“The Difference Between God The Judge of Sin and God The Father Of Disobedient Children” Or “The Truth Legalists Never Grasp” Or “Stop Looking At Your Sin & Adore Your Saviour”

“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so so great a cloud of witnesses,let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which does so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus the [A]uthor and [F]inisher of our faith; [W]ho for the joy that was set before [H]im endured the [C]ross, despising the shame, and is set down at the [R]ight [H]and of the [T]hrone of God….  (Hebrews 12: 1-2)

“Our Father Who art in ]H]eaven….(Psalm 23)

“Behold, the Judge Standeth before the door.” (James 5:9 b.)


I would like to thank God for the last several days. I was afforded the opportunity to spend much time with my Mom and my Dad.  It has been said, no one can, ever really, go back to the home of their youth. In this instance, that philosophy is, rather very, WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG.

Our Lord gifted me with a very precious and particular gift; I was able to go home. I spent much time watching movies with my Dad and conversing over them about the past, about God and our Lord Jesus. We spoke about the future (DV), we spent, as they say, quality time together.  I was affored the opportunity to go shopping with my Mom. We made smart purchases with her (30%) thirty percent off coupon. The items we purchased were also on sale, therefore, we made out with wise purchases.

I was home again; my Mom cooked food that I remember as a kid, it was counrty style sustenance. We, too, had good conversations about the past, present , and future. Methinks we learned more about each other and understand each other better. It was a singular time with my Mom and my Dad, that I shall never (DV) forget. I thank God for that great gift……and the train ride from Naperville to Iowa was something out of an Agatha Christie novel.   We may write about that another time.

When we arrived home we were so happy to see my wife, and kids, who, I love very dearly. That evening my Wife and I went to see a (1) one man play called, “An Evening With C.S. Lewis. My wife enjoyed it very, very much and we met some nice people.

Now, with all of that in my head I, of course, thought of my Heavenly Father and Elder Brother, and my always present Companion-Guide/Teacher. This led my mind toward God as my [H]eavenly Father and then, of course, God as Judge.

If you are an astute reader, you may have noticed that I call God, MY Heavenly Father, but I did not call God MY Judge. This is very important for we, Christ-ians to understand. If you want to capitalize on the relationship you are in with God, you must think about it correctly; look at it properly and clearly; understand it, rightly.

What is the difference between God our Father and God the Judge? Also what part does sin play???????????????????????????????????????

Let us look at God the Judge. God the Judge is seething with anger over rebellious sin. God the Judge is incensed, as J. Edwards put it, and he is seethingly angry and incensed at all sinners; It is very much a Personal issue with Him; it is very much a rebellion against His Goodness and Kindness in His Holy Eyes, that will not look upon sin. When the day of [coming soon] Judgement arrives His seething, incensed Omnipotent, Omniscience, and Omnipresent Anger will be seen and felt. All sinners that are not in Christ will be judged for every word they spoke, every deed they have committed,  for every evil thought they have entertained, and every sin they have engaged in, with the bodies God gave to them. God gave them bodies to use for righteous purposes and to Glorify Him; Instead they have used it for all manner of evil. Behold, The Judge standeth before the door……Your door……..KNock KNock!

However, for those who are in Christ, there is no Judgement Day for sin. When we appear before the Judgement Seat of Christ it will be for our works, whether they were good or bad. That may sound frightening, but God the Judge will not be Present. God our Father will be present. Think of it this way: When you were a teenager you would break rules, like coming home late. Your Mom or Dad would give you the “Look” or you would be in for a lecture the next morning, This is our Judgement day.

Then our very loved and much better Brother, Jesus; [Who is The Christ], will have a sit down talk with you.



I do not know how Judgement Day will be managed, will there be lines? Will there be angels that usher us ?  I know not at all. But, What I do know is rebellious God-hating sinners will depart from the Presence of God, their Judge and they shall make their way to Hell. I also know that God our Heavenly Father, Jesus, our Lord and Elder Brother, and our Holy Companion will deal with us in the way our earthly mothers and fathers did; We shall be dealt with in Love.

It has been said, that a child sees God as they see their Father. If you are an angry and mean Dad, or a rule heavy Dad that is how your children will envision God and that is not right, lest ye be unsaved. If that is true, your children are right to see God as an Angry God.

If you are a Dad, that is in Christ, You have a responsibility to be the best “little (j)esus (c)hrist, you can be for your children.

If you are a Dad that is struggling to raise your children…Raise them in the nurture and admonishion of  the Lord, and by the way, there is an Instuction Book on raising a family, it’s called, The Holy Bible.    With all Reverence to God, You husbands and fathers, are the saviour to your wife and her body, and you are God to your children. It may seem to be a great and heavy weight that is put upon you, but trust me, the Cross of Calvary was a much, much heavier weight for Christ; He was carrying all of us with Him, that are in Christ.


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