“There Are No Monsters” or “There Are No Super Heroes” or “Isn’t There One Real Super Hero And Some Real Monsters?” “Part (2) Two” or “this article is not about these titles, but there is a lesson in that.

“And They found the Stone Rolled Away.” (Luke 24)

“My name is Legion.” (Mark 5)


If you are asking yourself, “Didn’t he just do an article on this?” The answer is, “Yes, we did.”  If you are asking yourself, “Why is he doing another?” I would make (2) two remarks. 1. Congratulations on noting this and 2. I am doing another article similar to a previous article because so few, as far as I can tell, read my articles. However, this does not discourage me as I write these for the few that take the time to read them and if God Alone read these I would be honoured beyond words and He does, in fact, read them!!!!! Another comment: someday when these humble articles are in a book, those who take the time out of their days to spend time with me will be able to tell others that. Those who could not take time out of their day to spend time with me will not.  I mean that very seriously.

Those who spend time with me benefit for this and those who do not, do not.  Have you ever wondered why you do not grow in the Spirit?  It is because you do nothing to do so.  Very few of you attend church on a regular basis nor do you spend time with God in His Word, nor do you spend time with men like me! If this sounds arrogant? If so, it is because you do not spend time with men like me or read your Bibles or attend church and neither do you pray!!!

How do I know these things? 1. I talk to people all the time and I mean all the time: I ask them, “What church do you go to?” They, invariably, say, “In the city” or “I do not attend regularly.” When I push and I do push and ask them,  “what city church do you attend?” they cannot give me a name nor can they name their pastor.” They can, however, tell me every player on their favorite ball team or favorite Sunday night television program.  If I ask them their favorite Bible book or Bible verse they will answer, “John 3:16.” Naming John 3:16 as a favorite Bible verse is like asking a person their favorite pro wrester in the 80’s, they will always say, “Hulk Hogan,” Everyone knew Hulk Hogan and when they answered Hogan you knew they weren’t fans.  To answer Michael Jordan as one’s favorite ball player in the 90’s meant the same thing.

Another way we can tell about a person’s Sunday activities is they rarely speak Scripture or that Sunday’s message. They will complain about Christ-ianity or they will gripe about legalism. To be fair, though, I know some believers that do not attend regulary but will spend hours with me and talk Scripture. These will discuss Scripture with great depth and sincerity. They can speak about Christ with tremendous knowledge. In fact, they can light my soul unlike many a preacher!!! I’ll speak this about these persons and about these persons alone: These persons would attend services, however, they truly are pinned to the mat with very real reponsibilities.

After spending hours with these persons, they are so thankful. They act like I was a doctor  who made a house call and saved their child’s life.  It is obvious that they recognize how much they have benefitted by spending time with the Word and a man of God. I, on the other hand, drive home in a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude. I spend my time praising God for the hunger of SOME of His people. I realize that the time spent with these believers was as much for me as it was for them….I now will pause and weep with thanksgiving and praise…for God knows the needs of His people.

The people of God share such a unity that it is impossible for others to know or imagine.  Others attemt to imagine as so many organizations brag about how much a “family” they are. I remember once stopping my boss during a company meeting and correcting him on this very topic. ” We said to this boss, “Sir, with all due respect (I had very litte), We are not a family. We are simply a group of individuals that work together. Families do not fire each other or speak ill of each other behind one another’s back.” That was the day the boss decided to terminate me or rather eliminate my position months later. He was also very offended when he walked past my desk and found his Reformed preacher grandfather’s Bible standing prominately for all to see. He had just thrown it out and one of the crews, that I supervised, brought it to me as they knew it was wrong and I would want it….I have worked with some very good men; men that have all heard the Gospel. My boss, as I said, was very offended and probably embarrassed as he recognized a rebuke when he felt it and he recognized all the room was aware. He never said a word…to me…until he “eliminated my position.”  I was told by a” source” weeks later that the boos (not a misspelling) admitted to his great dislike of me and that was why I was no longe there.

Would you like another boos story? I have noticed that we have drifted from our title but God will do this sometimes…I have learned long ago to roll with it and I have never been sorry. One must go where He leads.

One men I worked for was a very, very militant atheism  I did not know this when I had put a tract in his work mailbox. After reading this, as I have been told by another “source,” this boos had a great big fit. He called in the upper management ( I was middle) and demanded to know who is putting this “feces” in mail boxes (plural). My supervisors and good friends gave me up immediatley and they were good friends because they wanted to see this little tiny, loud mouthed boos confront me in the next company meeting. This tiny little man went on a tirade after my friends gave me up. He said, “I want to talk with B.K. and I am going to tear his “backside” up.” He then went on to attack the Lord Jesus with very blaspemous words. We will not repeat them. My friends and the rest present, however, removed themselves from his vicinity as they feard lighting to fall upon the tiny man at any second. Lightning would fall but not in the form they expected. Any way, after they began to talk about my fate and how the tiny man was going to humilate me in front of everyone, my friends and supervisors began to laugh in a very expressive manner. The little, tiny man asked why they laughed. They responded, Yeah, you should do that and do it in front of every one. B.K. will destroy you!!! After I was informed of this, I simply placed another “tract” in his mailbox…. from a lawyer; this one educated him on my rights to give tracts and they invited him to stop the Gospel.

