“More Proof Concerning J.W.s” or “(s)atan’s Salesmen Part (2) Two” or “If The Eye Is The Window To The Soul, They Are Soul-less”

“…The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit.”  (1 Corinthians 2:14)


We wrote about Jehovah’s [False} Witnesses a little while back. We chose to refer to their lot as J.W. instead of using the Name of God. We will keep with that practice today. If you read our last article concerning the J.W. you will remember we “pulled no punches.” We will keep with that practice as well.

In our last article we likened the J.W. to The Christian faith as one would liken the Joker to Batman. They are anathema one to the other. As Batman stands for truth and justice and the American way; the Joker stands for deception, evil, and the “broad way.” The J.W. believes in using deception to get their way. They will twist Scripture truth to make their point. They will bring their babies with them in the winter time in order to get you to allow them in to your homes. The J.W. is to the Christ-ian what Moriarty was to Sherlock Holmes, what Sylvester is to Tweety Bird, what the Dalek is to Who. The Christ-ian and Christ-ian truth, however,  is to the J.W. what Kryptonite is to Superman or liver is to the Fonz. Christ-ian knowledge and understanding is to the Christ-ian what Spinach is to Popeye.  You get the picture….The learn-ed Christ-ian is to the J.W. what water is to the wicked Witch of the West… I could go on for days.

There are other ways to demonstrate their wickedness and their lost estate. The fact that they cannot discern sound doctrine from false is a sure sign of their lost condition. Paul wrote in his (1st) first epistle to the Corinthians that, “the natural man (or lost man) cannot receive (or understand) the things (teachings) of the Spirit of God for they are spiritually discerned.” In other words, the lost person cannot understand the plain teaching of Scripture.

The Scriptures are clear on many, if not most, if not all of it’s teachings. The Scriptures are clear on the deity of Jesus Christ. In other words, Scripture is clear on Who Christ is. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Son Of God. The Word Son does not refer to a “chip of the old block,” No, The Word Son refers to the Very Image. The word, Son equates Christ with Co-equality, Co-Existence, Co-Authority, and Co-Deity with the Father. Jesus Christ is God of Very God. Creation is attributed to all (3) Three Members of the (1) One Godhead. The same attributes are afforded all Members of the Divine GodHead. Christ claimed to Be Jehovah God and at this claim the religious picked up stones to kill Him as they knew what He was claiming. He said, “I and [M]y Father are [O]ne.”  He further said, ” Before Abraham was I am.” Again claiming deity. Most miss this…Christ said the lilies of the valley are more beautiful than Solomon in all his glory.”  How would He know that? He was Present.

I asked a J.W. once or actually many times, “Why did the religious leaders take up stones to kill Christ?” and he responded, “because (h)e was blaspheming.”  “WOOO!” said I, “So you claim Christ is a god with a little g yet you charge [h]im with blasphemy!”  The J.W. always stumble at the truth of Christ’s Diety. This is because the lost man cannot understand the plainest of Scripture’s teaching.

Another of Scripture’s plainest of teachings is the Personhood and Deity of the Holy Spirit. The Scriptures attribute personality to the Holy Spirit. He can be angered, He speaks, He draws, He teaches, He leads and guides, He is Sovereign in His Person, He makes choices and decisions, He forbids, He empowers and enables, He inspired Holy men of old to pen the Scriptures, He kills, He gives life, He can be lied to, etc.  All of these descriptions are descriptions of a Person. The J.W. however, calls the Holy Ghost, a force or a power of God and in no way considers Him to be a Member of the Trinity as in their false teachings there is no Trinity.

Another plain teaching of Scripture is the place called Hell. In Scripture Hell is a real place where lost man really goes at the point of death. Christ speaks of Hell far more than He does of Heaven or of Love. To Christ Hell is a very real place. It is described as being in the heart of the earth. Science tells us that there is lava or fire at the heart of the earth, what could be simpler? Hell is described as a place of human consciousness. The Lost man feels pain, s/he speaks, s/he suffers, s/he desires to be freed, s/he desires a drink, s/he desires loved ones that still live to be warned of Hell. Hell is described as a place of everlasting torment. Men are said to cry out and to weep and gnash their teeth. Scripture teaches Hell to be very real and very close. The J.W. dismisses these teachings and refuse to teach Hell’s truth. Hell is full of J.W. and ever widens and ever reach up to take in more. I do not say that with any happiness. The J.W. is a Bible Believer in Hell as are all the tormented.

The Scriptures teach that salvation and all it’s parts are of God’s grace, Salvation is all of God from Election to Glorification. God grants faith and repentance and belief as gifts of His divine grace, mercy and everlasting love. While the J.W. believes and teaches that salvation is an earned possession and it must be earned by work and this work is the work of J.W. teaching. You must do the works decided upon by the J.W. hierarchy.

I can always spot the J.W. My record is (100%) one hundred percent accurate. This does not speak to my earthly wisdom but my spiritual discernment that is totally of and from God. One of the things i have learned concerning this enemy is the look in their eyes. They all have the same look in their eyes. I cannot explain it and I cannot teach it, I wish I could. The Lord has granted me a certain boldness in order that I might pursue and deal with this dangerous enemy, this spiritual paracite. I can remember my Mom saying when I was very young, “J.W. know their stuff and one must know the Bible in order to deal with them.” I have found this to be true. One should know their Bible before engaging the enemy. However, if you are ever confronted with these devils you must know one thing: all of their teachings are contrary to the Sound teachings of Scripture.

