“Pet Peeves Of A Preacher” or “Irritations With Biblical Support” or “If This Article Bothers You…I Can Live With That”

“For his letters, say they, are weighty and powerful…Let such a one think this, that, such as we are in word when we are absent, such will we be also in deed when we are present.                                                                                                                                    (2 Corinthians 10:10 a.-11)

“Go to now (Come on), you that say, Today or tomorrow we will go into such a city, and continue there a year, and buy and sell, and get gain:…For that you ought to say, if the Lord will, we shall live, and do this or that.  (James 4:13,15)


“A prophet is not without honour…”  (The Lord Jesus)


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Preachers, Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists, Prophets, etc…. Can have bad days just like everyone else. However, they are not suppose to show. Q. Why aren’t I suppose to show my “human side”? A. We are suppose to be perfect and  today’s Christ-ians are way to weak in their faith (if faith they have) to have an imperfect pastor/preacher.  ***News Flash*** We are not perfect and if you think we are suppose to be, you are foolish and have been fooled.

In this article, we will (DV) write upon the preacher’s pet peeves and irritations, or to be specific, this particular preachers pet peeves. But first, lets address the quoted verse in our opening texts.

Paul was a man of small stature (we are told) and he had the appearance of a mercilessly beaten man (2 Corinthians 11:25). Those that opposed his apostleship would often make mention of Pauls appearance (You know the …Just Say’in type) and they would point out the way he would use very strong words. They would say, In his words he is a big strong man, but in his appearance he is not much. Paul would, of course, hear this as he had many that loved him in this congregation. Paul would reply and acknowledge the words of his enemies. He would threaten or rather promise to be as big and strong as he needs to be when he arrives. [Sidenote: Here is a gift to you reader, when u r faced with someone/something that frightens you or makes you nervous and this person or thing is future, ask God to send forth a dread upon your enemy]

I assume all preachers have had something like this said about them.  The charges may not be the same but they are certainly attacks upon his person and his ministry.  I have heard many speak about over weight preachers who preach on self control. It’s not long b4 someone says, “Who is he to speak on self control…the guys is like (400) four tons, Right?” [Sidenote: When a person says, “right?” after s/he has said something, s/he is asking you to join in and to confirm their opinion…do not.] There has been much said about this preachers youth (not recently, of course, but there have been and still are men and womn older that me that refuse to hear to me or to take me seriously). I always took Paul’s counsel to heart, “Let no man despise thy youth” or in other words, do not let someone view your worth based upon your age. Other things that have been brought against me is the absence of a formal education. My liberty has been frowned upon, my appearance has been the subject of discussion as well.

I know some preachers that have been scorned for their focus on liberties that push boundaries for some. I also know preachers that have been charges with legalism if they go the other way. I believe the youth of our day would say…….SMH, Shake my head. Think about the last sentence. These are the same charges brought against John Baptist and Lord Jesus…(2000) two thousand years ago. These charges were brought by the Pharisees….nothing ever really changes in human nature, does it?

This preacher has been told in the past that his shaven head and goatee could close doors to him. My wife’s nationality, (50%) fifty percent Korean could also shut doors, not to mention she wears pants.

Many if not all ministers have had some of these or similar charges brought against them. The difference among these many ministers is the way they handle the charges. Some will let it go; some will even leave that particular ministry; some will address the problems with the individual that is causing the trouble; some will live in fear for their job. This preacher would answer any and all charges, rumours, gossip, and backbiting (DV) from the pulpit in the presence of all the members and God.

We say that, to say this, There are times when a minister needs to express himself to his flock, class, small group, or reader.  This is one of those times.

The minister is to be the main example to those to whom he minsters to. Of course, we are all to be example and influences upon each other but primarily it is the minister who sets the scene.

Some ways that we have tried to influence is by action rather than by message after message. Call it the analyst in me. I wanted to see how long it would take for my influence to show. Some may disagree on this method, to those I wd say, “I have taught upon the topic, but this time I wanted to try something else and I will stand or fall by my Master.”

The topic is our quoted text from James. James is teaching us as did Solomon…as did our Lord. Solomon said, “Boast thyself not of the morrow, for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.” Our Lord said, “Take therefore no thought for the morrow…” We would argue that when Christ said that He was greater than Solomon, He was stating to be the Inspiration of Solomon, the Wisdom of Solomon, and even to say, Solomon was speaking His Words.

The Scriptures are replete on this subject.  When one says, ” I will do this or that tomorrow…”  He is tempting God, for God has not personally promised the morrow to anyone. James likens life to a vapour…here, done, and gone.

Think back to Isaiah (14) fourteen. What (2) two words did (l)ucifer utter that demonstrated his pride and his lack of dependence upon God?…….”I Will…”


Another pet peeve of mine is not giving the Lord Jesus His title. If one is not convinced from Scripture, does not common courteousy suggest it?  Do good and courteous parents not teach their children to say, Sir, Mam, Mr. and Mrs.?  In the south, where we spent some of our youth, they still add Miss to a ladies first name or Mr. to a man first name.

If we address the leader of the free world as Mr. President, Sir (even if one is not of his party), and when addressing royaly, would you say, “Hey, There Liz, How’s it go’in?”  Of course not, You wd say, “Your Highness” as you bow or curtsy.

In closing this peeve, let us summarize. Scripture warrants Christ His title, Common courtesy warrants Christ His title, and logic warrants Christ His title,…if you wd give title to political figures or if you wd give title to anyone else (Mr./Mrs), How is it right to deny our Lord Jesus His title?  Why deny Him His title? When was the last time you acknowledged Him as Lord? When was the last time you acknowleded Him as Your Lord?

“The prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.”                                                                                                                                                         (Mt.13:57)


If this is the reason for not obeying Scripture, shame on you. If you are disobeying Scripture because of who preached it….shame on you.  You are guilty of pr…pr…pri…de…pride.

You may object by saying, ” I say, God willing in my head.” The Scriptures seem to oppose this. However, if you are thinking in your head, “I have to do that tomorrow.” then you should acknowledge God’s will in your head. If you are speaking to some one out loud, you should then say, “God willing” outloud. This God willing or, (DV) when writing, is a witness and a confession to all that hear or read. By using words like, “God willing,”                     “God Allowing,” “May God bless you” or “Godspeed,” or when someone says, “Who knows?” You might answer with, “The Lord Knows.”

In speaking in this manner, you are witnessing to the reality of God and you are confessing yourself to be a believer in this Living God.  It will offend some, but it will encourage more. Are you embarrassed to say such a thing?  Remember, you, most likely, will never see them again, lest (DV). If you are embarrassed by such a thing, you must also be embarrassed by Christ. Remember the simple principle the Lord set down, If you are ashamed of Him b4 men; He, too, will be ashamed of you, b4 God and all the angels.

B4 any1 thinks it, let me answer. We wd b happy 2 say this in person, (DV).


One thought on ““Pet Peeves Of A Preacher” or “Irritations With Biblical Support” or “If This Article Bothers You…I Can Live With That”

  1. I was in a worldwide ministry that started in South Korea. UBF. God was working there and sending missionaries from there. Also God is working in Philippines much as well


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