I said, cryptically, above, that “lightnng did strike” but not in the form they expected.

When I right this next paragraph please undertstand  1. I am not bragging or boasting.  2. I am bragging and boasting.

Each of the companies that have placed a stumbling block before the Gospel, in the form of attempting to stop us (I do not use the word, persecute) have all closed down and have been purchased by the companies that allowed the Gospel It’s freedom. Those that allowed me evangelistic freedom are all still in business and are thriving. Many of the men that crossed the Gospel have suffered great loss in their lives, whether it be family or physical. To this I do not glory. I do, however, praise God that has promised to avenge His elect quickly.

I said, “I am not bragging or boasting” and I’m not. I believe this happens very often to companies and their leaders but other explanations are given for their demise. What I am saying is that I am not special in this anymore than any of God’s beloved. However, I am special as I am one of God’s beloved. I also said, above that I am bragging and boasting and I am. I brag and boast upon my God and His great faithfulness and the way He always demonstrates His Presence in my life. I brag and boast upon my God as He always keeps His word to the lowliest of His new Creation.

There are other ways I have seen God work but if I reported those I would lose my credibility. How sad it is that I, as a man of God, can not share with you the ways God has shown Himself Present and Faithful. I cannot share them because you would not believe. This is to your shame and not mine. You would not believe because you may not have experienced God in this way and that is to your shame also. I have enjoyed demonic activities that I dare not share as, again my credibility would be lost…again, this is to your spiritual shame. I know of other men and women that have experienced demonic activities but they will not share them with many. This is to the shame of all.

This is the shame of all because Christ-ianity has lost it’s mystical aspect. To speak of miracles, angelic visits, or demonic activities or attacks is to be thought as “crazy” talk….by other believers!!! My brother has brought up the subject of Genesis 6 and some have thought that he is going a little over the top. The fact is these “some” haven’t even begun to explore the mystical side of our faith.

Our enemies on the other hand will give touring lectures and pronounce the Crucifixtion as cruci-fiction. They will say such things as:

1. Christ never died on the Cross, but was brought down and given medical aid. He lived on and had a family.

2. Christ was never crucified, it was a look alike.

3. Christ was buried in a shallow grave and dogs ate His Body.

4. Jesus Christ never existed.

5. His disciples stole His Body.

6. ETC. ETC. ETC…………………………………….

These bogus explanations are happilyaccepted and believed by the militant atheists of our day. They have all been debunked even though they need no debunking. These lies and discredited, out of hand, theories sound like someone is trying to sound ridiculous, yet they are accepted by the atheist, “hook, line and sinker.”

The above is to our shame. The atheists will accept ridiculous lies and fabrications at first glance. However, we “believers” that have a God-Inspired Book are not as willing to accept the truths right out of God’s Mouth. Q. Does the Book speak of miracles?  A. Yep!   Q. Does the Book speak of Angel intervention?  A. Yep!   Q. Does the Book speak about demonic activity and attacks in the life of believers?  A. Yep!   Q. Do All “Bible-believers” believe these Bible Facts?   A. Nope!  This is to our shame.  The atheists have more faith in their baseless lies than we do in our God-breatherd Bible that proves itself daily.

What have we learned or what have we attempted to teach in this biting article?

  1. We must be willing to roll with God and to follow where He leads. This was seen in the change of article topic.
  2. You may think you work for a company and a man, but you, in fact, work for God. you must be faithful to God above any flesh or business. This is easily said, I know, but if lived, God will certainly honour. In my flesh I was nervous when we stood up to man for God, but in the spirit, after “stepping into the Red Sea,” we were fearless and each time we stood, He stood with us and it got easier and easier.  My brother, My Sister, You work, single-mindedly, for God and He has appointed a man to supervise your daily activity, but this person, also, works for God whether s/he knows it or not. As We wrote above, if this person stands in the way of the Gospel, this person will be fired.
  3.  If you are not taking advantage of these articles or other sound article you are greatly missing out and you are telling God, “I have more important things to do.”
  4. If you are not attending Church…..You know.
  5. If you are not spending time with God in His Word….You know.

Readers, you are not here to work for flesh. You are not here to make money for someone else. You are not here to “Make a living.” You are not hear to fret for your job(s). Readers, Hear me loud and clear, You are to do the above while you are living for and serving God!!! The above are only the places where you do it. But these are also the places and these are also the persons you are meant to share God with. In other words, “If you work at X-Mart, you are working for God at X-Mart.”  If you are working for a Fortune 500 company and making big money, you are working for God at that company and you are there to make big money while sharing Christ!!!!

In closing, Readers, If you are missing out on the things of God, it is to your shame and you are at fault!!!  Open the Bible and read, Go to church and worship and be fed by the Word and the Fellowship. Read good materials that keep you on track and maybe most importantly, PRAY!!! but you must know to Whom you pray and the way to know Him is by the above means.


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