“Not Only Did I Pay Your Debt, Here Is (1,ooo,ooo.oo) One Million Dollars for You, From Me.” or “The Doctrine Of Justification Made Damn(ing) Clear” or “The Doctrines of Grace Part (4) Four” or “Did You Just Make A Preacher Swear…Online…For All To Read?”

“Who was delivered for our offenses, and was raised again for our justification. Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ…”  (Romans 4:25 – 5:1)

“…and whom He called, them He also justified…”  (Romans 8:30 B.)

“…but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.”                                                                                                                                           (1 Corinthians 6:11 B.)

“Much more then, being now justified by His [B]lood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him.”  (Romans 5:9)


As we have been working our way though the doctrines of grace, we have come to the doctrine of Justification. It was this doctrine, under God’s raising up of Luther, that the reformation would begin and the Catholic church would manifest her wickedness in plain view of the world.  To be sure, the Catholic church did not do this with God’s blessing or inspiration, therefore it cannot be said that they did this in His Holy Name or by His sovereign authority.  The wickedness of the Catholic church must be laid and left at their door, not Gods.

Before the doctrine of Justification was made prominent and clear again, as it was in Paul’s day, this great doctrine had been forgotten or rather hushed by the greed of the Catholic church. In it’s place was put the Catholic doctrine of works and indulgences. The doctrine of indulgences falsely stated that you could pay or buy your way out of purgatory or it could buy an escape from purgatory for one who is already dead. The priests would play upon the heart string and guilt of the living.  They would ask, “Don’t you care for mother or father or grandma or grandpa?”  Kind of like some missionaries do today. These poorest of the poor, being put on the spot, would give whatever they had to “free their loved ones from suffering.” The truth was the Catholic church wanted money to build bigger and more ornate churches and to fill their banks for a possible future war. This is kind of like building funds.

This doctrine of works and indulgences or even purgatory is taught nowhere in Scripture…no where.  But the Biblically ignorant “believers,” like many of todays believers simply believe what they are told to believe.  My reader, if you are not able to declare why you believe what you believe you are as ignorant and open to any silly thing a false preacher or a “church” may come up with. Many persons today, in the  year 2017 A.D., are putting their hands on their televisions, hoping to be healed or made millionares.  Many persons, today are sending their hard earned or S.S. money to agents of (s)atan, expecting a towel to be sent back and to be healed thereby. There are persons that are sending money to a wolf in sheep’s clothing to purchase a bottle of water that will bless them.

Many of these persons are not stupid. All of these persons are simply Biblically illiterate and maybe a little commom sense wanting. Who should be blamed for this spiritual crime? The Con-man/women…Paula White, or the persons sending the money?…………Think it through……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………if you said the preacher, you are wrong. If you said the persons being bilked you are, again, wrong.  They both should be found guilty.  The con man/woman is guilty for knowing the Scriptures and abusing them anyway. They are those who use God’s Name in vain…..They are the wolves in sheeps clothing….they are the “many that will come in [Christ’s] Name” that He warned us of. These are they that are anti Christs that Christ and John warned us of…..they are they that “would make merchandise of you” that Peter wrote of. These are the ones that almost every prophet, apostle, and Christ, Himself, told us to, “Take heed and be not deceived,” by.

What about the “poor” persons who have fallen “victim” to these serpents?  First off, they are not to be looked upon as poor, for the riches of God’s wisdom has been available to them since the age of understanding.  To look upon them as victims, makes you a victim of your own over-zealous  self righteousness. These are the people that raised their hands or said a prayer a half a century ago, a decade ago, a few years ago and never picked up the Word of God to see what He has to say TO THEM, PERSONALLY. These are the people, who know absolutely nothing of God…..they sit around and say, “I just Love Jesus.” even though they could not pick Him out in a spiritual line-up of any religious leaders quotes. I do not put anyone on level with Him, I simply write that to make a point.  If they were given a quote and asked, “Who said that,  The Christ, the (b)udda, Confucious, or Ronald McDonald,” they would not be able to answer. These are the persons who think Romans is an O.T. book. Do I feel sorry for them?  Eh, as sorry as God is when a fallen angel says to Him, “yeah, but Lucifer said, it was on your orders.”  They are all guilty of not knowing, “Whom they have believed.”

