“The Church Is Not The Christ” or “The Church is Christ” or “Will Youuuuah, Pull-Ease Make Up Your Mind”

“For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.  (1 Corinthians 12:12)


In the title of this article we state, what would seem to be a contradiction. It is not a contradiction nor is it a paradox. A paradox is a statement that seems to contradict, but when explained it makes perfect sense. There are no contradictions in Scripture but there are paradoxical statements. “When I am weak, then am I strong,” is a parodox. Paul is saying that when he is weak in the flesh or in himself, God will show Himself strong on Paul’s behalf. Another paradox is, “A man is strongest when he is on his knees.” Another? A man of great poverty may say, ” i am the richest man on earth.” if he is speaking in terms of faith, family, and friends.

When we write, “The church is not the Christ,” we are simply saying that one can serve Christ outside of the church’s (4) four walls. We are stating also that we must serve Christ outside the church walls. If we are not serving Christ outside the church’s wall; we are not serving Christ at all. If we serve not Christ outside the church; our service inside the church is a show. God forbid this be true of you. There are many, so many ways to serve our Master outside the church building.

If you are at home on a very cold day, you could or rather should give the postal worker a bottle of hot chocalate and in the Summer a bottle of water. Do these things in Christ’s Name. Telling an older person that they look nice will make their day. Telling someone you have prayed for them may cause them to pray for someone else or to thank God for your prayer. When you are in a convenience store or a fastfood restaurant, pay for the person behind you and tell them it is from the Lord. Sometimes a smile and a wave are not just a smile and a wave. Telling your family members that you love them is a Christ-like act. Wishing a store clerk, a waiter-ess, or anyone “Godspeed” is not only kind; it is a witness.

I have known men and women that,for whatever reason, have departed the church, yet they still love God. I know …I know…if one does not love the brethren how can they love God? They do love the brethren, but they have some kind of hang up with the church. I do not justify their church-less-ness nor do I condemn it, for to [their] own Master will they stand or fall.  If I had my way, they would be in church or they would be fellowshipping with a group of believers in a home.

These Christ-ians study the Scriptures, maybe more than many church-goers. They are generous in their offerings to various ministries, they love to talk about God with others, and in some cases are holier that many. These believers remind me of the prophets of old.  The Jews would offer their sacrifices at the temple, but the prophets like Elijah would do so privately or that is my understanding. The prophet Jeremiah was called out of the priesthood by God to be a prophet. He was pulled from the “church,” if you will. These Christ-ians watch Christ-ian television and listen to Christ-ian radio, they follow Christ-ian websites and subscribe to Christ-ian podcasts. Truth be told, they bathe themselves in Christ-ianity and all things Christ, while some church-goers are Sunday only professing Christ-ians.

The Church is Christ. If you would, re-read the quoted text above. Do you notice anything? If not that’s okay because it is not something that is heard very often if ever. The church, is called Christ this verse. Wow!!! The Church is called Christ by the Holy Spirit and Paul. Some may say, “Well, ‘Christ’ means ‘anointed’ and therefore, the church is anointed like Christ.” This is not the Spirit’s meaning. The reason the church is called Christ is because the church is Christ’s Body on planet earth. The Church is God’s Presence on earth; the Pope is not.

Christ-ian doctors and Christ-ian nurses continue the healing ministry of Christ. A large part of our Lord’s ministry, as well as the manifestation of His sovereignty was in healing. He healed the deaf, the dumb, the blind, the lame, the issue of blood, lepors, the palsied, and He raised the dead. He showed compassion when there was no compassion to be found. Today, in the hospitals, there is compassion and there is help and there is healing.

Our Lord, when on earth, cared for the poor. Today there are many, so many Christian Charities that care for the poor and for the forgotten and for the forsaken. These charities provide food, drink, clothing, places to sleep, places that are safe, places where the Word of God is taught and ministered. These Christ-ian charities change lives and in these places many are called to Christ and called to the ministry.

The body of Christ, the church, continue to do as Christ did when He was on this earth. The body of Christ continues to proclaim the Gospel and teach the whole counsel of God. The body of Christ continues to praise God and to Worship God and the body continues to pray. The body of Christ ceases not to perform the Works of Christ and to walk in the Ways of Christ, as well as, speak the Words of God.

Statistics tell us that of all the faiths that are represented in wartimes (80%) eighty percent is Baptist…The body of Christ has not ceased to fight evil and to fight for those that cannot fight for themselves. The body of Christ still walks in the direction of possible, probable, and certain death. The body of Christ still lays down it’s life for the sake of others.

The body of Christ is still a blessing to others and He leaves persons, people, peoples, and places better than when He first found them.




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