“Are You Backslidden” or “What Is It To Be Backslidden” or “Would One Know If One Was Backslidden”

“…I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy [F]irst [L]ove. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly…”  (Revelation 2:4-5)


My reader, The quoted text above is a frightful warning. These are words spoken by Christ to a backslidden Church/Christ-ian. This warning defines the backslidden. The backslider is one who has fallen from their first Love.  Who is the Christ-ian’s first Love?  It should be obvious. The believer’s [F]irst [L]ove is Christ Himself. When a believer is backslidden s/he has left that [F]irst [L]ove!  What a fearful charge. There are great warnings associated with this falling away.

The (1st) first warning for leaving thy [F]irst [L]ove is in v.4, “I (Christ) some[thing] against thee.  Beloved, it is never a good thing to have Christ against thee or for him to have something against thee Again, it is a fearful thing.  Else where is Scripture we are told that it is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the living [and angry] God.  In Revelation, God promises to spue the fallen out of His [M]outh. Bibe teachers may differ upon the meaning of this verse but none doubt it is not a positive meaning.
What is it to fall away? Christ said in John’s Gospel that the person who loves Him “will keep His words.” Therefore, to fall away is to cease keeping His Word. What is it to keep His Word?  *If one is to keep His Word one is to guard it as having inestimable value. *One is to obey it as the Word(s) of one’s Beloved Sovereign and Saviour.  *One will guard it from the enemies of Christ at any and all cost.  *One will forsake all for that Word.  *One will look forward with great anticipation to hear it preached. *For one to keep His Word is to love others that keep His Word. *The one who keeps His Word will live or die by that word and *will be sure to understand all His meanings and *will never add to it nor will he take away from it.  Reader, Are you backslidden? Have you fallen from your [f]irst [L]ove?

The (2nd) second warning is, “I will come unto thee quickly…”
John, at the end of the Revelation says, “Even so, Come quickly, Lord.” So one would think that “I will come unto thee quickly” a good and hopeful promise and it is, if we are to be found faithful and watching for Him. However, this is not the case. This coming quickly is a warning for the one to whom He speaks is not to be found faithful ot watching. No, the one to whom Christ speaks has failed to love Him, s/he has failed to endure. Reader this is a fearful warning!!! When I was a boy my mother would use her shoe on my backside and man-o-man was she quick.   During the summers of my youth, my Mom and my Dad  would visit my G-Pa in Mississippi for a month. G-Pa’s kitchen would enter into a utility room and the u. room would enter into the washroom, and the washroom would enter into the front room and the f. room would enter into the kitchen.  I would run circles, I thought it was the greatest but my G-Pa didn’t.  He said, “Stop running around like a maniac!” and that was followed by, “One More Time!!!”  and that was followed by WHACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I didn’t think G-Pas actually hit G-kids but mine did and he was quick with a belt. He could pop my backside in one motion. He would unbuckle the belt and pull it off and whip….all in one motion.  Zorro nor Catwoman, nor Indiana Jones has anything on my G-Pa and his leather belt.
When Christ says, “I will come unto thee quickly” this is what He’s speaking of. He will come quickly to bring discipline in order to bring you back. You might wonder, “Why would discipline make me love Him again?”  It just does. You will realize that you have left Him and His loving discipline is what will bring you back.  Well over (20) twenty years ago I left my [F]irst [L]ove. I did it knowingly and on and with purpose. I was angry with Him and “I will show Him” was my focus in life. No more Church, no more Christ-ianity, no more Christ-ians. I would replace the Church with the bar, I would replace my faith with sin, and I would replace Christ-ians with sinners. I did this for a year or (2) two. I would sin and think, “How’d you like that, God?” I was a mess. Do you want to know how God disciplined me?…………………….He was so good to me and so faithful to me.  He knows His own. If He was harsh in discipline that would have given me more ammo against Him but He knew me and He knew my heart and he knew that His love, goodness, kindness, and His continued blessings would break me and break me He did. That is how He dealt with me. He deals differently with others…see Jonah.  His continued goodness and His continued blessings caused me to and brought me to repentance. Glory to God, I have not left Him since and of course, He has not left me.

Third warning: “[I] will remove thy candlestick out of his place…”
While this speaks to the individual who has fallen from the [F]irst [L]ove, the context is a letter from Christ to the Church of Ephesus. In the Book of Revelation and its (1st) first (3) three chapters we find (7) seven letters being dictated. These [7] seven letters are to be sent to the [7] seven churches. In these letters Christ gives His estimation of the (7) seven churches. The (7) seven churches were real churches and (methinks) each church speaks to a Church age.  Todays Church is in the Laodicean Age.
Having written the above and having given you the proper context, we will (DV) continue speaking as we have been….to the individual.

The (3rd) third warning is having thy candlestick removed. Of course, men differ as to what this means within the context of the Church and the Church age. But for us…the word removed, is a frightening word. Removed, taken away, gone, loss, etc.  These are not good words when being spoken in relation to one’s relationship with thy [F]irst [L]ove. One of my greatest fears is being put on a shelf and of being of no use to my God. My greatest joy is being of service to my God and His people.

By His Grace I shall never ever leave my [F]irst [L]ove again. To be Absent His Presence is Hell.







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