“Are Monsters For Real” or “Psychopaths Are Too Monsters” or “Isn’t There, At Least, (1) One Real Super Hero?” or “There Is No Such Thing As A Superhero.” this is the real article on this subject.

“My name is Legion.”  (Mark 5)

“And they found the stone rolled away.”  (Luke 24)


“He is a monster.”  This is a statement one, invariably, hears after someone goes on a spree kill, commits mass murder, or a serial killer is caught.  Another comment you will, invariably, hear is, “He was such a nice guy.”  A comment you usually hear from a victims family is, “She lit up the room.”

None of these comments are true and here is why.

  1. There is no such things as monsters. There is only depraved humanity that seeks to destroy itself.
  2.  He was not “such a nice guy,” You just did not know the real him.
  3.  The victim did not “light up the whole room.”


Let me begin with number (3) three. The victim did not light up the whole room when she walked in. However, she did light it up for those who knew her and loved her so much.  When my wife or daughters enter a roon it lights up for me. If my wife and daughters walk into a department store they do not. Number 2.  This murder was not a nice guy. This guy put up with you as a cover to his real self. This “nice guy” viewed everyone as disposable. To this “nice guy” humans are no more than tissue paper or a menstral clothe or anything else one would cast away after it has served it’s desired purpose. Number 3. There are no such things as monster. Some might argue and suggest or object and say, “JeXXXX XAHMeX was too a monster.”  They may name any number of killers….XaXX……Let’s not name them and give them any kind of distorted or perverted glory. None of these MEN were monsters, they were merely men….humans…human beings…..J-U-S-T  L-i-k-e you….[if you know not Christ and are not a new creature in Him.]

Why are they called monsters then? As we say in wrestling, “to cause separation.” We want the killer to be different from us because if they’re different from us; we are much better. This is not true. The main difference between a killer and a non killer is the amount of time they have thought about killing and the motive and the opportunity.

Let a person’s liberty or reputation be threatened and let them run out of humane ways of dealing with this problem….many will kill. They have thought about nothing else than self and a way out and sooner or later murder will find a way into their thinking.

We see it in Scripture with King David and Bathsheba and the Chief Priests v Christ. We see it again, in the life of David, when Absolom seeks the kingdom. We see it depicted in history…Caesar and Brutus, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. We see it in the news, when a man or woman kills their spouse or child. You see, murder finds it’s way into the thoughts of desperate, self-centered, self-seeking, self-imortant and self-loving person and then opportunity and motive will be found.

With the likes of the royalty above, they see themselves as gods and therefore, they answer to no one (in their thinking) and they can decide the fate of anyone and everyone. They will do anything to keep this god-like power, even kill their children. The,”normal persons,” however, do not see themselves as gods, though in killing, they act like one. They kill to perserve their reputations, their livelihoods, they money, their sexual life, their liberty, or for revenge. Sometimes it is due to a mental distubance but not as much as we would tell ourselves.

If we do not hear someone say, “He is a monster,” they will say, “He was sick…he must have been sick.” Sometimes a person is sick but not as often as we would like to tell ourselves. This “sick” comment is to cause separation, as well. Most of the time killers are not “sick” and they are never monsters.” They are people without Christ.

I sais many times now that killers are ot monsters because there is no such thing.  Allow me to now use a great big…..HOWEVER.

However, there are demons. Demons or devils are the minion of (s)atan….but one must make this addendum after writing the last sentence. Demons and devils may be (s)atan’s minions but (s)atan and his minions are God’s lap dogs and they must do as He commands and they can only do what He allows. It is thought by the biblical illiterate that (s) atan is equal to God in power and that they are fighting a battle over the souls of all mankind. The Biblically illiterate further believe that (s)atan is in hell right now ruling a kingdom and he is dressed in red, has horns, and carries a pitch fork.

The truth is that (s)atan and his minions are busy going “to and fro” in the heavenlies. This we learn in Job, 1 Chronicles 21, in the Gospels and in Ephesians and Revelation. (S0atan is a “free agent” working against God’s people. He does take the lost man “captive at his will” as well as weak Christ-ians.  (s)atan is running huge corporations, he works in politics, he preaches from Christ-ian pulpits, and he or his dominions possess human wills to bring about destruction in human lives.

