“Do Not Cross The Holy Ghost” or “The Holy Ghost Is The Most Sensitive Of The Triune Jehovah” or “You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry, Mr. McGee”

Do not grieve the Holy Ghost.  (Ephesian 4)

“And Peter said, Ananias, why has Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost?…thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God. And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost…”  (Acts 5)


“Years ago I heard an Evangelist say thses words, “You do not want to mess with theHoly GHost, He is the most sensitive member of the Godhead.” I was at first reminded of Bruce Banner’s (The Incredible Hulk’s secret identity) comment to Mr. McGee (a nosy reporter), “Don’t Make me angry, you would not like me when I’m angtry, Mr. McGee.” He, of course, was referring to himself changing from a mild mannered scientist into the Incredible Hulk when he became insensed. The next though I had was, “Wait a second, while I am familiar with the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, it caused me to try and understand one Member of the Trinity being different from the other Members, in other words, does this mean there is a difference between the Trinity members and if it does, doesn.t that throw a wrench in the doctrine of the Trinity?

Upon thinking about this “contradiction” in Scripture I learned that it may seem paradoxical, but not contradictory. While the it sounds at first like the Holy Spirit is different in temperment than the other Members He is not. While the warning speaks specifically to the Holy Ghost, it is true of the Trinity. For example, while the warning of Acts 5 speaks specifically to the Holy Ghost we are to infer it is true of the Trinity as Peter says, “you have lied to God” This gives the Holy Ghost equality in the Trinity and that the full Godhead was involved.

Also while the Scriptures may give a single Member the majority of the attention or responsibility in an act that responsibility or office belongs the the full Godhead. While Scripture portrays Christ as our Redeemer the Full Godhead was fully involved in our redemtion and Salvation. While the act of Creation isattributed to “God” Alone we learn fromScripture that all Members are given Glory for Creation. Therefore while the Holy Spirit is the most sensitive in terms of responding to man’s insults and blasphemy, the entire Godhead is fully engaged. In other words, when the Holy Ghost judged Ananias and killed him, the Father nor the Son said, “What doeth Thou?” to the Holy Ghost but was in full support and unity in this extreme act of judgement and executuion.

Also Scripture is clear on this teaching. The quoted texts above demonstrate the Holy Ghost’s sensitivity. “Don’t grieve the Holy Ghost” or do not anger the Holy Ghost.., as well as this truth being demonstrated in Acts (5) five. Also in the Gospels Christ warns us of this truth as well. He tells us that man’s blasphemy against The Fath and the Son may be forgiven but basphemhy against the Holy Ghost will not be forgiven in this life nor will it be forgiven in the next.”

Mt reader, please take these warning seriously and do not anger the Holy Ghost.  Why is the Holy Ghost the most sensitive and the most prepared to act upon a sinner in anger? I don’t know all the answers but I can ponder a few possibilites.

1.While all Members of the Godhead have omnipotense, omniscience, and omnipresence, humanly speaking, the Ghost is the closest to us as He is said to dwell inside of us and while it isdoctrinally true that all the Godhead dwell with each other, the Holy Ghost’s Person dwells within us as God the Father is Spirit and is everywhere and Christ Jesus is physically seated in Heaven the Holy Ghost is “Physically” in us.  Also the Ghost is the mind of the Godhead, He it is that reveals the thoughts and intents of the Godhead. Another reason, The Spirit of God is said to be the “Spirit of the Father” and the “Spirit of Christ.” the Spirit loves both Members of the Godhead and is greatly insulted when Either Member is insulted by puny man.

The above are reasons enough for me to accept the Spirit’s sensitivity and to cause me great hesitation in “messing with the Holy Ghost.

Some other reasons to give one hesitation in grieving the Holy Ghost.  In the Old Testament, when God gave a human power to do great and humanly impossible acts, it was said, “The Spirit of God came upon him.”  When David, or Samson, or any person incredible abilities it was the Spirit of God that granted them. David over came lions, bears, and a giant and penned great Psalms and prophesy. The writing of the Old Testament was said to be done under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In the New Testament, Men such as Peter preached to thousands and thousands were converted, and holy men were inspired to pen the New Testament. It was the Holy Spirit  coming upon these men to accomplish these great acts.

In our time, it is the same Spirit that enables us to serve God with gifts that were and are inparted by the Holy Ghost and when we return evil or commit sin as a response, the Holy Spirit is grieved and He will respond in judgement. We are told that “there is a sin unto death” and be it known unto you and me that it will be the Holy Ghost that will execute God’s great judgement and the execition thereof.

We, as Christ-ians owe the Spirit great thanks and great reverence as well as worship and great love. He is never to be thought of as a 93rd) third rate “god” as He is called the (3rd) third Person of the Trinity for “the last shall be first.” The Holy Spirit is co-equal with the Father and the Son.  He it was that enabled Christ to accomplish His “Holy “works” as it is the Holy Ghost that enanbles us to perform and to someday accomplish our Holy Works as well. It is the Holy Ghost that interprets God’s Mind to us and our mind and prayers to God.

Give praise and thanks unto God the Holy Spirit, for it is He that enables us to mortify the flesh and to become more like Christ.  When you find the power to overcome a sinful passion and allows you to say, “No!” to sin and “Yes” to Christ, it is the enabling power of the ever-Present Spirit of God.  When you seek “to be holy for God is Holy” it is the Spirit that makes this possible. When the Word of God is brought to mind or a person it brought to mind and you pray for that person, “think not that it was thee…no, it was He.”

Godspeed, Beloved.


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