“An Open Letter To The World” or ” If I Had The Opportunity To Preach To The World” or “Billy Graham For A Day”

“The whole world lieth in wickedness”  (St. John)


One of the articles we have written was titled “King for a day.” However, instead of being king for a day, I want to pretend I am a Billy Graham for a day. I want to be a Billy Graham for a day because he was and had a great outlet for the Word of God. Thinks me any preacher that believes what he preaches would want to be a Billy Graham for a day.  Notice, I do not want to be Billy Graham but a Billy Graham. There is a difference. I am content with Who God has and is making me. When I say, a Billy Graham, I mean we would like to have an outlet to preach as Graham had. Of course, God knows best and again I am content with, grateful for, and so thankful for the ministry God has bestowed upon us and entrusted to us.

If God did give me the opportunity to speak to the world, this is what I might say. I say, might say, because a preacher must always be open to the words God will give him.  This is one reason I do not over-prepare for preaching. One can over-prepare God out of the whole thing. One can organize the Holy Spirit out of the message. Spurgeon didn’t prepare until late Saturday evening. A preacher must be certain that God is given the liberty in the message. This may be a controversial statement…We would rather be underprepared than overprepared to preach a message. To be over prepared can cancel God out; to be underprepared seeks God’s Presence. It is similar to saying, “When I am weak, then am I strong.” Each preacher, I would hope, has his own way of preparing. Therefore, again, this article represents something I might say, (DV). The preacher should always be prepared; he should know the Word of God so well that he might preach anytime & anywhere.


An Open Letter To The World,

My friends and neighbors, The Scriptures teach us that there are (2) two kinds of persons in this world. These (2) two kinds of persons may be identified by different names, but to keep things simple, we will use the terms, Saved and Lost. Every person on this planet earth is either saved or lost.

These terms or the way we are using these terms may be new to you. Therefore, let us define our terms.

To be lost is to be spiritually blind, spiritually deaf, spiritually lame, spiritually palsied, spiritually dumb, in other words, spiritually senseless. To be lost is to be spiritually dead. The lostness of man is seen in his depravity. Depravity in the spiritual sense mean corrupt in everyway possible…corrupt in mind, in action, in body, and in soul. Some of you may take umbrage at this. You might object by saying, ” I have done many good things in my life.”

My friend, God has already judged your “good”things and He looks upon them as filthy rags, so say’s Isaiah, the prophet. In the Hebrew filthy rag equates to a menstrual clothe. Paul, the Apostle argues that if salvation could be earned, Christ died in vain or for no purpose. Some of you might even be so bold as to say, “I’m not a sinner.” Saints Paul and John would differ. Paul states in Romans, “…all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” and ” There is none righteous, no not one.” John teaches that the person who claims they are sinless, makes God out to be a liar. Do you call God a liar? Would you call God a liar? If not, you are a sinner and you are lost. You are not only condemned by God; you are self condemned.

Let us use a logical syllogism, *All mankind have sinned and have offended God.  * You, my friend are part of mankind.  * Therefore, you have sinned and you have offended God.

If you are a person that believes that God is and that the Bible is true, you have no escape from the fact of your sinnerhood. God has condemned you, the law has condemned you, the Scriptures have condemned you, logic has condemned you, and you have condemned yourself for you cannot escape what has been stated against you.

The Law of God condemns you.  In the Book of James, the Holy Spirit teaches us that if one of God’s laws are broken you are guilty of breaking them all. You are all guilty b4 God for you have worshipped other gods,  you have bowed down to other gods: money, education, materialism, sex, crime, career, family, etc. etc. etc. You have taken the Name of the LORD thy God in vain and you have done so in many ways. You have not even given God a thought on the Sabbath. By dishonouring your parents and all other authority, you have dishonoured God. You have killed, either in body or mind, you have committed adultery, either in body or mind. You have stolen from God by not giving Him any offerings. You have lied. and you have coveted, which means you are not happy or content with what God has given you and this offends God greatly. He is incensed and He is seething and He has you in mind.

It is because of your sins that God gave His only begotten Son. His Son’s Name is Jesus and He is the Christ. Jesus Christ is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. The Son of God is the Sinless Son of God. Being the sinless Son of God, He could and He did take the place of sinners. To make it personal, because salvation is personal, the Lord Jesus was beaten, mocked, and crucified in your place…in your place… in your place.

As Christ was baptized in order to identify with His people, so too, must you identify with Him. You must call upon Him, and take Him as your Lord and as your Saviour. You must repent of all of your sins and that is to say, you regret all that you have done to offend God. It also means you must repent for what you are by nature.

It is simple. You, my friend…You, sinner, must call upon God and ask Him to save you from your sins, the pleasures of sin, the power of sin and the penalty of sin.

Repent or perish


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