“(s)atan’s Sales People” or “Yeah, But…” or “Jesus Is god With a Little g…I Think Not”

“And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is the spirit of antichrist…”  (1 John 4:3)

“For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”  (2 John 1:7)


Jehovah’s Witnesses are deceivers and have the spirit of antichrist. They believe in deception if it brings victims into the Kingdom of Hell…err…I mean Kingdom Hall. I don’t like calling them Jehovah’s Witnesses because God’s Name is Holy and in vain do they abuse it and blaspheme Him. From Henceforth we shall refer to them as J.W..

The J.W. is to the Christian Truth what Joker is to Me…errr…Batman. The J.W. is to Christian truth what Lex Luthor is to Superman. The J.W. is the archnemesis to Christ-ianity. The J.W. Is not a new cult. The J.W. Cult is thought to have been started by a man called Russell. They were called by some, “Russellites” and like the other “ites” in Scripture they are the enemy. However, their damnable doctrine of demons goes back to the late 200’s nad even as far back as the days of Christ.

In the terrestrial days of Christ, that is to say, when He walked this earth, His adversaries denied His deity. They denied that He was God of Very God…God Incarnate…God in The Flesh…God tabernacling with man… Immanuel or God with us. They tried to murder Him when He took upon Himself the Name of I am That I am.

In the late (200’s) Two-hundreds there was a man…an antichrist named, Arius. He taught that Christ was a created being and not Everlasting God of Very God. The church was close to adopting this doctrine except for one man, raised up by God, Athanasius. He stood strong for the deity of Christ. He was exiled multiple times and was told that the whole world was against him to which he replied, “Then I am against the whole world!” God bless the rebel.  Athanasius fought for truth and eventually won and the doctrine of Christ’s deity was established.

However….This damnable heresy whether it is called Arianism, Russellism, or J.W. , it is false and damnable. Christ said, “Except you believe that I am he, you shall die in your sin.” Please note that the he in that verse is in italics. This tells us that the KJV translators added it for clarification. However, when the he in italics is ignored we have Christ stateing , “Except ye believe that I am…ye shall die in your sins.”  He again claimed the Name I am! In John 8 He claims the Name I am and the religious men picked up stones to murder Him. They knew exactly what He was saying.

We have faced off against the J.W. many times. This morning in fact. The J.W. this morning stumbled all around the I am doctrine. I saw him lying to a man in the McDonald’s parking lot and we attacked. Thankfully the man in the car was not deceived. He understood the doctrine of the Trinity and was not victimized by (s)atan’s salesman. Whenever I see the J.W. (and I have J.W. Radar), I follow them and tell people that they are deceivers. I ask them about Christ’s deity in front of their intended victims, I ask them about Hell in front of their intended victims, I bring out all their damnable doctrine right in front of their prey and usually the prey is warned off.

The J.W. is the spiritual predator, a wolf in sheeps clothing, a deceiver, a manipulator (they bring their children in winter so people will allow them into their homes). They prey on the unchurched, the immigrant, the disgruntled ex church member. Scripture directs us to never allow these false witnesses into our homes and to never wish them God’s blessing or Godspeed. These are those that you can pray against. Ask God to shut doors, to expose their lies, to send dread before them so no one listens to them.

There are many ex J.W.s that have written books and have exposed the wickedness of this cult. Praise God for His mercy as He has saved many from this demonic religion.

If or when you hear their knock at your door and if you choose to cross swords with them, be strong and direct. Usually it will be a team. An old witch or warlock and a newer, younger person (a trainee). Focus on the younger inexperienced person, not to gain an easy win, but to possibly reach him or her with the truth. It is not impossible to reach the experienced liar because nothing it impossible with God but humanly speaking, they have been so brainwashed for so long there’s not much independent thought in them.

You may think I’m harsh but in this case harsh is good and nice is bad. Atleast I don’t kill them like Elijah or beat them like our Lord did the money changers or throw them around by their hair like Nehemiah, or strike them with an animal’s jawbone, or send a bunch of burning foxes in to their homes or slaughter them like Samuel did Agag, or send a stone flying into their forehead like David.


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