“Reaping And Sowing” or “The Backslider: Reasons and Results” or “Do Not Confuse Backsliding With Being Lost”

“The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways.”  (Proverbs 14:14)


There are (6) six main reasons for murder. These reasons are Revenge, Sex-related, Drugs, Money, Anger, and A Man Compelled by pathology. Just as there are reasons to murder there are reasons for backsliding. Backsliding is, spiritually speaking, an attempt to murder a living relationship.”

There are reasons behind a Christ-ian to backslide. These are not good or acceptable reasons but reasons they are.

  1. Spiritial leadership, absent or weak.
    God called Moses to Mt. Sinai. Moses was with God on Sinai for a lengthy period of time. Moses was communing with God and was being given the Law. While Moses was atop Sinai the people called upon Aaron and it was decided that a golden calf would be made for the people to worship. This god was made up of the golden earrings of the people.
    A cause of backsliding is an absent or weak spiritual leader. This can be seen in the contemporary Church. While there are good and faithful undershepherds out there, they must be sought out and they must be proven.  I find sound teaching on radio but to find soundness on television is not an easy task. One must always listen with caution the best of the better teachers and preachers available. My philosophy on preachers and teachers is this….if they are alive there is always time for them to fall. It sounds bad, I know. It seems for every good teacher there are many bad teachers. If the flock is being fed with unsound teaching, they will not be what they are to be.
    However, We cannot put all of the blame upon the weak or absent spiritual leadership. No, not at all. Why does the church suffer such weak leadership? Why does the Church allow unsound teaching in her pulpits? Because they are backslidden.  “What came first, the weak leader or the backslidden saint?”
  2. Associations: If one would be wise, one would walk with wise men.  If one is to serve God faithfully, one would be in the company of those that serve God faithfully. If one is to grow cold in one’s love for God, one will dwell in the company of those who are already cold in their love for God.
    For one to grow cold all one must do is, cease from prayer, cease from reading the Bible, and cease the study of the Bible, cease from thinking upon God and let other things capture your thought-life.
  3. Success in the world: It is a great shame that whenever some believers are in a good place they forget God. This is truly heart-rending. It tends to be a cycle.  When times are hard, run to God.  When times are easy, forget God. It’s similar to children and (s)atan Claws. When do children think about this idol? At X-mas time and only at X-mas time. The immature believer tends to think of God when they need something. This is truly shameful. This may be the reason there are not more wealthy Christ-ians. Christ said we could not serve God and mammon. It seems that it is an either or dynamic. In 2 Chronicles 25:2 we read of King Amaziah who, “did that which was right in the sight of the LORD, but not with a perfect heart.” This is sad commentary. This is “going through the motions”
  4. Love for the world:  How does one know if one has love for the world or is in love with the world?  The answer is heartbreakingly simple. One knows that one loves the world when the world is more attractive than the Church. Are you for excited by your favorite t.v. show or a message from the Scriptures? Do you long to see lost friends or family members than you do your church family?
    Granted, an action adventure film is probably more exciting than a Bible study for some or for most, but if you could only have one or the other for the rest of your life, which would you choose? What about reading? Is the fiction or non-fiction more exciting to you than time in the Book of God?  What if you could only have one or the other for the rest of your life?
    Reader, The Scriptures tell us that friendship or love of the world is to be God’s enemy. Yet! Scripture also states that He has given us richly all things to enjoy. A Christ-ian may enjoy the world and the things therein but the Christ-ian cannot love the world. Whereas, the Christ-ian can both love and enjoy God.

Results of backsliding:
Self centered/Absorbed: Instead of being Christ centered and seeking to please Him in all thy ways, the backslider becomes self centered and self absorbed. Everything becomes about feelings or what’s best “for me.”  A: “I’m not going to Church today.”  B: “Why not?”  A: “I don’t feel like it.”  C: “Hey, A, Wanna go X?”  A: ” Yeah, sure.”

Spiritually Indifferent:  A: “Christ may come today!!!”  B: “Ho-Hum”  C: “Hey, B, Wanna go to Church? B: “Naw.”
Spiritual indifference is similar to Spiritual Depession. There is no excitement at all…anywhere…at anytime.

Loss of [F]irst [L]ove:  Even the Lord Jesus Himself holds no sway or excitement over you. Being Backslidden is like being lost but not.

With that last statement let us be clear. If a backslider is similar to a lost person without being lost, it is easy to mistake a backslider for a lost man and a lost man for a backslider. There are many lost persons in the Church who are thought to be backslidden. How can one tell? What has the general tenor of life been? Has this persons served God faithfully for decades but seems cold? Probably saved.  Has this person confessed Christ and within a year is back to the old life? Probably lost.


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