We repeat, there are no monsters, but there are some who have been some who are being and some who will be possessed by demonic entities to cause great pain in the lives of many. There is many a crime reported that have (s)atan’s signature signed to them. Don’t get me wrong, human’s are very capable of committing horrific crimes but sometimes there are some murders performed that are certainly tainted with (s)atan’s scent or rather stentch and stink and it is not sulfur.

Therefore, stop causing separation by calling killers monsters, and be honest with yourself, these killers are human and without Christ just like so many.

In our title we asled about Super Heroes. We said, just like there are no monsters, there are no Super Heroes…………………Well, there is (1) One.

This Man has defeated every single enemy that has ever challenged Him. He has defeated every demon, devil, and their master. This Man defeated and vanguished death. He has taken all the power away from the grave. He has taken away their power and sting! This Super Hero has defeated the cause of death which is sin.  This Man has apprehended and subdues many, many, so very many men and women of this world, past, present, and future. I sayfuture because they are already defeated and do not know it yet!!! This Man has defeated and destroyed entire nations and civilization…sometimes by simply willing it and sometimes by giving a measure of His great power to a tiny army of men.

This Super Hero did not wear a letter or animal on His Chest, though He created both the Alphabet and all Creation. He is known, however, by Symbols. He is known by a Cross and by an Empty Tomb!!!  He has also been called “The Lion” and some think of Him when they see an Eagle. He is known by the greek letters for “A and Z.” He is also called, “The First and the Last.”

When he was in disguise, He was a Carpenter, and a Teacher. But when His secret Identity was revealed, He was recognized as the Christ, the Son of God!!!  However, He was recognized only by those to whom He chose to reveal Himself.

This great Hero, however, had a task that none could understand. His task was to die for all of those that did and would recognize Him. He was put on trials by wicked, envious, and frightened men. He was found to be guilty and the people, who at first, loved Him cried out for His death by Cross. After He was brutally and sadistically beaten by wicked or possessed men, he was crucified. To be crucified a mans was nailed to a cross. Large, very large nails were driven through His wrists and through His crossed feet. Those, that hated him, mocked and cried out hateful slurrs against Him.

After He was thoiught to be dead, the soldiers, stuck a large javelin into Hid right side and both blood and water fowed out. This was proff of His death. This Man, Who was thought to be  Super Hero was taken down and placed into a borrowed tomb.

There were soldiers put there to make sure no one would steal away the Body and then claim He has risen from death. For (3) three days this Man lay dead in the tomb.

HOWEVER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On the (3rd) third day, some of His broken hearted and greatly disappointed friend , who were now hopeless, approached the tomb. To their shock and their great joy….and to their hopefilled hearts, “found the stone rolled away.” They ran and ran and ran to tell the others but the others would not believe.  Through out the morning the Risen Hero would show Himself to His disciples at different times.

It is written that over the next (40) forty day over (500) five hunded men saw Him alive!!! Our Hero would spend time with His disciples over the course of these day and would teach them of the great power that God, His Father has and that they should go into the world and tell others of Himself and His Father. Finally, as days like this must come, our Hero said goog bye for now to His firends and He flew up into Heaven where He would await the time for His great and glorious return. As His friends stood about watching (2) two angels asked them, “Why are you standing about? He will return in like fashion…go and tell others.”  And they did.

I said earlier that our Hero had no super suit. He will have one when He returns. He shall return in “the Clouds of Glory” as He sits at “the Right Hand of Power.” He will return to defeat His enemies and they will stand no chance.

I also said above that He will return someday. I meant He will return in the same Body He left in but this time it will be a Super Body. I point out the type of Body He will return in because He has, by His Holy Spirit, came to live within all that see Him as their Super Hero. When the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us, that believe, He brings an infusion of great power. He brings with Him the ability to love the Bible, love other believers, and to love Him with all that we are and with all that we have and all that we will ever be or ever had.

He grings to us the power to pray to His Father, As He lives in us He will start to develop the likeness of the Hero out of us.  We will start to be like the Super hero that Jesus Christ is. He will bring to us the divine nature of the Super Hero and we will be given all blessings that allow us to live right while we await His Glorious return.


The above may sound a bit like it was written for a child and maybe it was. This can be shares with kids.


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