“Ring Ring Ring…Answer The Call” or “The Many And The Few” or “Here Am I, Lord” or “The Doctrines Of Grace: Part (5) Five



“Moreover whom He did predestinate, them He also called….” (Romans 8:30 a.)

“For many are called, but few are chosen.”  (Matthew 22:14)




There are several types of callings that come from God.  1. God calls powerful persons to do what only they can do. This type of calling can be seen many times in the Old Testament. God raised up or called various kings to bring about His will. These kings were the only ones that could do what they could. This is not say that God needed them for God is Self sustainable. However, since God has chosen to use man to bring about His will on earth these kings were used. Often times God would then punish these kings for what they did. God would use these pagan kings to cause the Israelites to cry out to God. Once the Israelites called out to God, God would deliver them and then punish the kings that brought about His will…..This is the God of the Bible.

2. In our lives, God calls others -saved or unsaved- to help us or to train us.  In Paul’s ministry and life he was helped by the unsaved Ephesian Counsel. Many of those around us are called and used of God to help train our longsuffering, patience, and forbearance.

3. From our quoted texts, we see that God calls many but few are chosen.  This means that many sinners are called by the outward call to repent and believe by God’s ministers and this call is true, honest and authentic. The call is to Whosoever. However, like Christ’s call to “Jerusalem, Jerusalem” they will not heed the call.

4. Also from our quoted texts, “few are chosen.”  The chosen; the elect will hear the call and they will answer it. They will answer it as there is a familiar and familial sound to it. The Shepherd’s voice and call is very recognizable. In fact, the sheep will not hearken to any other voice. This God-call is an inward and irresistable call. The inward call has a stronger pull than the outward.

An analogy: For a relationship between a man and a woman to be successful there must be more to it than physical attraction. There must be something more…something inside that attracts or calls to the other. There must be something inner about the woman that calls to the man and there must be something inner that calls to the woman. The strings draw from the inside, if you will.

The Call to Salvation is a call from Eternity. The Call to Salvation is the Most Personal of Any and All Calls. The Call to Salvation is the Call to Repentance and Submission. The Call to Salvation is the Call to Righteousness and Holiness. The Call to Salvation is the Call to Destiny. The Call to Salvation is the call from Love, Grace, and Mercy. The Call of Salvation is the Call to Hope. The Call of Salvation is the Call to Live under God’s Fatherhood, to walk with Christ and to be inhabited by the Holy Spirit of God in Christ.

5. The call to ministry: At the time of your call to Salvation you were also called to a specific ministry(ies). We were called to preach and to teach. Along with this calling and gifting came the gifts of discernment and counseling. The callings and giftings of God is without recall. The call and gift is forever. The gifting will be somewhat obvious. We say somewhat because others may see it plain as day but you may not. (1) One of the things you must never do with your calling is to “act” modestly.  You must not ever “aw shucks” your calling and gifting, for it will greatly offend the One Who has called you unto Himself and has chosen a certain gift, a particular gift and this certain and particular gift was and is for you and you alone.  If someone says to you and someone will say to you, “You are very good at what you do” simply say, “Thank you, my gifting is of God and I am nothing without Him. ”  If someone says, “You are the best at what you do,” see last sentence. If someone says, “I like you better than pastor X” Stop and reprove that person, for ministry is not a contest. The (1st) first (2) two glorifies God and keeps us humble and it also shows that humble-ness

6.  A calling and a filling: A minister may be called to a very certain task and with this call comes an increase in faith, and the ability to do what God wants done. This is being filled with the Spirit or being baptized in the Spirit. This is a sacred call as is our call to salvation. This calling is a calling to a certain Christ-ian. As far as God is concerned, this Christ-ian is the only Christian that can get His Will done. An example would be Samson. Samson was not meant to deliver the Israelites out of captivity. Samson’s call was to “begin” the deliverance and not to fully deliver the Israelites from their captivity.

7. Therefore, there is the calling to salvation; there is the calling to a particular ministry or service; There is the calling and filling for a certain God-ward purpose; There is the outward call to “Whomsoever will” and there is the call of persons, kings, queens, princes, princessess and politicians and authorities to do what only, they in their position, can do.


Finally, one last word: No person can “volunteer” [Volunteering is legalist talk] themselves for a calling. No one can force a calling or a gifting and be successful. We know a man that tried to force his way into the preaching gift. This man would preach but it was dead air.  This man did not give a message but instead he gave a lecture in the flesh. This man is a courageous Christ-ian. This man loves God and is loved by God. This man has done what others would not or could not. This man is refined gold. Preaching was not his calling. He forced it, but was not “at home” with the gift. He is now “in his element” and he is happy and others have benefitted greatly from his happiness and Joy.


2 thoughts on ““Ring Ring Ring…Answer The Call” or “The Many And The Few” or “Here Am I, Lord” or “The Doctrines Of Grace: Part (5) Five

  1. I always felt like Dr Ruckman gift was not preaching. That’s why he drew with chalk while he preached. He was so boring. He’s a great historian and defender of kjv. The greatest message i ever heard was from br sandlin about being cut off.


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