“If I Were A Famous Preacher, Others Would Ask Me…” or “The Sin That Is One Of The Most Prominent” or “My (4th) Fourth Or (5th) Fifth Writing On Idolatry”

“Thou shalt not worship any other god before Me.”  (Exodus 20)


One of the most prominent sins of our time and most overlooked is idolatry.  Idolatry can cover so many other sins and is the answer to many persons actions and decisions.

Celebrities try and use their influence to get their worshipers to vote their will, buy their products, dress like them and be like them. Their worshipers will cut their hair like them and will schedule their lives around their gods appearances on television or on film.

What makes a celebrity?  Those who are celebrities today were “regular” persons before they were celebrities, were they not? Before they were celebrities they waited on tables, painted houses, lived with their parents, hung out with other “regular” people. No one cared anymore about their thoughts or opinions than they did anyone else’s.  Nor did they care about their style of dress or hair style than anyone elses.

I do not have many people calling me, writing me or stopping me in the street to ask my opinion on matters. However, put me on T.V. or the radio, and many would be seeking my thoughts on what one of the most prominent sins of our day might be. I will have become important and my thoughts and opinion would become a matter of great importance. Some would even start dressing as I do and shaving their heads and wearing a beard…..why, what is different? I’m not.  So what is different? Why would others all of a sudden think I am now important?  The answer is simple. Persons see me differently because T.V. and other people have told them too.

So, there is the answer. Persons worship other persons because T.V. and other people tell them too. This is nothing more than marketing or advertising.  Why do persons go to a restaurant or store and purchase a new item? The answer is because T.V. told them too.

All celebrities were regular persons before T.V. and other regular persons said they weren’t.  I am a preacher that people do not cross the street to come and hear from. Put me on T.V. or let me publish a book and churches around the country, if not the world, will be calling me.  Can you see what I’m saying? I know that some would argue that persons would become interested in a new celebrity because they now are aware of them as before they were not. I suppose this could be argued because there is a small amount of truth in it as it is true for some persons. However, it is not true of all. There are many persons that are aware of the talent that regular person have but see no greatness in them as they are just regular people that can sing, dance, act or preach. However, as I said before, once T.V. says they are special, everyone else will see them as special…even those that have known them for years. You see celebrity like idolatry is only an allusion.

God, Alone, is to be worshiped because all that is said about Him by Himself and others that have experienced Him is absolutely true.  One can experience God for themselves and they will know that His Glory and Power is all TRuth.  It has been said by those that have met their celebrity idols that the worst thing one can do is to meet their celebrity idols as they are never what they pretend to be or what T.V. or others say they are.

When I was a young man I met my favourite wrestler in an airport….he signed his autograph but it was an irritation. Another time I met him and he was very harsh, to be fair though, I did follow him into the washroom. The next time I met him he was making out with a woman on my car.  The last time I met him he was happy and friendly. This last time I met him there were a lot of other persons present and he wanted to look good. This is celebrity and idolatry.

There is a psychological infirmity that causes T.V. watchers to believe that their favourite actor/actress knows them as well as the mentally ill person thinks they know the celebrity. This illness has caused many to be hurt and even killed. This is celebrity and idolatry.

However, as I wrote before, to worship God is to worship One Who is Who He says He is. To worship God is to worship what others, who know Him, says He is. There are no smoke and mirrors. There are no bait and switch tactics. When you meet God, He is All that He claims to be and More. When you come faith to face with the Lord Jesus Christ, you come Faith to Face with Truth Personified.  Christ is Everything the Bible says He is. Christ is Everything His servants say He is. Christ is Everything He says He is. Christ is Everything you could ever hope Him to be and then more.My reader, turn your back upon your false gods and idols and turn your eyes upon Jesus, the Lord and Saviour.

I will give you all a pop quiz. This pop quiz will show you if you are an idolater or not. This pop quiz will show you if you have truly come faith to Face with Christ. Pop Quiz… What would you do or how would you feel if you came face to face with your favourite actor or actress?  Would you feel overwhelmed…overly excited…would your emotions be inordinate?  If you answer yes to this question you are an idolater and are guilty before God. This also tells you that your idea of God is far to small and you have never really experienced His greatness. I do not say you are lost, I simply say, you may have been saved and stopped there.

My reader, you are in a very bad and dangerous place.  I understand the worship of celebrity. I’ve been there and done that and had many t-shirts and autographs to prove it. I have fun stories concerning many celebrity types in the wrestling world, and even the soap opera world. I knew Kerry Von Erich, a good guy, was depressed and on heavy drugs before he killed himself and the world found out.  I knew the life style that Shawn Michaels was living before he was saved and confessed all.  I knew Jake “the Snake” Roberts was getting divorced before his wife did.  I understand the worship of celebrity or rather idolatry.

You see, I was an idolater, too. I worshiped celebrity, too. When I was a young man I did what all sychophants and idolaters do. But I met God in the Person of Jesus Christ. I found out how strong and so mighty my God is. I found out all that He has done for me and will do for me. I learned all that I could do for Him and others, with His Spirit literally living inside of my mind and heart. After experiencing Christ, every one and everything became very small.  I became equal to all the persons around me, if not more.

We are not saying that one cannot be entertained by celebrity anymore than we are saying one should not be thankful when a waiter or waitress brings food to one’s table. In fact, one should be more thankful to the waiter or waitress as they are bringing  life sustaining food.

How should you act if you meet a celebrity?  You could thank them for entertaining you and maybe educating you in/on different matters or helping you see things a little differently.  You should not ask them for their autograph as it will become a golden calf. You should not run around telling everyone that you met this person. Instead, you might tell others of how that celebrity met you and benefitted from it, as you gave witness to Christ…perspective is very impotant to one’s world view.

So to summarize this article, let me ask you some questions. 1. Are you an idolater of celebrity?  2. Do you think the celebrity is better than you or other persons? 3. Have you experienced the greatness and glory of God through Christ? 4. Do you understand that celebrity is really nothing more than the T.V. or other persons telling you that you should idolize and worship the celebrity? 5. Do you feel silly idolizing a celebrity. 6. Have you discovered that you have not truly met God in Christ and that you are guilty of worshiping a false god in the very Presence of the True and Living God?

Think these things through thoroughly….your life and future depend upon it.




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