“The Great Doctrines Of Grace” or “The Science of Salvation” or “Election Thru Glorification And All Doctrines In Between” Part (1) One

“For whom [H]e did foreknow, [H]e also did predestinate to be conformed to the [I]mage of [H]is Son, that [H]e might be the [F]irstborn among many brethren, Moreover whom [H]e did predestinate, them [H]e also called: and whom [H]e did called, them [H]e also justified: and whom [H]e justified, them [H]e also glorified….Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.  (Romans 8:29-30, 33)


This passage is from the center of Paul magnum opus, The Book of Romans. There are (16) sixteen chapters in Romans and this passage is found in chapter (8) eight. This tells me that this is the heart of Paul’s masterpiece.  We notice, also that Paul mentions the main doctrines of man’s salvation twice in the passage. Predestination, the call, and justification are mentioned twice. This tells me that these are very important doctrines and should be taken very seriously. We will try to keep each doctrine to a paragraph, (DV). Now that I wrote that it sounds like I contradicted myself….These are very important…I’ll try to keep each doctrine to a paragraph.

I’m not contradicting myself. We could write pages and pages and pages upon each doctrine of grace, but we would like to simply write an introduction to these great doctrines. I’m sure, (DV) we will write upon all of these in the future and we have already written on some of them already.

The (1st) first doctrine we see is election or what Jude calls sanctification. [Sidenote: Jude in his opening says, “…sanctified by the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, and called…” If we take Jude’s chronology at face value, he puts the order of Salvation as 1. Sanctified or set apart by God the Father. 2. Preserved in Jesus Christ, that is to say, our Salvation is in the Person of Christ. 3. Called to Salvation by the Holy Spirit].  Paul writes in his letter to the Ephesians that Those who will repent and believe are chosen by God to do so. This choice was made by God, even before the foundation of the world. He says something similar in 1 Thessalonians 2:13. Peter teaches election as well in his (1st) first epistle. Luke supports this teaching in Acts 2:47 and 13:48. Our Lord Jesus exposits this great truth in Luke (4) four, John (6 & 10) six and ten. There are more; this shall suffice.

Along with election one should speak of God’s foreknowledge. The foreknowledge of God is more than knowing something or someone beforehand. God’s foreknowledge includes prior love for someone. In the Old Testament, when sexual intimacy is alluded to, the Holy Spirit would say, “B knew his wife, C.

We will use a syllogism to clarify: *God is eternal and foreknows all things and all believers. *God is immutable, there is no shadow of turning with Him nor is there any variableness. * Therefore, as God is eternal, foreknowing, immutable, unchangeable and since there is no shadow of turning with God or any variableness, then God’s attributes must be the same. Loving is an attribute of God.

In Matthew, our Lord says to the condemned, “I never knew you.” If we follow a principle of mine which is, when something is stated negatively or positively we must look at it’s opposite in order to gain the fulness of it’s meaning. Therefore, if there are “never knowns” there must be “forever-knowns ” So,…if there were no forever-knowns, there would be no one. But there are someones, therefore, there are forever-knowns.

Luke says in the Book of Acts that God knows the end [of all things] from the beginning. This foreknowledge affords God the opportunity (humanly speaking) to guide us in His will.  Without foreknowledge God would not be omniscient and without omniscience God could not be the Sovereign God, we know Him to be.

I can see already that I have failed in my intent. We are not able to keep these doctrines in a paragraph. If we did so, we would have a very long paragraph. We will now break up the paragraph above into (2) two or (3) three paragraphs. ……./……/……/……. We broke it into (4) four paragraphs.

The Bible demonstrates time and again that God foreknows all things. God does not predict; He 4knows. To predict is to tell before hand. The predictor, however, has no power to alter. The foreknowledge of God necessitates that He is active and involved in events. God’s foreknowledge predestines what is known to Him and to Him Alone; God is Solitary in this way. Let us not fall into the trap of thinking God foreknew I would repent and believe and because of that I am elect. NO! NO! NO!…….WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!  God elected you to salvation! He did not elect you because you elected Him….that’s works. God knew you b4 you were born, God knew you b4 you were conceived…just as God knew and loved Jacob and hated Esau b4 they were born and b4 they did good or bad. Scripture says, that this was so, so that, election might stand.

The doctrines of God’s 4knowledge and election are paramount to God being God.


Now i’m gonna turn everything upside down (DV). We have been speaking on that which is on the inside of the Veil. We have been speaking on the works of God behind the scenes, if you will.


FOR WHOSOEVER SHALL CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED.                                                                                                                                                   (Romans 10:13)


Another syllogism: *All persons are sinners.  * You, non Christian reader, are a person. *Therefore, You are a sinner.

Sin has corrupted and has made depraved each and every part, fiber, bone, blood droplet, thought (even the good ones), inch, inside and outside. Every aspect of man has been corrupted. Mankind is depraved….This is Biblical teaching….This is what God says.

You might think that God will weigh your “good”works and your bad works at Judgement day, However, God has already judged human works and has found them wanting. God has likened the “good” works of the non-Christ-ian man to a filthy rag….a woman’s menstrual clothe. There are no good works to be weighed. You, my non-Christ-ian friend must repent and submit to the ways of God.

The ways of God were exemplified by (1) One Man, Jesus Christ, Who is Lord of all and over all. Christ is also the Saviour to those who will repent and believe. The Lord Jesus loves His own and His own love Him above all others.

I leave you, Christ-ians Saints with Godspeed. I leave you, Sinner, like Jonathan Edwards’ spider………I leave thee, Sinner, hanging over Hell and all its horrors.


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