“COWARDS!!!!! Part (2) Two” or “Let Me Clarify” or “(0) Zero Tolerance Required”

“Judge Righteous Judgement.”  (Deuteronomy)


In our last article we wrote on the cowardice and hatred of the Islamic religion and those that perpetrate heinous acts of violence upon non-expecting people. The most recent being the attack upon children at a concert in England.  We made the point that if a religion is founded upon a bad guy and a pedophile goodness should not be expected from that religion. Also if a book, full of hatred and instructions to murder, is the foundational document of a politically motivated religion that entire religion must be tainted as “a little leaven leavens the whole lump.”

We further wrote upon the need to be vigilant and to be prepared to defend one’s self, one’s family and others. However, we want to be very clear on a point that was also made in that last article.  The point I’m referencing is that any assault upon our enemy is to be left to the professional ministers of God and by that i mean those that are part of the U.S. Armed Forces and those that are members of the Police Force (Romans 13).  We as private citizens are NOT to assault anyone. We only have the right to defend ourselves.

In a recent episode of “Law and Order SVU,”  there was depicted the rape and murder of a young female Muslim working in a restaurant. This young woman’s father was also killed as he was working in this restaurant. This woman’s mother and sister was also assualted but lived. The cowardice rapists and murderers were Americans in black masks.  In this case the terrorists were not Muslim but were American or American so called and in name only. These cowards did not display any true American values.  What should be done with the American (in name only) cowards? They should be judged with righteous judgement. They should be executed upon being found guilty beyond any reasonable doubt!!!

During the Reformation Martin Luther was thought to be dead by all. However, he had been hidden away by his king. While Luther was hidden away he translated the New Testament into the German language. While Luther was performing this labour of love, many other wrong minded reformers were terrorizing and killing those that represented the Catholic Church.

It was thought by the king that only Luther, himself could stop this terrorism.  Luther was called for but he first studied the range and all that was happening under the guise of “Junker George,” an aristocratic knight. As Luther beheld this…this …these acts of cowardice he revealed himself to be alive and condemned all that took part in these murderous acts. He promised to see that justice was done and these rioters and terrorists would face justice for doing this is his name…Luther said something like, “This is not my work, this was never my work!”

While we see islam as anything but peaceful, we must remember that Islam is merely the vehicle that is used for fallen and depraved humanity to demonstrate their depravity and fallen state.  The wickedness that the islamic religion has released upon mankind is the same as what the Nazi’s released upon the Jews and the white supremacists release upon their victims or a man releases upon a woman when he rapes her. The only difference between the Muslim’s and the Nazi’s and the white supremacist and the rapist is that the Muslim’s do it and the Nazi’s did it on a grander scale. Other than the scale the murder, hate, persecution, and cowardice is all from the same source, the fallen state and depravity of man.

Just as the loved ones of the victims of white supremacists, premeditated murderers, and rapists might have a desire to take the law into their own hands they do not, they entrust these criminals and cowards to the professional law enforcement.  This must also be the decision when being angered by Islamic attacks, especially if you think about attacking a muslim that had nothing to do with an attack. Remember we must judge with righteous judgement. Also, if you were to take the law into your own hand and harm another you will be put into prison and who will defend your family if they decide to take vengeance.

Christ-ian reader,  The Scriptures…our Scriptures tell us that the wrath of man does not work or demonstrate the works of God nor are we to return evil for evil but to overcome evil with good. They further tell us, however, that we should live in peace with all men with as much as lieth in us. This seems to give us warrant to defend ourselves and our loved ones as does the instructions the Lord gave His disciples to purchase swords. [Sidenote: I believe that moreover than giving us warrant to purchase swords, Christ was stating the importance of the Gospel message and that that message must be guarded by all means].

Let me be clear on another point, the prejudge a matter or a person is folly and evil. This may seem to contradict some of the comments I have already made concerning the Islamic religion. If so let me use an analogy. The Catholic church is an evil entity but those in the Catholic Church are not evil but blinded, but the leadership in Rome is not righteous. Likewise, the very foundation and the leaders in the Islamic religion are evil and many of their followers are blinded by (s)atan (2 Corinthians 4:4). To be sure the human founder of this religion was Mohammed but it’s spiritual founder was (s)atan.



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