“COWARDS!!!!!” or “When A Religion’s Very Foundation Is A Book Filled With Instructions On Hate And Murder The Entire Religion Is Tainted” or “If A Little Leaven Leavens the Whole, What Would A Whole Lot Of Leaven Do?” or “If Islam’s Founder Was A Pedophile And All Around Bad Guy What Should We Expect From (h)is (f)ollowers?

“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the [I]mage of God made [H]e man.”  (Genesis 9:6)


There maybe some portions of Scripture that may seem to be a “hard saying.” However, the teaching and meaning found in our text is not a hard saying, in fact one would have to be an imbecile or playing one not to understand it completey.  But for the imbecile or the one playing an embecile let me spell it out.

God said and meant- if a man or hu-man kills another hu-man hu-manity must kill the murdering hu-man for the murdered hu-man is made in the Image and likeness of God Himself, therefore the murderous assault upon the dead hu-man was an assault upon God Himself. This does not give every hu-man the right to kill a murderous hu-man for this order was given to Noah, the representative of all hu-manity or the governing leader of the new world. Still confused?  Let me try and be even plainer, If you kill another person your life is forfeit and you must be put to death.

We have seen time after time acts of cowardice and murder perpetrated around the world. Just this week we have seen many children slaughtered in a concert in Manchester England as well as many injured. The last count I remember was (22) twenty-two murdered and (59) fifty-nine greatly injured. These young people were murdered while enjoying a concert (A note to legalists, Please keep your ridiculous comments to yourself, comments like, “If they were not their enjoying the devils music, or something equally as silly or equally as hateful, they would not have been harmed. Humanly speaking and using some of your man centered theology; Many of these young people may have “gotten” saved later in life but now they are lost forever and you seem to feel vindicated in that thought.)

The same cowards from a hateful religion that worships death are responsible for this heinous and cowardice attack on these children as well as so many others. (A note to the progressive, liberal, and leftist minded persons,  Please do not bother responding to my comments from above or those which are to come.  Do not waste your time and try to convince me that i am blaming an entire religion based upon the actions of a few.  First of all, these actions are not being commited by a few….They are, have been and will be committed by a large number of Islamic followers.  When a book that is as unholy and satanic as the Quran and is their foundation, the entire religion is wicked and unholy. “A little leaven…” Many of the murderous and cowardice followers would have been “nice people” before they murder so very many.)

Someone might say that those that kill often die themselves so they shouldn’t be considered cowards.  These cowards kill because they expect to gain some wicked rewards when they arrive in Heaven.  They expect to gain (72) seventy-two virgins and a large number of their wicked family members will obtain glory in Heaven as well and they are willing to kill or rather slaughter untold numbers of persons to obtain this wicked reward.  But these cowards and murderers will obtain the same ruin and punishment that the pedophile Muhommad received in Hell and instead of receiving virgins he has received the fury of Jehovah and their relatives have and will receive the same reward. Not to mention the death these murderous, foolish and cowardice devils die is instantaneous.

Again the death these muslims die is instant.  Let’s compare their death to those that die at their filthy hands. Those that survive their explosive attacks often endure pain and loss all the days of their remaining lives.  They live in fear of another gutless attack at the hands of “Peaceful” muslims.  While others await their painful be-heading.  Have you, my reader, ever seen a be-heading? I have.

Let me describe it for you my sheltered readers.  First the Christi-an (whether they are truly Christ-ian or not these cowards consider them to be) is dragged in front of the camera, sometimes they are given a last opportunity to convert or die, (5) five men will hold the one sentenced to death (2) two on his left arm and (2) two on his right arm. These (4) four mice will twist the arms so that the man, that is upon his knees and awaiting death, will be forced foward. His face now in the sand, the (5th) fifth coward will lift his head by his hair, and they will saw…yes, saw his head off with a knife. This man will die while squeeling like a pig because that is the sound that will exit the gaping hole in his neck until the (5th) fifth man puts his knee into the dead man’s back and pulls his head off his body by using his hair. The body will fall forward into the blood soaked sand and the head will be laid upon his back for all the world to see.