Tips in dealing with the enemy…”(s)atan’s sales people”…”False Witnesses to Jehovah”…Philistines, Arians, Rusellites.

  1. Study, learn and commit to memory the Scriptures teaching on Christ’s Deity, The Divine Personhood of the Holy Spirit. The Scripture’s doctrine on Hell, and Salvation. If you have a hard time memorizing the entire verse try to memorize the reference number or write the references and verses on an index card. The truth is simply learn and know your Bible and you will be eqipped to face the enemy. Really, it is not essential to know their false doctrine to combat them, simply know Scripture’s Truth. However, though it be not essential it is a good practice to know your…err rather, God’s enemy.
  2. If you are to take part in a discussion with the enemy you must set a time limit and stick to it, otherwise they will go back to their ilk and say they won if you are the first to end the discussion. Therefore let time end the discussion. When the time is met cease all discussion even if it is mid sentence or thought. This is not for pride’s sake but this is to disallow them to claim victory and to provide their ilk with any encouragement.
  3. Never go to a formal discussion alone. They will not be alone. Bring someone to look up passages for you while you are trying to demonstrate Scriptural truth. Also your second or third can be praying while you are speaking…this is an absolute and it is essesntial.
  4. Look them in the eye or the bridge of the nose, this will throw them off their game.
  5. Do not pray with them or ever wish them Godspeed or His blessings…never ever.
  6. Do not attend a discussion in the flesh but go in the Spirit. Do not depend upon your abilities or knowledge. Go in the Spirit depending soley upon Him and His use of your God-given and God-enabled tools.
  7. Most likely there will be a novice or new convert to J.W. Focus prayers upon this novice, and ask them questions. While ignoring the veteran J.W. at times. Ask questions that will lead them to a sound Biblical answer. You might ask, “God told Moses His Name is I AM THAT I AM in Exodus 3, God also called Himself Alpha and Omega in Isaiah. If a man made those same claims in the New Testament what would he be claiming?” The only answer the novice can give is, “he would be claiming to be God.”   “Do you realize,” you can then say, “Christ made those very claims?”  “So if Christ made those very claims, would He not be claiming to be Jehovah in the Flesh?” You might use Lewis’ Trilemma at this point, Address the novice by name and ask, “Name, Christ must be a liar, a lunatic, or LORD.”  “What say you, novice?”
  8. Do not expect an answer but know this person will be asking themselves and the Scriptures many questions. Also ask them why their version of the Bible has been changed so often. Check this out look at the “New World Translation” and see how many times it has been updated.
  9. Concerning the Holy Spirit: One might ask the J.W., “Does a force or a power grow angry? make decisions or choices? Does a force or power speak,  Can a force or power be lied to?” If they answer, they must answer, “No.”  You may follow up with, “Then how is the Holy Ghost a force or power when all of these attributes are used to describe Him as a Divine Person?”  Again, do not expect an honest answer.
  10. If you are lead by God, offer them an open discussion at their Kindom of Hell…err rather, Kingdom Hall. Tell the J.W. you would be willing to discuss these matters in front of all their fellows. But again, do not ever approach any discussion in your own person. Approach this discussion, debate, contest in the Spirit. Do not rely upon your God-given gifts, but rely upon the Holy Ghost to use those gifts effectively and acknowldge yourself to be a mere vessel in Your Potters Hand or a lifeless sword in the Hands of the Life giving Spirit of God.
  11. Look upon the J.W. as being possessed by an outside entity for so they are. They are possessed by unsound doctrine, Scriptural and spiritual deceit, Their dead spirit is quickened for a time by the enemy of God. If or when you come a cross this enemy know you are facing spiritual wickedness as Paul described in Ephesians (4) four. The J.W. is to the soul what an ISIS sword is to a neck and head. One cannot get much closer to (s)atan, himself than when you are in reach of the J.W. The J.W. asks the same question their father asked at the beginning, “Hath God said?” The J.W. wants to throw doubt upon God’s Word just as (s)atan did.
  12. Be prepared at all times to face the enemy. We have squared off against the J.W. at our doorstep, at neighbor’s doorsteps, inside of MacDonalds, in restaurant parking lots, in various states of America, online, I have invited myself into a neighbor’s Bible study in order to denounce the J.W. at the right time and to pronounce God’s judgement upon them.
  13. If you are well schooled in the truths of God’s Word fear not the J.W.
  14. If you are not schooled (and this is to your shame) in God’s Word avoid them at all costs for you are to the J.W. what a baby elk is to a large Lion.


Readers, The Children of Israel had to face off against many an enemy in their day. Israel had to defeat many enemies in their advancement to the promised land. You and I also have enemies that must be faced and enemies that must be defeated. These enemies include the old nature, the flesh, the carnal mind, individual sins, weaknesses and…and…and the enemies of God’s truth. By defeating, by overcoming, by overwhelming, by eradicating the enemies of God and His Chosen army, a soul might be saved. The Old Testament warriors attacked that the enemy would fall and perish. We attack the enemy so that they might rise up and live eternally.

Reader, I challenge you… or rather, I charge thee to engage the enemy. Your mission? “Their mouths must be stopped [with truth]” or the enemies of God must be made friends of God.

“Onward, Christ-ian Soldier…”


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