“The Christ (Figure) Has Gone Rouge” or “A First Draft” or “Why Did He …How Did He Get Away With That?” or “Is This A Dry Run?”

“…[F]or the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb to the day of his death.”                                                                                                                                       (Judges 13:7 b.)


Samson is one of my favorites from the Old Testament Record.  Please note that We called it an Old Testament record and not a story. Also note we did not say Samson was one of our favourite characters. The events in Scripture are not stories and the persons in Scripture are not characters. I am concerned when someone calls these events stories and these real people characters. My reason? The sub-conscience hears story and thinks fiction and the sub-conscience hears characters and may think cartoon or fictional character. Sherlock Holmes may seem more real than Christ because they are both called characters. The enemy is subtle. He begins with kids and cartoons.

Years ago there was a program called “Bear in the Big Blue House.”  In one episode there are (2) two chipmunks that go to find acorns. One is lazy and procures little but the other works hard and brings in a great many acorns. The Big Pinko Bear comes along and tells the hard worker that he should “Share” with the lazy chipmunk. If the hard working chipmunk shared on his own that would be fine, but since the pinko Bear “shared” for him it is communism. Our enemy is subtle and he strikes the young.  Dora the explorer, in my opinion, is meant to desensitize the younger generation into amnesty for illegal aliens. Our enemy is subtle.

On to Samson, our subject.

I said in the title that he was a Christ figure that has gone rogue. There are many similarities between our Sinless Master and the sinful judge.

  1. Both Samson and our Lord had their births announced by an angel of the LORD.
  2. Both Samson and our Lord had many trials.
  3. Both had dangerous enemies.
  4. Both fought a lion, Samson a literal lion and our Master defeated the lion that is our sworn enemy.
  5. Both had a mission, Samson was to “BEGIN” to deliver the Israelites from the Philistines and The Lord Jesus would deliver His elect from THE Philistine.
  6. Both died in order to defeat the enemy. Whereas Christ was fully successful, Samson was partly successful as he killed only the Philistines in attendance to his humiliation.
  7. Both died in the shape of a cross. Christ upon the literal splintery cross and Samson in the form of a cross between (2) two pillars.
  8. Christ rose on the (3rd) day and Samson woke up in Paradise awaiting deliverance from the One he foreshadowed.
  9. Both were betrayed by a “friend.”

That which sets Samson apart was the Nazarite vow. In this vow he was not to ingest any grape products, he was to touch no dead anything, and he was to never have a razor shave the hair from his head. This law is found in Numbers chapter (6) six. The vow was very strict. In fact, if one of his family members were to die during the Nazarite vow the one that vowed must not defile himself by being near his lost loved one. The Nazarite vow was normally taken voluntarily and for a time but in Samson’s case he was brought to this vow before he was even concieved and it would be for life!!! The Angel of the LORD charged Samson’s mother not to ingest any grape product.

The thing with Samson, however, is…….he broke every single tenant of his…..was it his vow? In truth Samson was chosen by God to again, begin the deliverence.

Samson had a wife that betrayed him and was given to another by her father. But he had another “fairer” daughter. Samson would pass on that offer and he set their crop to fire by (300) three hundred fiery foxes. Later he would meet Delilah but in the mean time….

“….Samson went to Gaza, and saw there a harlot, and went in unto her”…a dead thing.

After that he met Delilah ….”in the valley.”

The lords of the philistines came to her and told her they would give her riches if she told them the secret to Samsons strength. Delilah was worse than the first wife, atlest the first wife betrayed him out of fear for the death of her family, but Delilah will betray him out of greed!!! Delilah will ask him over and over the secret to his strength and he would fib over and over. But finally, he shared the secret and the lord of the Philistines fell upon him and took him.

Ultimately, the Philistines would put him on parade for the purpose of humiliating him, just as the One would be that he foreshadowed many years later.

As Samson was on public display his hair began to grow and he “called to the LORD, and said, O Lord God,remember me. I pray you, and strengthen me, I pray you, only this once, O God, that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my (2) two eyes.” Samson then took hold of the middle pillars and pushed them with all his might and all the dirty  Philistines in attendance died. He killed more that day than he had in all the days prior.

However, we are troubled by the words, “with all his might” and  that “I may be at once avenged of the Philistines.” All the great feats of strength came as, “the Spirit of the LORD came upon him,” but in the case of the pillars it is NOT written that the Spirit of the LORD came upon him. Did he pull this off in the flesh?  The power couldn’t have been the source of his strength…it was the relationship to God that gave him his great strength.

Also, he wanted to be avenged, but it was God’s reputation on the line. It was God vs. (d)agon. For the dirty Philistines praised their god, (d)agon, for delivering Samson, their enemy, into their hands. This would not do. Therefore, Samson killed all in attendance that came to worship (d)agon and to laugh at him. This reminds me of another spectacle…

In the book of Job we get an” inside the veil” look at how things work around here. Job would suffer the unimaginable for the purpose of testing his faith and love for God. Could this “inside the veil”  be another of (s)atan’s challenges?  If so, it would go like this: Leave Samson all alone…no Spirit of the Lord to come upon him and see what he will do. Samson does right. Samson calls upon his God-given faith to kill the (d)agon worshipers.

With all reverance to God, Samson seems to be a first draft or dry run of Christ in the hands of a hate-filled humanity. The Word of God was given a view of His upcoming incarnation.

O’ God, My God, if I have written something that is offensive to you, my God, I ask for your forgiveness But this is my understanding of the recorded events concerning Samson. If I am wrong please tell me.

Why did God stand by Samson when he was breaking the Nazarite vows?  To answer that question we need to visit Zechariah and Elisabeth. Zechariah prayed and asked God for a child. God answered his prayer with the news that he and his wife would have a child. But Zechariah doubted and he was struck dumb by the angel…he could not talk until the baby was delivered.

Methinks that the answer is in the asking. Samson did not ask to be a Nazarite, therefore God “winked” at his indisgressions. Zechariah asked but doubted and he was struck dumb.

Does this make sence? I hope so.





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