These cowards (I know I am using this word alot and it is by design) believe they are demonstrating their strength by killing others in this fashion.  What they don’t realize is that in America a (5) five on (1) one attack is a cowardly attack, especially when the (5) five need a weapon to finish off the braver and better man.  My muslim reader, Let it be known that some of us are capable of taking on multiple attackers and defending ourselves to the very end with a simple and almost effortless twist of the neck…

Calm down my Christian reader, these are the perilous times Peter spoke of and we are in them.  His warning is to be vilgilant and we are not to be vigilant so that we might die knowing who killed us. No! we are to be vigilant so that we might fight back and defend the Christ life that dwells within us.  My readers, if you are the focus of a prepared attack or are the focus of an attack in the works you will not be given the opportunity to discuuss anything…you must put up or be shut up for good and know that your family may be next.

To those who know me, I am a man of peace as is my Master, but as He knows there is a time to do differing things.  There is a time to use mud to heal and a time to use the scourge to scatter. I am not seeking to entice anyone to go out and actively seek and or do any harm to any muslim, God Forbid.  If you go out and hunt trouble you are looking for trouble and you must know that “the wrath of man does NOT work the righteousness of God.” When I speak of using violence of anykind it is in self defense and in defense of family and others. It is a soldier of God’s Kingdom defending that Kingdom. If a soldier of God’s Kindgom goes rogue, we of God’s kingdom, will see him or her face judgement.  We must play by the rules even if they do not.  Proactive assaults upon the enemy must be left to the professional ministers of God.  We must play by the rules; the first time we make a mistake the entire nation if not the entire world will descend upon us and we will be branded extremists and anytime one is converted to the faith they will be called radicalized.

There is something you can do pro-actively. You can tell members of this vile religion about Christ. I would advise you to start with and possibly finish with a tract. If you decide to give a tract to a Muslim do so in public for we know not their reaction and for that matter we know not anyone’s reaction so it is a good rule of thumb, in these perlious times, to witness in public or when others are around or to those you know and are comfortable with.

I do not advise my method. What I do or have done is this…rather I’ll tell you a story,  I was at a flea market and I observed a vendor selling “religious” materials and also giving some away. This always attracts me like a bat to an insect.  I approached and somewhat surveiled the area. I noticed one book on the “True Jesus,” which would be a lie and many others if not all the others on Islam. I approached the vendor and said something like, “Good morning, may I ask you some questions? The vendor agreed. I said, “I do not mean to offend (but I did….mean to) but how does one follow the religion of another who was a pedophile and an all around bad person?”  To this the vendor smiled and said, “We do not worship in any one religion, we are more spiritual than religious.”  Being interpreted, “We don’t believe in any of this, we’re just trying to make some money.”  I believed them not, they clearly have a leaning to the wicked and cowardice religion of “peace.”  This Islamic vendor is there to try and convert the hispanic people to Islam. This vendor was there to try and turn the Hispanic people against America because of all the “hatred” and “indignities” they receive from Americans. Reader, There is something else we can do and that is to pray and that is where our true power lies. Our true unified power lies in the One True and Living God that inclines His Ear and His Heart unto His praying people.

My readers, This threat, this enemy, our enemy, God’s enemy will not go away until they are confronted and stopped.  These cowards are no different than a serial killer in this way, they will not stop until they are stopped.  They will be stopped either by our united prayers unto God, or the professional Ministers of God, or (1) x (1) one by one as they come for us, God’s united and prayerful and prepared people or better yet, the Returning Christ of God but until that great day arrives we must look to Him and Hope in Him.

As to Capital punishment.  This is a war therefore, those that commit such heinous and cowardly attacks should be judged in a military tribunal and if found guilty they should be presented with the Gospel of Christ, and then executed and sent to God for His judgement. This form of punishment should be enacted upon all premeditated murderers AND serial rapists, though it would be decided in the courts and not a military tribunal. We must do all things decently and in order.

Whenever I write an article like this I wonder if readers will think that I’m trying to sound tough?  Readers, I am not trying to sound tough. I am trying to be as clear and as plain spoken as I can be.

If I am wrong, O’ God, show me and forgive me.




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