“Ways To Share Christ” or “Changing ‘Scared’ into ‘Sacred’ ” or “What Is The Christ-ian Predestinated For”

“God has not given us the spirit of fear…”  (2 Timothy 1:7)

“Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are…”                                                                                                                                      (Romans 6:16a.)


I knew a person once that would think everyone should do as they did.  If they started a weight loss regiment then everyone should start a weigh loss regiment. I know that bosses want every employee to read the book they just read because they think this book is THe answer. I get it.

I have been given the gift of boldness so I have no problem in approaching persons on the street, at the store, in the mall, in a parking lot…anywhere and speaking of Christ. I have not always had this gift. I’ve always known that I should speak of Christ but the courage was not present. So I understand the difficulty in sharing Christ.

I also know that there should be no difficulty in sharing Christ. But it’s there.  What is it that causes the difficulty? 1. The flesh, the old man, the old nature. 2. Fear  3. Pride  4. Tapping into Holy Ghost Power.

The flesh kicks or rather wars against anything that is spiritual.  It is the flesh that gets in the way of doing and being right, it is the flesh that causes Sunday morning to be filled with friction and obstacles. It is the flesh that keeps us from speaking about the things we think others do not want to hear. We have been conditioned to think people will be angered and offended by our witness. I have found many, many more times than not people to be gracious and respectful outwardly. Many times people will appreciate the courage of your witness. People are like snakes and dogs, they can sense your fear or worse, your doubt in what you are saying. The flesh can be and must be mortified by the Holy Spirit and renewed and always renewing mind.

Fear is a cruel and mocking task master, fear is without mercy or grace. One cannot serve both Christ and Fear. As it has been said many times, “Courage is not the absence of fear but the over-ruling of fear. Our Lord feared in the garden but his fear was over-ruled by loyalty to His Father and Love to His siblings (you and me). The more fear is over-ruled the less fear will waste it’s time on you. Also keep in mind, most persons will be to terrified to react harshly to your tract, booklet or witness.  It’s like i tell my kids, “The spider is more afraid of you than you are of it.”  We are told many, many, many times not to fear, not to be afraid, to fear not, to fear not their faces, to fear not their words, etc. Once you enter the ‘Fear of the Lord’ all other fear fades away. Once you see God (by faith) all else, everyone else, everythings else shrinks and becomes puny. The great lions in Daniel’s den were kittens to Daniel. The great fire in the furnace was a nice (70) seventy degrees to the (3) three men in the fire because of the (4th) Fourth Man in the fire with them.  We are told that Christ was hungry AFTER His (40) forty days of trial in the wilderness. The great and ferocious lion became a riddle to Samson, and the great giant Goliath became target practice for David.

Pride is the other obstacle, we fear so often because we are too pra pra pra proud. My readers, We must be happy to be come fools for Christ. But before your flesh rears up and says, “Nope…no way.” Let me speak to your spirit.  The word fool in Hebrew and the way Paul uses it means…….wait for it……..wait for it………….Rebel.  Yes! we aren’t expected to act foolish before others, though they may perceive it as such, no we are to be rebels for Christ!  What is it we rebel against? We rebel against the flesh, fear, pride, the world’s fallen system, all that is bad and evil and wrong.  The Christ-ian is a (forgive me) rebel with a cause…the greatest of all causes!!! Yes, We may and can rebel against the nasty looks, the nasty words, the heads that shake, the condescending looks. If you are looking at their condescending looks you must be looking up……look past them and see the Heavens that are declaring God’s Glory.  Each and every man and woman of God has been a rebel against something.  Even the symbol of the Christ-ian fish is swimming against the stream.

Some very practical ways to share Christ and your Faith in Christ:

  1. Christ-ian T-shirts are second only to a personal testimony or tract.  People read them. I have one that says, “Every Knee Shall Bow” and it has all the world’s religion’s symbols adorning it as to say, all false ways will bow to THe Way, THe Truth and, THe Life. I would suggest shirts with Scripture instead of witty sayings. Instead of the “1 Cross and 3 Nails = 4given” how about, “Christ Died For Sinners and All Have Sinned”  If this shirt is not available have it made.  A shirt that says, “Repent” speaks volumes.   You can find many shirts on Google Image if you look up Christian t shirts.
  2. Use Bible language like, “Amen,”  “Praise The LORD,”  “Hallelu-jah,”  “God Knows, ”  I’ll pray for you,”  “God is Good,”  “God forbid,”  “God Willing/Allowing,”  “Thank You, LORD,” etc. These are not a full witness but these will open the door and others will know who and what you are.
  3. Do Right. Simply obey God in all things. Let others know why you do what you do and why you don’t do what you don’t do.  Christ-ians do not steal because “it is wrong” but because God says, “Thou shalt not.”  Christ-ians do not speak truth because it is the best policy but because it is what God wants.  The truth is rarely the best policy, by the way, but we do it even if it is to our own hurt.
  4. Ask God for an opportunity…a specific opportunity to speak to someone about Christ. Paul prayed for an open door of utterance. God will open this door and it will be obvious to you.  You might say, “I know this may seem like it is coming from left field but may I say……”  or “I Know this mightb be uncomfortable for both of us but, …..”  or  “Are you a church going man or lady?” or  “You look like you are a believer….” They may say yes and you will have a good time listening to them. If they say, “No” ask them why, especially if they look guilty about it.”
  5. Tracts, Booklets, Books, invites to church, invites to Christ-ian movies or concerts or plays. Invite them out with a group of your Christ-ian friends or family.  Invite them to game nite if you have one.
  6. Simply ask a person, “Did you know Christ died for sinners?” and see what happens.
  7. If you feel fear or shyness, simply tell yourself, “I will probably never see this person again in my life, so hear goes…..” or even better, you may see them again in church and or eternity!!!


The more you put yourself or rather Christ out there you will turn “being scared” into something very “sacred,”  We, as Christ-ians, have been predestinated to become like Christ.  My readers, this transformation begins hear and now.  Once one is saved, s/he is told to be baptized by God’s Word and this is the first step in Christ-likeness, which is obedience and committment.  To do good and to teach is another Christ-like action, and to tell of Christ is a Christ-like action. To be compassionate, to be merciful, to be slow to anger, and quick to forgive one who seeks it are all Christlike behaviours.  The closer you walk with God, the more intimate you become with Christ, the more sensitive you become to the Holy Spirit’s direction and instruction the less you will fear, the less pride will you exhibit and be imprisoned by, and the less like the old man you will be and the more like Christ you shall become.



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