So, back to the doctrine of Justification. In our last article we wrote on the doctrine of Substitution, which leads us into Justification.  In one of our titles we wrote, that you will be able to understand this doctrine because we will make it damn(ing ) clear. You see, to whom much is given, much shall be expected. And as I make this doctrine clear, you are receiving much, therefore much will be expected of you when you stand before God.

The doctrine of Justification is simply this. You are grievously guilty for all that you have said, thought, or done over the course of your entire life. Because of this God…A Holy, Holy, Holy God is incensed with you, God is seethingly angry with you, God’s anger boils and boils and bubbles each and every second with you and it boils and bubbles more and more with each passing second. God’s wrath is ever growing and He must at some point release His seething anger, His boiling and bubbling, incensed anger and wrath must be satisfied.  And you may or may not even know what is happening or that this God is focused upon you or that this God even exists.  My reader, You know now.  What you do not know and can never know is, when, where, or how your life will be extinguished and you will stand before this God. To be very clear, as Jonathan Edwards said, you, reader, are hanging on a spider’s line. You are hanging over Hell, who reaches for you at every second, this Hell desires you, it has no love for you and their is no party goining on. Let me tell you, reader, Who is holding your spider’s line……It is the very God, Who is seethingly incensed with you now more than He was just ten seconds ago and it continues to grow great and greater and Hell reached higher and higher…..what will you do reader?

While there is still time to hope, allow me to very quickly and very simply tell you of your only Hope.  Christ Jesus has already paid the debt for all that will cry to Him and submit their very lives to Him….who will seek His forgiveness and thank Him for being their very Substitute……what will you do, reader, as the spider’s line begins to smoke and Christ’s loving Hand is reached out for you…..will you fall into Hell where you will weep and grind your teeth in pain and anger forever and ever or will you reach out and receive Christ’s Hand of Substitutuion?

If you have reached for Christ’s Hand of Substitution let me tell you what else you receive.  Not only has He saved you from justice and your debt, by taking your place, taking your stead upon your Cross, He now extends to you, the life of Righteousness that He has won for you. You see, not only were your past sins forgiven, but all you future sins have been forgiven. You are free to live a life, free of fear. You may now live a life of goodness and righteousness…all you debts to sin and God have been paid in full by Christ.

To make it more clear imagine you owe a million dollars. You know you will never be able to pay it. But then you receive in the mail a letter of receipt. This letter states that your debt has been paid. Not only has your debt been paid in full, but the Man that paid your debt also sends you a chech for (100,000,000.00) one hundred million dollars.  The only thing that the Debt Payers asks is, “Use this money for good.”

That is the doctrine of Justification.  Because of Christ’s sinless life and perfect obedience to the Father, only He could die in the stead of the sinful. It is only by the Blood of The Innocent and Righteous that the sins of the guilty could be paid for. The Innocent for the guilty; the Righteous for the unrighteous; Christ in the place of X. The doctrine continues to teach that not only are the sin debts paid for and the penalty of one’s sins is remembered no more, but life eternal, freedom and liberty to live a life free of sin’s power and pleasure are overwhelmed as well.  Not only do the justified experience God’s mercy but he receives God’s grace, love, and His Heart and Ear inclined to your needs and desires.  The justified receives all that belongs to Christ as he is now joint-heirs with his Elder Brother Immanuel, his Substitute. He is as Just As his Elder Brother. He is also just in the Eyes of the Father, Who Alone can be his Justifier.

WoW!!! How Great Is our God!!!?


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