p.o.v. is the focus of their p.o.v. changes. During an election cycle a person’s p.o.v. may change numerous times because the focus of their p.o.v. may change numerous times. To demonstrate this we will use (2) two products already discussed above. Typically a wrestler is known to be a good guy or a bad guy. When this character changes from one to the other his/her fan base may change their opinions.  When a television character changes so does their fan base.

One thing is for certain, our Lord Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God changes not for He is immutable, He is without shadow of turning and He is without variableness.  Those that truly love Him will never cease to love Him. Our Lord will never change. He will always love His elect, He will always incline His prayer hearing ears to us, He will ever hear and answer our prayers, He will forever be our very Present Help in our time(s) of trouble. Our God will ever be Righteous, Holy, Sovereign, Merciful, Kind, Longsuffering, Tender-hearted, Forebearing, Good, Loving, Patient, Ready to Incline Himself unto us, Prepared to Chasen Those He Loves, Immutable, and Powerful. The list of God’s attributes is not exhaustive. Maybe in the future we can exposit the Attributes of God. If you would like to study them on your own both A.W. Pink and A.W. Tozer both do a fine job on the subject.

Even though our Lord shall never change, you would think our opinion and our view of God should never change. This is not true, for the more we come to know this unchanging God the more we shall love Him. The more we realize the benefits in knowing God the more we will seek to know Him. This is not always true of humans. The more one gets to know another person, the less they may like them. But God is different from sinful humans.

Let us praise and thank God for His Immutability. Let us love Him more and more for that immutability.



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