“The Doctrines of Grace” or “Set Apart For God’s Use” or “Predestined to Christ’s Likeness” Part (2) Two

“For whom God did foreknow, [H]e also did predestinate to be conformed to the [I]mage of [H]is Son, that [H]e might be the [F]irstborn among many brethren.  (Romans 8:29)


The order of man’s salvation, as I understand it, is this, Election/Sanctification by the Father, called by the Holy Spirit and Justified by The Lord Jesus Christ. However, one could argue that a person is chosen b4 the foundation of the world, was justified at the time of Christ’s death at Calvary, and is called in God’s due time. Another view is, it was all done in eternity past as Christ is the Lamb of God that was slain b4 the foundation of the earth and what God says  IS    even b4    it is. God created and creates something out of nothing. Nothing in this world has been created by man. Many things have been invented by man. Man takes what God has created and uses them to invent other things.

From our quoted verse above and from our last article we will (DV) write on the doctrine of Sanctification. There are a number of sides to this doctrine. We will spell them out here, the Christ-ian was sanctified by the Father to election, per Jude v.1. Once we are saved and made saints God sets us apart for His use. Sanctification has a state and stages.  *The Christ-ian is in the state of sanctification, *the Christ-ian is progressively being sanctified, and *the Christ-ian is sanctified in principle

Another word for sanctification is purified or refined and holy. The Christ-ian or the man that is in Christ, is pure of heart, is refined like gold,  and holy like Christ…yes, the man or woman that is in Christ is holy and righteous like Christ. As I said, sanctification is a state and in Christ is a state of being. Of course, in our own person, we are not pure, refined, or holy. Holy and righteous is how God sees you and me as we are in Christ. If God did not see you and me this way, we would not have the hope of Heaven. If God did not see us this way we would not be saved.

The Christ-ian is being sanctified progressively. That is to say, we are becoming more and more like our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The blessed attributes of Christ are becoming our characteristics.  The way Christ thinks is becoming the way we think. The things Christ loves and hates are becoming the things we love and hate. We are in the process of becoming “little christs” as C.S. Lewis puts it. Does that offend you? it shouldn’t. What should offend is when people try to be “little holy ghosts” in your life. ” The Holy Ghost will also grow His fruit in us which, in other words, is Christ-likeness or the traits or attributes of Christ Jesus.

The Christ-ian is sanctified in principle. As stated in another article, when a person becomes a Christ-ian, behold all things are made new. The Christ-ian is a new creation or creature made by God. In this new creation there are different and new points of views. This new creature has new principles. In the past, as a lost man, he had principles that were ungodly. In the present and now that he is in Christ, his ungodly principles have been changed to godly principles. The points of view have changed. If one held to evolutionary views, pro-choice views, liberal political views, anti-Christ-ian views, they will change. This is one of the assurances of one’s salvation. Tastes in music, movies, and other entertainments may change and they may not. This is because God allows liberty in the Christ-ian life.

What a humbling thought, God handpicked me to be saved and to become like His Son.


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